Crepe Erase Vs InvisiCrepe | Which One Should You Go For?

Trying to decide what to purchase between Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe, but are confused? There are a lot of reviews from the companies itself, which may be biased. So if you are looking for a simple comparison between the two, this article featuring Crepe Erase Vs InvisiCrepe is for you. 

Crepe Erase Vs InvisiCrepe

Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe work on the same issue- crepey skin on legs, arms, and face. So choosing a single formula that is effective is a bit confusing. Don’t worry; we have comprehensively curated everything in Crepe Erase vs InvisiCrepe to know about both the brands. 

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Crepe Erase Vs InvisiCrepe | Which One Is Better?  

Crepe erase advanced is the recent hype from The Body Firm. They have the exclusive formula for each product- a Trufirm complex and distinctive set of active ingredients. The botanical blends and hydrating boosters keep the skin moistened and wrinkle-free. 

InvisiCrepe Body Balm reduces crepey skin by working on the underlying issues in the skin’s dermal matrix. It not only works against aging signs but also regenerates skin cells and keeps them hydrated. 

Both Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe have their perks and negatives. Here I am listing the differences in both of them according to their formula and reviews. To choose wisely between them, keep reading the article, and not directly jump to the conclusion part. 

Ingredients: Crepe Erase Vs InvisiCrepe Body Balm

All the products from Crepe Erase have a similar primary formula. It includes a Trufirm complex with active compounds such as apple, sage, and dil. Crepe Erase has a massive range of hydrating boosters to keep the skin moist yet free of aging signs. The body treatment cream, serum, and lotion have unique formulating ingredients and fragrances depending upon the affected area and skin type.

Crepe Erase Vs InvisiCrepe Body Balm Ingredients

For instance, a restorative facial treatment designed especially for the face contains olive oil and vitamin E. In short, Crepe Erase has both natural and synthetic components to enhance the working of the product. 

InvisiCrepe body balm contains niacinamide, DL lipids, and ribose as the active ingredients. Niacinamide is a compound of vitamin B having anti-oxidant properties. It enhances collagen and elastin in the skin. DL lipids are a mixture of soy complexes with sodium hyaluronate. Along with these active components, InvisiCrepe contains a lot of ingredients that can cause skin irritation. Though there are no warnings on the body balm packaging, many people may have allergic reactions due to soy. 


Crepe Erase advanced comes both as a 2-step system and in individual treatment. For the 2-step body treatment that contains an exfoliator and extensive body care cream, you have to spend $**. The rest products from Crepe Erase, viz, hydrating lotion, facial treatment, eye serum, come at different prices depending upon the fragrance you opt for.

In comparison, you can purchase InvisiCrepe Body Balm for the value price of $**. Both Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe are available on Amazon, Walmart, and their original website itself. 

How Do Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe Work? | Learn the Science

The hydrating ingredients in both Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe keep the skin moisturized and reduce crepey skin. They reduce wrinkles and keep the skin firm and tightened. 

The lack of lipids in the skin accounts for a crepey, damaged texture. Keeping this in mind, InvisiCrepe has DL lipids that restructure the skin. Soy provides extra hydration and boosting to the skin. The niacinamide and ribose provide collagen and elastin to the cells. Both of them, when in lack, cause wrinkles and other aging issues in the skin. 

The Trufirm complex in Crepe Erase is built with phytonutrients that deliver anti-aging compounds to the skin. The apple extract, rich in minerals and vitamins, supports the natural structure of the skin. Sage extract not only prevents crepey skin but also protects it from UV damage. Overall, Crepe Erase combats crepey skin, wrinkles, and keeps the skin protected against environmental damage. 

Customer Thoughts

Both Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe have contradicting reviews from the users. While the formulation works for some people and shows instant results, the same does not work on a few others even after regular usage.

So considering everything, it is difficult to say what is better between Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe but trying both won’t cost much as both are affordable & easily available brands.

Cessation | Crepe Erase VS InvisiCrepe

If you have directly referred to the conclusion part to know which product to prefer between Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe, I must insist on going through the whole article. Overall, both Crepe Erase and InvisiCrepe show a reduction in crepey skin and enhanced skin texture.

Crepe Erase Advanced is marked at an affordable price as compared to InvisiCrepe and works effectively on the affected area preventing damage against UV rays at the same time. InvisiCrepe offers the same perks to the skin. However, the soy lipids factor should be considered while purchasing in case of allergies.

So while preferring any of the two, read the whole Crepe Erase VS InvisiCrepe article and choose that suits you the best!