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Best Facial Toning Devices

Hola amigos! I hope this new year will bring us happiness and strength to lead our life smoothly. As the new year comes, we will make resolutions such as diet and fitness goals, achievement goals, and bucket lists. Most of us chose fitness goals as we are more concerned about health and body appearance, which makes us self-confident and courageous to do day-to-day activities.

As a result, we join a gym or other similar fitness classes like yoga, sports, etc. Furthermore, we are confused about how to make face muscles in a good shape. In solving this problem, some innovators came up with a device that makes our skin muscles in shape with no side effects. This will be a perfect substitute for plastic surgeries made on our faces. Furthermore, it will make our face muscles healthier.

This device will definitely be a boon for ladies who lookup for a facial massage and face fat reduced at lower prices. As I mentioned before, the side effects are null or very much low compared to other things and we can use them any time of our ease. This product is one of the must-have skincare tools to have in our skincare kit. It is because this product will boost our skincare routine and reduce wrinkles and other fine lines. Furthermore, it will also improve our blood circulation.

In addition to this, these portable toning devices are clinically tested and also approved by dermatologists.

In this article, we are going to look at what facial toning devices are, how to use them, their pros and cons in detail. Before we jump into our topic, please be aware of using electronic gadgets, maintain them properly, store them in places where kids can’t reach them.

An overview of facial toning devices

A facial Toning device is a tool that helps to firm the skin muscles and rejuvenate the cells by reducing wrinkles and lines.

Some of the customers can not differentiate between tonner and toning devices. It is because some functions of these devices are the same. However, toner is a cleansing agent and facial toning device that shapes our faces.

There are various kinds of facial toning devices that operate both manually and battery operated. Most of the devices are battery-operated, which uses microcurrent technology that passes through the dermis layer and rejuvenates skin cells. These electronically operated devices are the same as used in spas, but the size is different.

Furthermore, some facial toning devices use photon therapy which uses different colors of light which have unique wavelengths of their own and have various functions such as eliminating excessive fat, exfoliating the skin, and reducing sagging skin. This light is used here is like physiotherapy and it externally forces the cells to boost their performance. Other types of devices use radio frequency and micro-vibrations in which the method of employment differs but the function remains the same.

I have chosen some of the best facial toning devices from all the varieties available. As a result, you will be able to evaluate every product and differentiate between two different products and devices the best one for yourself.

How to use facial toning devices?

Using this device is pretty simple. I will explain to you in a step-by-step process in detail. Let’s see them,

  • Use a face cleanser of any brand that suits your skin and removes all impurities and makes your skin oil and residue free. This step is very important, this affects the performance of the toner because oil acts as a grease, which will make the toning device slippery. Add primer or gel if necessary.
  • Use the device slowly and gently, just move back and forth without applying pressure. Be conscious of using it in a pimple area. It may break it. Slowly add to your skin care routine and use them at lower intensity to verify your skin response.
  • After using this device, cleanse your face and remove primer if used by a soft cloth soaked in lukewarm water.

Disclaimer: Do not use this toning device if you have any medical issues like epilepsy or seizures, or have undergone any type of facial or other surgeries, implanted any type of electronic like pacemakers. It is a better choice to consult doctors or dermatologists if you have any medical history.

Top 10 best facial toning devices

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking the greatest facial toning equipment.

Our staff selects the highest-rated and most well-reviewed items and puts them to the test to ensure that the outcomes are as expected. As a result, we end up with the finest products on the market.

I am confident that you will not be disappointed if you try the products from our assortment. Furthermore, I will also like to inform you all that our team is not a paid reviewer or brand promoter; we are simply listing things based on our own personal experience.

Without further ado, let’s look at the top ten facial toning gadgets, their features, and user reviews.

