ARC Whitening Booster Reviews | Worth Purchasing?

Very often, we all set to glam up the day but are hesitant due to yellow stains on our teeth. Today, we have shared an unbiased Arc Whitening Booster Reviews that will help you know its true worth! It’s sad when we want to smile boldly but couldn’t.

arc whitening booster review

When you go out, your face is the first thing people notice. So it’s more than required to take care of your teeth too. Dentist treatments are expensive and scary. Hence making Arc Whitening Booster the perfect solution for you.

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Arc Whitening Booster Reviews | Worth Purchasing?

Within a few months, Arc Whitening Booster is a hype among the USA’s people. The success of the whitening applicant is due to the same formula which is used by dentists.

Arc Whitening Booster helps remove teeth stains from coffee, red wine, smoking, etc so you can smile without worrying about it. The mint-flavored formula containing sucralose does not harm the enamel at any point of usage.

Arc Whitening Booster claims to be a secure method to get white teeth instead of opting for expensive dentists’ treatment. Arc smile gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee on all their whitening products. However, the stains start to appear again as you begin the overuse of caffeine and wine.

ARC After-Brushing Teeth Whitening Booster for Surface Stains
  • Cool mint flavor
  • Brush with ARC After-Brushing Whitening Booster after using your normal toothpaste

Active Ingredients of Arc Whitening Booster

Arc Whitening Booster is a combating formula of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide. Along with these powerful vitals, the Whitening Booster contains Carbomer, glycerine, and Disodium pyrophosphate. These ingredients are the same as used by dentists while giving teeth therapies.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an active ingredient in many teeth whitening products. The chemical can penetrate the deep layers and remove the components responsible for stains.


Carbomer helps all the ingredients to work together to give you sparkling white teeth. Thus, it is safe for everyone, regardless of their age.

Sodium Hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide is another get-to-go active product in teeth whitening toothpaste. It is highly beneficial in removing protein deposits on the tooth enamel.

arc whitening booster before and after

How to Use Arc Whitening Booster?

Arc Whitening Booster is quite simple and easy to use. After using your regular toothpaste, you have to squeeze a sufficient amount and brush your teeth for a minute. Prevent using the formula on gums and use the product twice a day for sparking results.


  • The ingredients are similar to those used by dentists for teeth whitening.
  • Arc Whitening Booster removes tough enamel stains readily.
  • The vitals do not harm enamel even after a long time of usage.
  • Easy to use and safe formula.
  • Arc Whitening Booster has a desirable mint flavor, unlike some other ill-flavored products.
  • Arc smile provides a 60-day money-back guarantee.

arc smiles


  • Free delivery is over $25.
  • The gel should be avoided from the skin.
  • Enamel stains can reappear when you start consuming too much wine or caffeine.

arc teeth whitening booster


You can purchase your Arc Whitening Booster for $7.99 at your local store or through e-sites. Arc smile gives you a 60-day money-back guarantee on all of their products. They too give you a free delivery offer of over $25.

ARC After-Brushing Teeth Whitening Booster for Surface Stains
  • Cool mint flavor
  • Brush with ARC After-Brushing Whitening Booster after using your normal toothpaste

FAQ | Arc Whitening Booster Reviews

Here I am addressing your common concerns after reading the above Arc Whitening Booster Reviews.

How Does Arc Whitening Booster Work?

Arc Whitening Booster has the same ingredients as used by dentists. The active formula of hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide sets deep into the teeth layers and removes the deposits. Carbomer helps all the ingredients to combine and work efficiently to give you sparkling white teeth.

arc teeth whitener

Is Arc Whitening Booster Legit?

Though the company is new, they are a recent hype. The ingredients do not harm your teeth in the long run. Arc smile also gives a 60-day money-back guarantee, so no chance of scam is there.

According to the website, Arc Whitening Booster has 50,000+ daily users that are happy with the results. This certainly proves that Arc Whitening Booster is safe and legit to use.

The packaging is sleek and easy to use. I love the fact that I can whiten my teeth anywhere. Also, without even dealing with messy strips, which makes it seriously so convenient!

arc whitening booster

Does Arc Whitening Booster Contain Ingredients Such as Gluten and Alcohol?

Arc Whitening Booster does not contain anything apart from the packaging. It doesn’t contain gluten, animal products, alcohol, latex, and citric acid.


I don’t think that after reading the above-mentioned report about the Arc Whitening Booster Reviews, you require more explanations. It gives you white teeth with ease and without burning the money at the dentist’s clinic.

The money-back guarantee makes Arc Whitening Booster a legit product that is safe to use. All those who have tried the product are happy with the results and have recommended it to all. So you can purchase it and smile without worrying about the stains. Keep smiling!

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