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Massive acne build-up, also known as the acne vulgaris, is not less than a catastrophe for a woman. It is a long-term disease of the skin caused by the clogging of hair follicles by oil from skin or the dead skin cells, usually faced by teenagers because of several hormonal fluctuations, and various other related reasons. In this article, we will be covering Curology reviews and all the other relevant subjects that surround Curology. With the onset of high dermatological issues persisting and continually growing, a great initiative Curology, by a dermatologist from New Mexico, has conceptualized. It is an online customized and prescribed skincare treatment. 

Curology Reviews

Curology is a start-up that works explicitly in treating acne and similar conditions. It provides you with a high-quality personalized experience customized to suit your skin type. It is one of the first telemedicine services giving the customer an online diagnosis along with it a monthly subscribable prescribed skincare routine. Additionally, there are online visits from dermatology professionals. It’s accessible, safe, and convenient.  If you’re looking for genuine Curology reviews then you are at the perfect webpage because we have covered everything about Curology.

Curology Reviews

With every other product promising recovery. Altering inputs from different professionals and people, one tends to get confused about what regime to follow for their skin. By providing you with an unbiased review here, we clear that confusion and let you choose for yourself.

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What Is Curology?

According to Dr. David Lortscher, great skincare shouldn’t be a luxury and inaccessible; thus, he came up with Curology in 2013. It is an online portal that claims to customize and personally treat your acne issues.

Once you visit and sign up, you need to click a photo of your face and the affected area along with your history. Henceforth, the professionals will pick the ingredients that should be active in your product. Eventually, they will come up with an effective solution for your issues. 

Starting at just $19.95/ month, they ship your product at your doorstep. Once there is an identification of the main skincare goals and problems of the customer, a morning and evening routine is supposed to be followed. It contains products with the active ingredients required for your concern, which is bound to have positive results. Dr. Lortscher, along with his brother belonging to the technical field and their mother, created a one-stop solution. They hope to help people remotely with an online team to facilitate personalized attention. Let’s now talk about how it works and begin with our main subject— Curology Reviews.

Products— Curology Reviews

Let’s take a closer look at the products included in the Curology package and read more about them and Curology Reviews: 

1. Gentle Cleanser 

The Curology cleanser, like any other cleanser, is designed to clean the entire face removing any and all build-up, oil, and other impurities; it’s the first step of the procedure and will leave you feeling clean and fresh to follow up with the next ones. Plant sugars used in the product locks the moisturizer in your skin and keeps you hydrated naturally for a longer period of time. 

Curology Cleanser Review

 It’s curated to soothe the skin, so it feels less irritated. The oat extracts present in the cleanser helps in doing just that. Clean your face thoroughly with the cleanser about 2 minutes before and pat the skin dry for the next step. 

2. Personalized and Customized ‘Superbottle.’ 

Based on the result of the diagnosis done at the starting of the procedure, you will receive a serum. It is for overnight usage customized specifically for you and contains 3 powerful and active ingredients required to cure your skin concerns. 

The ingredients aren’t revealed to the customer at the time of placing the order. Once they’ve committed to the subscription plan, there’s utmost transparency. The serum is to be used once at the end of the day after step 1. You can then see your formulated serum along with its ingredients on your treatment page.  

3. Light Moisturizer 

Curology moisturizers are efficiently and dermatologically designed to suit your skin type. There are 2 different moisturizers for oily and dry acne-prone skins; you do not need anything extra. 

It contains Hyaluronic acid, which again is a massive hydrating agent. As soon as you apply it, your skin feels soft and shiny. 

Curology Reviews Moisturizer

If a person has an oily skin that has acne, Curology has its self-curated moisturizer in a gel-based formula. Whereas, for people with dry skin, Curology has a new rich moisturizer. It is creamy and contains 6 hydration boosters for your skin, including shea butter and Hyaluronic acid. Use this moisturizer every day for clean, soft, and youthful skin. 

This is the last step of the procedure, follow this routine every day, and feel it for yourself.

Curology Reviews Before and After 

We received so many requests to add Curology Before After results and therefore, we added this section to fulfill our readers’ wishes. The before & after Curology results mentioned below are genuine but we do not own the credits. If anyone owns any of the listed pictures and does not want us to share it on our site then please mail us the query and we’ll remove it.

acne solution before & after

Curology Reviews Before After

before and after curologyCurology Reviews Before and After

FAQ- Curology Reviews 

Which Curology Moisturizer Is Best?  

The moisturizer is a part of the whole package included in the anti-acne skincare routine prescribed for you. You choose out of the two moisturizers available according to your skin type. If you have oily-acne prone skin, you should opt for the Curology Moisturizer, which is in a gel-based texture to smoothly hydrate your skin. Whereas if your skin is dry acne-prone, the Rich Moisturizer by Curology with 6 intensely hydrating agents is a better choice. 

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Can Curology Help with Dark Circles?

Curology’s custom prescriptions are specifically designed to help control, manage, and treat a broad range of acne-related and anti-aging concerns, which include blackheads, dark circles, and hyperpigmentation.  The customer at the time of diagnosis needs to mention the issues to the professional, and they can then receive a suitable and rejuvenating program.

How Does Curology Work?

You will need to appear for a comprehensive skin diagnosis to identify your skin-related issues. Further, you need to briefly describe your dermatological history and previous medication use (if any). Later, to which the professionals will curate a customized package containing 3 bottles for a healthy skincare routine. 

The 3 bottles will include a cleanser, a moisturizer, and a customized serum specifically required to solve your skincare concern. Curology currently also provides a free trial pack for its new customers, where they’ll have to cover only the shipping and handling charges. The amount for which is $4.95, and all else is free of cost. 

Will Curology Work? 

While no medical facility can guarantee a 100% rate of success, Curology claims to have worked for 88% of its customer base. It strives to work for and provide you with a safe and ethical skincare regime. Thousands of Curology customers have sworn by the product and claimed that it has completely vanished all their issues. It made their skin clear and supple as they’ve always wanted whereas, some people haven’t been as much satisfied either.

The key is to get the diagnosis done properly, so your skin type and information can adequately be ascertained.  Every skin takes its own time to heal, and often some people complain about purging. It is entirely reasonable, your skin adjusts to the product for some time, and the pores get unclogged, which may or may not result in that. 

Can I Get Curology without a subscription?

Unfortunately, Curology is only available as a complete package and with minimum monthly subscriptions. You cannot buy its products separately or without a subscription.

Can Curology Help Acne Scars? 

Yes, Curology has been working with acne-prone skin all around the world; it has been successful in treating 88% of its customers. Curology can not only fight existing acne germs but prevent your skin from all types of infections.

It originated to help people suffering from acne and breakout and is usually quite efficient in doing so.  If that does not help you should definitely read Scarzone Reviews

Cessation— Curology Reviews

The above Curology reviews provide us with two meaningful statements. First, Curology is designed specifically for your skin type after taking inputs about the history and other related information of the client. Unlike everyday cosmetics, Curology is a prescribed and dermatological skincare regime. It aims to target a particular concern and tackle it in a package. 

Second, it’s accessible too and is delivered right at your doorstep, avoiding any kind of hassle you have to undertake in order to go to a dermatologist. This comprehensive article depicts how Curology is a one-stop solution for major skin issues. I believe that this piece of information subjecting Curology Review helped you and satisfied all your queries & doubts. If you have any further doubts regarding the subject then comment down and we’ll respond to it with a helpful reply in no big time.

How do you like Curology products, and did they suit your skin?

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