  • NuFACE Advanced Facial Toning Kit Trinity Facial Trainer Device
  • UNOISETION Microcurrent Facial Device
  • FOREO BEAR Fuchsia, Smart Microcurrent Facial Toning Device
  • ROSELYNBOUTIQUE Jade Roller Gua Sha Facial Tools Set
  • Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit
  • SUPANT V Facial Roller Massager
  • JIUUIJ Face Massager
  • LEBODY FACE Micro-current Generator Facial Toning
  • LEFAY Radio Frequency Facial Machine

1. NuFACE Advanced Facial Toning Kit Trinity Facial Trainer Device

Best Facial Toning Devices

NuFace is a well-known brand with a large number of good ratings. We were eager to put this technology to the test.

This product’s buzz is completely justified. It is because the device uses microcurrent technology to stimulate collagen formation. Furthermore, it elevates the jawline eyebrows and tightens the muscles and skin of the face. Making our skin healthier and younger.

However, this equipment is a little pricey. But, when we compare it to the billing amount of a spa this sounds pretty economical.

You may improve your outcomes by using NuFace Gel Primer, and the device will slide through with ease.
Three glides on the cheek, two glides on the forehead are examples of instructions seen in pamphlets. You can use it if you follow the directions.

You’ll hear an automated buzzer sound after finishing the relevant glides. Hence, it is very handy and convenient to use. Lastly, this product is also approved by FDA. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about while going for this product.

Customer review

The majority of the reviews were good. Many of them adored this product because it helps users sculpt their faces by tightening their skin and muscles.

Sadly, sagging was a problem for a small fraction of customers. Their skin became firmer as a result of using this equipment. Furthermore, some users were inconvenienced when the device stopped charging after a few months.

However, most of the consumers claimed that they used it for eliminating lines around their mouth and nose. They noticed a visual difference after a while, as the lines were gradually vanishing. Hence, this product really stands up to the mark and satisfies nearly all the customers.

2. UNOISETION Microcurrent Facial Device

Best Facial Toning Devices

Microcurrent technology and photon treatment are used to operate this device. Henceforth, get ready to enjoy the benefit of innovation.

Furthermore, this facial toning device comes with seven different wavelengths of colored photons to deliver various treatments.

As a result, this product has a number of advantages, including the reduction of lines, wrinkles, and acne, as well as the tightening of pores. As a consequence, this product will make our skin look younger and less saggy. Furthermore, this product will also promote cell growth and remove pollutants. Lastly, this product also softens and smoothes our skin because of the photons present in it.

In addition to this, there is no need to be concerned about battery life because this product is corded. Furthermore, It has several color modes, including purple, which eliminates toxins, green, which provides comfort to our skin, yellow, which tightens and oxygenates our skin, red, which activates and lifts our skin, and orange, which causes a recomposing and balancing effect., blue provides a remedy for inflammations and finally turquoise which provides relaxation. Hence, this product is fit for all purposes.

Customer review

This product received a mixed response. It is because some users claim that this gadget produces visible results, by enhancing their facial appearance with photons. Furthermore, some reported that their skin appeared brighter and younger.

On the other hand. few users experienced zapping when using this product, which could be due to the fact that they were wearing metal jewelry or were in contact with other metal conductors. The majority of them recommend the use of gel for avoiding the zapping features.

Hence, we can say that this product hardly haves any drawback and we should surely give it a try.

3. FOREO BEAR Fuchsia, Smart Microcurrent Facial Toning Device

Best Facial Toning Devices

Foreo is a fantastic skincare company that has earned a reputation for quality among its clients. This gadget by Foreo has anti-shock technology, which protects consumers from the dread of zapping.

This facial toning device features a total of five micro current intensities, which might be useful for a variety of users.
Furthermore, it employs a T-sonic pulse to enhance performance while also providing a glowing and calming experience to our skin. Moreover, this device aids in the rejuvenation of our skin by minimizing lines and wrinkles and firming the muscles in sagging areas.

This product is made using a super Swedish design, which makes it lightweight and small without sacrificing battery life. As a result, using this device becomes very comfortable.

In addition, the design is based on a bear’s head, therefore it is named BEAR Fuchsia. This device can be connected with our smartphones via the Foreo app, we can also set the operations using the app, while the device will automatically complete the specific glides on our face. Henceforth, get ready to experience the benefits of premium technology with FOREO’s facial toning devices.

