Farmasi Reviews – All Products Tested!! (An Unbiased Review 2020)

There is a hike in demand for makeup cosmetics, and high demand gave rise to many new makeup cosmetic brands. Farmasi is personal care & cosmetic direct selling company, but many people are confused about it and so If you are searching for genuine Farmasi reviews, then you are on the perfect webpage. Here we are going to share a comprehensive review of the Turkish brand Farmasi & its products.

Different Makeup Products By Farmasi

Farmasi has 67 years of experience in cosmetics and the health industry. Farmasi’s products are exported to more than 120 countries and are consumed by about 350 million+ people all over the world. We did in-depth research on the products offered by Farmasi, and in this article, I am going to share that data in a structured format for you to understand it better. Let us not waste our precious time and move further to the main subject that depicts true Farmasi reviews.

Before we move further to the main subject “Farmasi Reviews”, read these important points:

  • This is an independent & unbiased review and not a sponsored post.
  • We might earn a little if you made any purchase through this webpage.

Farmasi Reviews (Genuine & Honest)

We have so many cosmetic brands in the market today, and relying on any specific brand becomes boring. But one should not switch to any other brand’s product without verifying the product/brand from a reliable source. At cheaperks, we really care for you and will never influence you towards negative for our personal benefit and in this article, we have posted genuine Farmasi reviews.

What is Farmasi?

In 1950, the founder of the Farmasi Doctor Tuna entered into the health & beauty industry, and there he started an independent cosmetic brand— Farmasi. Since then, it has been one of the leading and trustworthy companies for both its business partners and customers. Farmasi has a wide range of products that counts more than in 2000. Farmasi has a variety of products, from color cosmetics and perfumes to wet wipes as well as personal care. It also has many sub-brands for curative lines, detergents, household, and wellness. 

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Farmasi originated from Istanbul- Turkey is also one of the halal cosmetics in the market. Farmasi is a cruelty-free makeup brand which means it is a strong supporter of animal rights and ethical treatment to animals. Today, we will review not only the Farmasi Makeup Brand but also products that I have personally used.

Farmasi Product Reviews (Personally Used)

Farmasi Reviews

I am going to tell you everything about the decorative cosmetics that I chose myself. Being an influence, I do not want my people to get stuck & waste their hard-earned money, and so I am going to review products that I have personally used. Without wasting any time, let us move to the review section.

Farmasi Reviews – Terracotta Porcelain Powder 02

The Farmasi terracotta porcelain powder is my personal favorite, and I totally recommend it. It comes with two shades, 01 and 02. I love the 02 shade more because it gives a brownish golden touch. It suits the American skin tone perfectly. The terracotta porcelain powder, as the name says, highlights the prominent areas of the face. 

Terracotta Porcelain Powder evens the skin tone and delivers a smooth look. You just have to apply it around the nose, cheekbones, and T-zone OR any other area you want to bring out. 


  • It comes with a black compact design box and is easy to handle.
  • The box contains 10g of the terracotta porcelain powder. 

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It proffers a shiny look to your face and makes it look even.
  • The ultra-lightweight combination which has minerals helps your skin have a healthy look.
  • It provides a radiant look.
  • The high coverage provided by the terracotta powder gives you a flawless look.
  • It feels so light on the skin and blends easily.
  • Farmasi products are 100% halal and vegan.
  • Terracotta porcelain powder lasts all day, so you don’t have to worry about regular touch-ups.


One of the FCC’s high rated products is their CC cream. Here we have a medium to dark shade, which goes on almost all skin types with cool or warm undertone. I found it’s quite light on my skin, but it blends well and matches my skin tone after blending it perfectly, and I love the smooth texture. The coverage is sheer to medium. 

CC Cream by Farmasi Review

The CC cream absorbs well to the skin, so it does not look cakey on your face. The texture is moist and light, so it takes a while to oxidize since it appears on your face, and it lasts throughout the day. I only apply the CC cream onto my face, and it does not any other product like powder. If you are looking for a light coverage CC cream, then go for this, no one applies foundation all the time, and that can also harm your skin. If you apply CC cream instead, you will love it. 


  • It comes with a small paper box with descriptions.
  • The pink and white theme is super cute and elegant.
  • The cream comes in a tube-like container, which makes it easy to use and hygienic.
  • The sleek and silver cap just made it more elegant. 
Farmasi Cc Cream Light To Medium 50 Ml
  • Ultra light formula provides multi rich benefits to the skin: Helps to cover up skin imperfections perfectly without clogging pores
  • Macadamia oil moisturizes the skin all day long
  • Multimineral complex helps to make skin more resistant

Why Should You Buy It?

