Dermawand Reviews | Does It Really Work? (2022 Update)

Signs of aging start to appear usually somewhere between the age of 30-35 on women’s faces all around the world. Today, in this generation of intense competition and immense stress, a lot of young women have started to deal with this issue as well. DermaWand is here to save your day. It’s a skin regeneration and rejuvenating device that transforms it, providing essential skin-smoothening technology at the comfort of your home. If you’re looking for some honest DermaWand reviews, then read this script thoroughly without skipping any section.

DermaWand uses similar stimulation technology as in the Radio Frequency machines used by professional doctors. This technology has claimed to reduce the signs of premature aging. Christina Boves, the brains backing DermaWand, has several years of experience in the field of skin care. The technology in DermaWand uses lower amplitude than radiofrequency making it appropriate for everyday use. DermaWand claims to give multiple benefits in one product. With regular use, the customer can expect the following results:

  • Reduced fine lines and wrinkles
  • Tightened and Toned loose skin
  • Reduced uneven texture and enlarged pores
  • Less puffy eyes.

DermaWand Reviews

DermaWand has sold over 3 million units in almost 70 countries worldwide. This product has been established as a middle commodity between your everyday creams and the expensive dermatological and surgical technologies like botox. You don’t need to go under any of these surgeries, insert any syringes into your skin or spend a considerable amount of money for flawless skin anymore. Keep reading this article based on genuine & honest DermaWand reviews to know more about it.

What is DermaWand?

DermaWand is an apparatus that works as a facial massager to create stimulation, moving at a frequency of 100,000 cycles in a second it plumps the skin while reducing the appearance and size of pores on the face. It delivers much-needed oxygen and transmits thermal energy into the skin. By using DermaWand for about 3 minutes twice every day, the product gives you a lifted, toned, and tightened appearance with a one-time investment. To prove the effects of DermaWand, the creator of the product used it on only one side of the face for 12 weeks. The results post that was amazing with less visible lines and wrinkles and a more lifted and toned structure on the used side of the face. DermaWand basically gives you the results which are received if only you visit a dermatologist or a salon and spend bundles of money. DermaWand has been introduced for women who have been struggling to do so.

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Let’s discuss this further and understand what sort of medical technology is used and what to expect while using DermaWand.

DermaWand Review

Further, have a closer look at DermaWand, it’s an interceptor, and how it works. As a skin professional, Boves noted that the lotions and anti-aging creams weren’t giving as good a result as the radiofrequency treatment. It instigated her to create a device that uses almost the same technology and is safe to use daily at home. DermaWand works in three different ways on the skin of its users to give them flawless skin, which are as follows.

Thermal Energy

Thermal is another word for heat. The movement of DermaWand is such that the microcurrents generated, create, and transfer thermal/heat energy into your skin. Thermal therapy has often been used to boost collagen production. The heat delivered thus makes your skin warm, boosting collagen, which plumps and firms up the skin. It’s essential to keep a check and manage the temperature of the wand.

Considering the level of accuracy required, using DermaWand is a critical task to handle. Temperature fluctuations can lead to inaccuracy; for example, if the temperature is too high, it can permanently damage and harm your skin cells. But if used carefully, it can do wonders to your skin, making it look healthy and supple.

Enriched Oxygen Supply

The rejuvenation delivered to your skin due to the generation of a mini atmosphere is claimed. DermaWand produces increased oxygen, which gives your skin life and bathes it during usage. The official website of the product says that it is recognizable in the smell and a fragrance, which is similar to the one post a rainstorm. As soon as you use DermaWand, you’ll get a clean and fresh feel because of the production of enriched oxygen. This particular feature claims to reduce the pore size on the skin.

Though pores cannot be completely shut down because they are usually genetic, the size can be altered. Pores can be reduced by their usage; oxygen breathes new life into the skin cells under the surface. Use DermaWand to see this effect on your face. Eventually, take a look at the 3rd and last feature of the product.

Stimulation Skin Therapy

DermaWand claims to deliver gentle and swift microcurrents. The frequency of these is about 100,000 cycles every second. This intense skin stimulation gives a sort of messaging effect to the skin. Massage is a significant part of the routine as it improves blood circulation, which in turn helps the development of new cells and much more. This massaging effect on the skin helps it with fresh nutrients, oxygen, and blood. Soothing effect on the skin due to the regeneration technique keeps and presents the skin to be healthy and glowing always.

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DermaWand Overview

The DermaWand is almost the size of a toothbrush; it’s a device with a chord. To use it, you’ll have to sit near an outlet. You are required to use DermaWand once in the morning and then in the evening every day for a minimum of 3 minutes each. If your skin starts to get reddish and sensitive, discontinue its usage for some time and start reusing when it gets normal. For first-time users, it is instructed to remove the cap of the bulb on the wand, turn the meter of the DermaWand to setting one. To make sure there are no allergic or adverse reactions, try it first on the skin of your hand.