Customer review

This product got 4 out of 5 global ratings on amazon. Many users claimed this product lifted their skin and provided a glowing effect on their faces. And they are also happy with the app, which comes with some presets and the brand is providing weekly updates to the app and device. Some customers feel great about battery life and stated that this device is a little powerhouse as it provides long-lasting performance as it provides 90 uses per full charge.

However, some customers feel disappointed because they cannot use the bear via app in offline mode. Furthermore, some of them feel the product is expensive.

But, I will say the benefits and the features are worth the price tag.

4. ROSELYNBOUTIQUE Jade Roller Gua Sha Facial Tools Set

Best Facial Toning Devices

This product is a non-electronic device. As It comes with a massaging roller made up of natural jade stone. This roller is handcrafted with natural jade stone, which is popularly known for its health and luck.

But, do not consider this product to provide lesser results. It is because this product produces the same result as other electronic devices. This product will be helpful to those who are looking for an economical product and are afraid of using microcurrent technology as it also helps to lift the face, remove dark circles and wrinkles, and makes skin youthful. Furthermore, this product has an efficient healing technique that will boost the production of new cells.

The stone used here has a smooth texture to glide easily through the face. It can be also used in other parts of the body, such as the abdomen, back, limbs, and also in legs, and palms. Lastly, you can use various sides of stone in different areas as it is designed in a heart shape.

Henceforth, you get two in one benefits as you can smooth the skin and improve blood circulation at the same time. 

Customer review

Out of 28 thousand ratings, this product possesses an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. Most of the users feel great about the outcome provided by this roller. As a result, most of them mentioned that this product reduced wrinkles smoothened skin, and produced a glowing effect. Most customers appreciated the pricing of this product and that it has zero side effects. As a consequence, this product got listed in amazon choice reviews.

There is only a negative verified review of this product, a verified user claimed that she got a used product and returned it, while returning she said that they asked for a restocking fee, which really disappointed her.

5. Neutrogena Microdermabrasion Starter Kit

Best Facial Toning Devices

This product is a sub-brand of Johnson & Johnson Inc.’s which is one of the most popular brands in the world. This product is an economical alternative to other microcurrent devices, as it provides the same results at a cheaper cost.

We get a microdermabrasion applicator and 12 rejuvenation single-use puffs are included with this product. It gives the skin a healthy glow and firms the skin muscles from the inside out.

This applicator emits micro-vibrations that massage the skin, tighten the muscles, and enhance blood circulation.

This product is simple to operate. All you need to do is simply wet a puff with an attachment head and gently press it against your skin. But, make sure that you do not drench it or it will ruin the entire process. After this choose your speed mode as it has variable speed, I will recommend you to go with the one which gives the most soothing experience. Lastly, wash your face with water and remember to throw away the microdermabrasion puff so you don’t have to use it again.

I assure you that you will get the best results just after the very first use. Furthermore, after three uses, you will notice a significant difference. If you really want to test the authenticity take a photograph before using this product for the first time and take one photo after using this product for the third time. I am sure that you will be very happy with the results.

Customer review

This product has thousands of reviews on amazon in which it got overall ratings of 4.7 out of 5. The users love this product because it is very cheap in comparison with the spa charges and also produces better results. 90% of the total reviews were 5-star ratings as literally, everyone finds this product as a useful one as it claims. Some customers share their experience that it helps to fade dark spots and bring a luminous effect to the face. Hence, purchasing this product will be the best option if you want the best bang for bucks product.

6. SUPANT V Facial Roller Massager

Best Facial Toning Devices

This product is a facial roller massager which can be used manually. It doesn’t contain any batteries or is electrically operated. As a consequence, you can wash off the device after the usage for safety.

Furthermore, this product is ergonomically designed and it can rotate 360 degrees. You will definitely love this product design as it is very outstanding and metallic balls are also productive. You can also use it on other body parts as well as it tightens the sagging skin even in private parts.

It performs better when we use it over mask applied areas as it improves lymphatic drainage. Furthermore, this product eliminates excessive fats and exfoliates the skin. Moreover, it also improves the contour and tone of the face. In addition, It also acts as a cosmetics absorber such as it extracts foundation and toner. Lastly, the compact design of this roller helps to make multiple pressurized spots, which makes skin improve blood circulation.