  • It does not clog pores.
  • At a reasonable price, you are getting an outstanding product.
  • It does not need any extra product.
  • The creamy texture of this cream makes it easily blendable.
  • Not too cakey or dewy on the skin

FCC VFX PRO Makeup-Up Primer

VFX Pro Primer

This VFX primer is transparent and can go with any skin tone; not only it reduces wrinkles but also minimizes pores swiftly. This primer reduces fine lines too. After the application of the foundation, this primer will give you the smoothness and comfort of your skin. VFX PRO primer increases makeup durability and provides a softer and smoother finish.  

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  • It comes in a silver cardboard box similar to the VFX PRO foundation.
  • Because of the grey tube, it is much easier to control the quantity.
  • The quantity of the product is 0.85Fl.oz. or 25 ml.
Farmasi VFX PRO Camera Ready Perfecting Make-up Primer, 25 ml./0.83 fl.oz.
  • Primer - a basis for make-up, which will provide the perfect smoothness of the skin and increase the durability of makeup time.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • Minimizes pores and lines.

Why Should You Buy It?

  • The silicon alike texture makes it easily blendable. 
  • The skin feels soft and smooth with this primer on and gives a matte finish.
  • It minimizes pores and reduces wrinkles.
  • It is preferable for dry skin.
  • Leave it for a couple of minutes to sit for better results.

Farmasi Extreme Curl False Lash Effect Mascara Farmasi Mascara

Who doesn’t love long curly lashes? Farmasi Extreme Curl False Lash Effect Mascara is a radical product. It gives your lashes a bounce and volume. The super curled wand gives a lengthy and voluminous effect to your lashes. I personally love the soft texture, which doesn’t clump at all. It lasts all day and is super smudge-proof. 


  • It has a black pencil-like container. 
  • The wand of the extreme curl false lash effect mascara is curled to give you a voluminous look.
Farmasi Extreme Curl False Lash Effect Mascara 14 Ml
  • False Lash Effect! Get ready for the admiring looks with your long, voluminous and curved lashes....
  • The curved brush lift lashes up at the root and curls them to give a more clear look
  • Its creamy texture containing extra black pigments will provide a dramatic and charming look that lasts all day long

Why Should You Buy It?

  • The curled wand provides a curled, voluminous look.
  • It lifts up the lashes and lengthens the lashes.
  • Extreme Curl False Lash Effect Mascara lasts all-day and looks super charming.

Farmasi Long Lasting Creamy Eyeshadow (Pink Glow) Eye shadow

We all love cream eyeshadows, and Farmasi has come up with an all-new long-lasting creamy eyeshadow. It gives a smooth texture by the highly pigmented eyeshadow. It comes with six different shades. Silver ice, red glaze, pink glow, green bean, golden shot, and brown sugar. 

I love the pink glow eyeshadow more because it can go with any outfit. You can apply the eyeshadow with your fingers as well. It is easy and gives no crease and is smudge-proof. 

Farmasi Make up Long Last Creamy Eyeshadow, 3 g./0.11 oz. (Pink Glow)
  • Cream Eyeshadow has a unique creamy texture and high pigmented formula.
  • The silky and soft texture goes on easily for even bold eye make-up.
  • It provides maximum coverage and true color that stays on for all day long.

Why should you buy it? 

  • It blends easily and gives a soft and smooth texture. 
  • The creamy shadow has an ultra-pigmented formula for the smooth texture.
  • No crease method is the best part. It is crease-proof. 
  • It provides an all day long coverage.

FFC VFX PRO Camera Ready Foundation

VFX Pro Foundation

The all-new Farmasi VFX PRO camera-ready foundation gives you the best finish. This is a full coverage foundation that gives you a velvety soft touch and makes your skin ready for photoshoots. Implemented with photo filter technology, it reflects and diffuses the light. It gives the semi-matte finish on the skin without any fine lines. Its shades are no, oo and porcelain, warm undertone. The warm yellowish-orange tone is the brightest of all. If you apply two coats, it will give you the desired look. 


  • It comes in a cardboard box, with minimal design.
  • The glass bottle contains 30 ml foundation with a pump.
  • The transparent bottle will let you know how much product is left.
  • It doesn’t slip out.
Farmasi Make Up Vfx Pro Camera Ready Foundation 30 Ml- 02 Natural Beige
  • Velvety and flawless finish. High Coverage & Long Wear
  • With implemented photo filter technology, reflects and diffuses the light and provides invisible, matte finish, even in close up

Why Should You  Buy It?

  • This foundation gives you high coverage and lasts long.
  • It is suitable for all skin types.
  • VFX Pro provides invisible and matte finish even in close up.
  • It delivers the visual effect of retouched, flawless, airbrushed photo-ready skin.
  • Reflects light, increases luminosity for a radiant camera-ready finish.

