Crepe Erase Reviews 2022 | Big Fail OR Best Treatment for Crepe Skin?

Are you looking for some genuine Crepe Erase reviews from people who have actual experience with the brand? You are on the right webpage as we have covered everything about and its products. People, especially women, love watching themselves in the mirror, but as we age, we often see wrinkles and crepey skin. Many brands are promoting against crepey skin, among which Crepe Erase is a recent hype. Crepe Erase has invested a lot in branding & advertising, but everything advertised is not always true. So what is it that makes Crepe Erase hype, or is it a scam? To find out, keep, let’s dig a little deeper.

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Crepe Erase Reviews 2021 | Best Anti-Aging Treatment?

Crepe Erase Advanced is a cream formulated by The Body Firm for crepey skin in the arms, knees, and other body parts. Most people mistakenly assume crepey skin to be the same as wrinkles. But that’s not true. Crepey skin is the thin, paper-like on the body parts that occur as we age. According to the brand, Crepe Erase works on the affected area to give you relief from the damaged, paper-like skin.

Crepe Erase advanced contains the patented Trufirm complex that works to protect the skin from aging effects. The phytonutrients work against aging and support natural elastin and collagen production. With dil, apple, and sage as the active ingredients apart from the Trufirm complex, Crepe Erase reduces the crepey skin over time. Crepe Erase comes in a lot of systems and as a single product too.

But the advanced 2 set system from Crepe Erase is the leading and easiest one. It comes with two products- Body Smoothing Pre-Treatment that exfoliates the skin and Advanced Body Repair Treatment containing nine hydrating ingredients and the Trufirm complex. According to the company’s trials, there is an 80% reduction in crepey skin after regular usage, and you see youthful skin instantly. However, Crepe Erase has contradicting reviews. It works efficiently for many users, while the other state Crepe Erase advanced as a waste of money.

Crepe Erase Ingredients – Review

All the products from Crepe Erase contain Trufirm that is a complex of phytonutrients. Along with the active ingredients, Crepe Erase has seven hydrating components- shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, cocoa butter, beeswax, vitamin E, and cassava.


Rich in vitamins and minerals, apples also contain antioxidants that slow down the aging process. It also supports the natural structure of the skin.


The photo-active acid present in the sage prevents the skin from UV damage. Full of antioxidants and antibiotic properties, sage restores the elasticity of the skin.


Regular application of dil on the skin prevents wrinkles and gives you firm, plump skin.


Cassava is a rich source of protein, vitamins, and minerals that improves skin texture and gives you young skin. Apart from these ingredients, Crepe Erase has fruit oil and other acids considered safe by the brand. NOTE: Crepe Erase has both natural as well as synthetic ingredients to enhance the working of the products.

Crepe Erase Reviews | Decoding All Products from Crepe Erase

There are a variety of products from Crepe Erase for people with crepey skin. The primary ingredients in all the Crepe Erase variants remain the same, viz, hydrating boosters, Trufirm, dil, apple, sage, etc,. Crepe Erase Advanced Body Treatment is the signature product of the company. Let us have an overview of all the products offered by Crepe Erase.

Body Smoothing Pre-treatment

The Body Smoothing Pre-treatment is an exfoliator to get rid of crepey skin while you shower. It removes the dead skin cells giving radiant-looking skin. You have to use Body Smoothing Pre-treatment once a day.

Advanced Body Repair Treatment

Advanced Body Repair Treatment is a lightweight hydrator containing seven hydrating ingredients along with a Trufirm complex. It comes in three fragrances- citrus, lavender honey, and linden blossom.

Crepe Erase Advanced Body Repair Treatment absorbs readily in the skin and targets aging zones giving you firm and tighten skin.

Crepe Erase Restorative Facial Treatment

Crepe Erase Restorative Facial Treatment is specifically designed to use on the face to repair wrinkled skin. It gives you a firm texture after regular usage. With Trufirm complex, olive oil, coconut oil, cocoa butter, and vitamin E, you no longer have to use any other moisturizer on your skin.

Crepe Erase Advanced Firming Eye Serum is a lightweight, fast-absorbing hydrating serum that helps against the effects of stress, aging, and UV damage around the eye area. The sunflower oil and the other botanical blends reduce eye puffiness and the appearance of crow feet.

Crepe Erase Ultra Hydrating Lotion

Crepe Erase Ultra Hydrating Lotion was initially developed to be used after intensive body care treatment. It moisturizes the skin on the arms and legs. The non-greasy hydrating lotion absorbs readily on the skin and has a citrus fragrance.