How to Use DermaWand?

  1. Clean your face thoroughly with lukewarm water and preferred product.
  2. Pat your face dry with a towel
  3. Moisturize your face with Dermawand’s pre-face or a moisturizer of your choice giving special attention to the under and around the eye area.
  4. Take your DermaWand and turn it on to setting 1. Put the wand directly onto the surface of your skin. You’re supposed to feel a sensation because of the microcurrents delivered to your skin which is similar to a gentle tingling
  5. Finish off the procedure by doing general sweeps on the face, followed by some lifting exercises. These face exercises have a fantastic effect on the skin and face. It also has several benefits, including better blood circulation in the face area.

Get used to these facial exercises as they have immense benefits. They tackle the issues caused due to inactivity of a particular area in the body. Besides, they generate excellent results and enhances the effect of the product. Note: DermaWand should be avoided by heart patients, pregnant women, and people who have medical conditions in the nervous system.

What Do the Consumers Say on DermaWand?

The feedback from genuine customers has a mixed flavor of both positive & negative. Considering the factual information, DermaWand works for 78% of the direct consumers. I have already shared a comprehensive report on the benefits of DermaWand. Let us now have a closer look at the common disappointments of DermaWand users.

  • An odd smell when using the DermaWand for the first time.
  • Uncomfortable power levels and movements of the apparatus are sometimes painful on the skin, but it’s worth the pain.
  • DermaWand works perfectly but takes time.

DermaWand is a new technology in the market that brings you almost the professional treatment done at the dermatologist at your home.

FAQs- DermaWand Reviews

Can DermaWand Damage Skin?

Based on the DermaWand customer reviews, the product does not come out to be dangerous or harmful for the skin. However, some have witnessed redness and irritation, in which case, you need to discontinue the use for some time.

Can DermaWand Cause Cancer?

The technology used in DermaWand has explicitly been curated for the skin on the face. The power levels at which this apparatus work is deficient, and thus, no, it cannot cause cancer.

Are DermaWand Results Permanent?

No, the results on the face from DermaWand are not permanent. The skin cells keep regenerating itself. Your daily routine, the food you eat, and the health you follow have a lot of effect on how your face looks too.

Is DermaWand Safe?

Until you have a medical condition that forbids the use of DermaWand, the product is entirely safe to use. It’ll just provide you with healthy, soft, and supple skin.

Is DermaWand for Acne?

Acne build-up is reduced if a person uses DermaWand. The brand claims to reduce pore size as well. The thermal energy and enriched oxygen technology emitted from the device help get rid of acne to some extent. Although the product has been created to tackle aging skin concerns, it has multiple benefits.

Nuface VS DermaWand

The two products are different from each other and also use different technologies. Nuface uses microcurrent technology with complete massage effects to activate and tone skin and facial muscles. Contrary to that, DermaWand uses controlled radiofrequency to rejuvenate and sculpt your skin and face. Nuface is overpriced and therefore, DermaWand is undoubtedly a better & reliable option.

Cessation | Dermawand Reviews

The aforementioned DermaWand reviews give us an insight into the product and its use. DermaWand is designed to get medical and professional results on the skin at home. Some people have called it over-expensive and ineffective, but quite a few have also seen it be effective when used for a prolonged period of time.

It has been curated for the concerns of the modern and excessively busy women of today’s world. I suppose this information subjecting DermaWand reviews assisted you in satisfying all your doubts and questions. If there are any more doubts about the subject, please comment below, and we’ll respond to it with an appropriate reply.

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  1. What is the difference between the dermawand pro and the dermawand which one should I buy for best results.

    1. I would suggest you go for Dermawand because of the following reasons.

      1. It’s almost half the price of Dermawand Pro. The only difference is that the Pro has more power, so you need to devote slightly less time. I would rather save $90 than saving 3-5 minutes.
      2. Pro has more power but everyone’s skin is different and you might not like that extra power while using it. So it’s better to stick to the proven product.
      3. Dermawand original has over 2000+ ratings and a lot of positive reviews on Amazon. That itself is a huge plus for this. I prefer buying from Amazon because it allows easy returns and there is no hassle with it.

      I hope you got my point, let me know which one you bought and may be comment with your experience using it.

  2. I had a DermaWand for a year or so but dropped it and it broke the bulb. I bought a replacement, and used it as directed for 3 months. One morning I plugged it in and used for about 30 seconds when it quit working. Talked to customer service and they basically said “sorry the warrantee is only good for 30 days”. Unless I wanted to buy a new one I was out of luck. Really, lost the incentive to buy another replacement and have it perhaps only last another 3 months.

    1. I used the derma wand to try to perform my own lasik surgery , while I cannot yet open my left eye , I feel like it may have worked , once the swelling goes down I am confident that inwill have cleaner, sharper more corrected vision, fingers crossed , I’ll keep you updated

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