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There were some of the products by Farmasi Cosmetics, which I think everybody would love. There are so many more products by Farmasi, which you should try. They have everything from lipsticks, blushes, highlighters, CC creams, BB creams, perfumes, eyeliner, and much more. To cover a large pool of audience, Farmasi has recently released their MLM to let other makeup geeks earn. If you want a comprehensive Farmasi MLM review then let us know in the comment section.

FAQ – Farmasi Reviews

I did research and found some frequently asked questions relevant & related to Farmasi Makeup. Below here are some satisfying answers to all those questions.

Is Farmasi Makeup All-Natural?

Absolutely, according to the website, the Farmasi products are all-natural. These products are made from plant and fruit extracts, are also certified 100% halal. The products are manufactured according to the shariah rules. Farmasi products are certified halal by two certification bodies in Turkey and are in the process of obtaining the third certification from Istanbul based halal certification institute recognized by the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia. And this is completely safe and best for your skin.

Are Farmasi Products worth Purchasing?

I have used Farmasi products and felt the essence of premium cosmetics. I cannot guarantee all the other products, but Farmasi is not just the brand that can disappoint their consumer base. Yes, considering the products I received (reviewed above), I can assure you that the Farmasi products are worth purchasing.

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Overview & Direct Farmasi Reviews

Farmasi is certainly an astounding makeup brand that aims to deliver quality via their products. I have personally used certain makeup products by Farmasi that I seriously found impressive. I have mentioned almost everything in this comprehensive article but stating personal opinions might look a little biased and therefore, I am attaching direct Farmasi reviews.

Evelyn says, “I am using Farmasi for about a whole year now and it is one of the most underrated makeup brands in the market. Farmasi deserves more recognition and love for what they are offering”

Jackson says, ” I gifted the Farmasi starter kit to my spouse and at first, she thought it to be an ordinary makeup kit but later, she literally went mad for the products”

Apart from these thoughts, there are millions of people who are switching to Farmasi. If you have any queries regarding this comprehensive Farmasi review then share it with us and we’ll be responding soon.


Makeup is certainly a crucial element to all the ladies out there. The innovative ones keep searching for new cosmetic brands, and so today’s article was on Farmasi, which is one of the fastest-growing cosmetic brands in the market. I hope now you do not need to search for Farmasi reviews and this helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the subject. I have shared a genuine review of the products which I have used personally.

Farmasi is also one of the best cruelty-free makeup brands in the market. They have everything that is needed, and the wide range of products will certainly amaze you. I believe that you do not need anything more about Farmasi, but if you have any issue, then please comment below, and I will revert to it in no big time.

Did you find this article on “Farmasi Reviews” helpful? Share your personal experience with Farmasi products. 

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  1. A sure comprehnsive farmasi review but you missed to share about the farmasi makeup kit, please share an overview of the kit too.

    1. We are working on other projects and therefore, we might delay the release of Farmasi Makeup kit review. According to the ground reports & other Farmasi reviews, it is seen that Farmasi Makeup kit is offering value in an affordable range.

      But I haven’t tried it yet and therefore, cannot guarantee anything.

      Thank You Moica!

  2. Just the perfect guide to Farmasi makeup. Thank you so much Lauren!!

    I have a query that is Farmasi makeup all vegan? Tried googling it but couldn’t find anything, hoping for a response soon.

    1. The Farmasi VFX Primer is extremely great product to use I started using September 2019 and love all the products I have used. I can give more information, just reply to this comment!

      1. So you wouldn’t join for $20 to receive a 50% off discount. Is there a reason why? I’m curious. I just met someone that sells and I thought if joining after trying a few Prost yes to receive the discount.

          1. I joined for $20.00 and I don’t make anything. I just did it for the 50% off. I earned that back on my first order. Now every single order after this forever and ever will be 50% and I never have to sell a single thing. I can if I want, but I don’t have to.

          2. I am Farmasi Beauty Influencer (what Farmasi MLM agents are called). I get 50% off every product. I love it. If I sell to others ( not required) I get 50% commission of the catalog prices they pay. I love the company and products. That $19.99 start up kit (samples and catalogs) is worth 50% /discount 50% commission.

  3. What does Halal and sharia mean? Are the products organic? How does this compare to Honest makeup or Beauty Counter. European standards are they better than America when it comes to makeup? Thank you.

  4. I ordered eye shadow under the “all natural” pretense and was very discouraged to find aluminum in the ingredients. That is FAR from natural 😩😩 I guess I won’t become a regular customer like I thought.

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