How to Use Crepe Erase?

You have to use Crepe Erase like any other cream. Use the product on wet or damp skin, usually after a shower. The warm water will open the pores in the skin and help in better absorption of the product. Apply a small amount of a particular product to the affected area. You will see instant effects, as claimed by the company.

Crépe Erase Reviews: Pricing

Crépe Erase is a bit more expensive than other brands, but it works for most people. You can purchase Crepe Erase 2-Step Advanced Body Treatment for the price of $**. If you wish to purchase only the advanced body treatment cream, you have to spend $** ( for 10 oz) and $**( for 3.3 oz citrus fragrance).

Crepe Erase Ultra Hydrating Lotion is available for the cost price of $**. Besides, we have listed the pricing of each Crepe Erase product in the above review section.

Where to Buy Crepe Erase Products?

You can purchase Crepe Erase online from Amazon or its original website. Besides, all Crepe Erase products are also available locally in Walmart or Ulta.

Perks: Crepe Erase

  • The Trufirm complex present in Crepe Erase promotes collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • The active ingredients support the natural structure of the skin.
  • It helps improve the appearance of your skin.
  • Combats against the effects of stress, aging, and environmental damage.
  • Crepe Erase works on paper-like, crepey skin giving it a firm look.
  • Unique botanical blends to provide you with a smooth, firm, and tightened skin.
  • The hydrating components keep skin moisturized for long hours and prevent excessive dryness.
  • Crepe Erase is suitable for all skin types and comes in three types of fragrances.
  • The company provides a 60-day money-back guarantee. You can even return the bottle empty and will get a refund.

Cons: Crepe Erase Advanced

  • Crepe Erase takes a lot of time to show visible results after prolonged usage.
  • The formula does not work for some people, and they state it as money wastage.

Crepe Erase for Face

Crepe Erase works on getting rid of the crepey skin that occurs due to the aging process. It provides elastin and collagen to the affected area so that you get visible results after some time. Most of the products from Crepe Erase are body treatments. For the crepey skin on the face, you can use Crepe Erase Restorative Face Treatment.

You have to apply one or two pumps of the product on your face and neck area regularly for the results. The essential ingredients in the Crepe Erase products remain the same. You can purchase Crepe Erase Restorative Face Treatment from Amazon, local Walmart, or the original website.

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FAQs | Crepe Erase Reviews 2021

There are frequent queries regarding Crepe Erase that were nowhere to be found in many Crepe Erase Reviews. So here I am answering some common questions.

How Long Does It Take to See Visible Results With Crepe Erase?

According to the company, about 94% saw an instant increase in hydration in the skin. At the same time, 100% agreed that their skin feels instantly youthful. Any tropical product needs at least a few weeks of regular usage for the results to be visible. Usually, Crepe Erase shows the effect after 7-8 weeks.

Can You Use a Moisturizer with Crepe Erase?

Using a moisturizer along with Crepe Erase is not essential. Crepe Erase contains a powerful formula of seven hydrating boosters that keep the skin hydrated for long hours.

Crepe Erase: Direct Customer Reviews

No product works for all people. While for most women, Crepe Erases help them get rid of the crepey skin, a few others were not happy with the results. They termed Crepe Erase as a total waste of money. Renkma from Canada said, “The best moisturizer ever!! I have given up on all my face moisturizers for this. Got it for my knees and chest, and by far the best product I ever used. ” An Amazon user said that she’s been using the product since she was forty years old and recommended Crepe Erase to everyone.

While for Karen, Crepe Erase was not worth it. She said, “this product is a total rip off and did nothing. I’ve been using it religiously since I got it several weeks ago, but absolutely no improvement on the small amount of crepey skin I have on my upper arms. There is not even an option to return it here, even though one is available on television. The act is merely preying on the public who can get the same results with a drugstore moisturizer. ” Considering everything, we can conclude that there are mixed Crepe Erase reviews on the internet. If you have any doubt about any of the Crepe Erase products then shoot it in the comment section and we’ll respond to it soon.

Cessation | Crepe Erase Reviews

Today, we have comprehensively described everything about the brand Crepe Erase and its products. And I firmly believe that the above Crepe Erase reviews will help you make a healthy purchase. Taking care of your skin is a sure thing, and it takes a lot of time for tropical products to offer obvious results. So if you’re searching for a product that is one-stop for your crepey skin, then you should give a shot to Crepe Erase and also, share your experience with us in the comment section.