Therefore, we get myriads of benefits with this product.

Customer review

This product has 4.2 global ratings out of 5, in which most reviews are positive. This clearly depicts that the customers are very happy with the product. Some of them also shared their own experience of getting defined skin results. As a result, they even gifted it to their dear ones.

Sadly, some customers are also sad because they feel that the quality of the head is not good and it breaks down easily. Furthermore, some also got tingling effects and burn issues. Some of them found this useful as it provides relief to users who had a headache as it gently rolls over the head and massages gently.

7. JIUUIJ Face Massager

Best Facial Toning Devices

This product is a face mask employed with light therapy, which is used to rejuvenate the face and neck skin. It has three modes of three different colors such as red, blue, and orange. These color modes have different wavelengths, so we can use them for different purposes, such as reducing wrinkles, improving pigmentation, whitening skin, and fading dark spots.

This mask will cover a large area of the face and neck, which produces light for skin rejuvenation. Moreover, this device can be suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

You can use this mask in your leisure time and relax. The suggested usage from the manufacturer is to use for 15 to 20 minutes and 3 times a week for achieving maximum results. It also has a soft silicon compartment for protecting our eyes that is used for transparent function in order to see clearly the outside things in case of any emergency.

It is very convenient to charge this device because you can charge this device in two ways, the first method is charging by USB c type cable and another method is to connect the mask with the bottom of the base where you can find the data cable interface. This method is very easy as it is similar to wireless charging.

Hence, this product is easy to use and gives mesmerizing benefits.

Customer review

As this product is from emerging brands, the reviews are relatively less. In some reviews, the user felt the experience was as exact as in a spa. Furthermore, they felt that the transparent portion in front is quite useful. They can do other things while taking photos such as watching tv, browsing smartphones. However, some customers felt a tightness in the nose area. The brand replied to customers that they can use strapless clothing by keeping it over the face while resting over the bed or chair, etc. to avoid such issues.


Best Facial Toning Devices

This product is the most expensive among all listed products. But, it provides results proportional to its price. You can attain spa finish quality by using this product at home.

This product uses high radio frequency which passes through the dermis layer and helps in the production of new cells. It also repairs elastin, which helps in the improvement of collagen build and skin contour and tone. This Rf plays a major role in firming skin muscles, as it uses both monopolar and bipolar frequencies.

This new era of technology enhances the overall beauty and lifting jawlines, nose, etc. The STOP VX  employs in the removal of wrinkles and lines in forehead and cheek areas and it is a painless and safe process and very easy to use. You can feel visible differences in your skin within a week of regular usage. The design of the product is also attractive as it has a diamond-shaped head. Overall, the quality of the product feels premium as it is made of the best quality parts. It is approved by the FDA. For better results, use their primer gel, which comes with it.

Customer review

This product got a lot of reviews in which maximum are positive which leads to overall ratings of 4.2 global ratings out of 5. Most users say that this device makes their skin look younger and wrinkle and poreless, as it firms the skin. And they also add that skin look improves every time after using it. Furthermore, most of them felt immediate effects on their skin after the first use. A random customer felt disappointed because he got a defective piece and he also added that he returned the item. The good part is that he got his refund.

9. LEBODY FACE Micro-current Generator Facial Toning

Best Facial Toning Devices

This device is from an emerging brand of LEBODY, which is in the Republic of Korea. We know Korea is famous for skincare and surgeries. This product also cannot fulfill the fact. This device enhances the development of collagen, which results in making skin youthful and glow.

Unlike other devices, we can adjust the intensity to be used on our faces. They also provide presets which will be useful to use in different areas. This product also helps in lifting our faces from deep inside. It also diminishes fine lines and wrinkles present in our faces. It also enhances beauty by improving circulation, hydration, and maintaining the elasticity of our face skin. This device comes with an automatic stopping feature which enables the security and maintenance time period for use in each area, which will reduce the worry of calculating time manually. This device stimulates the facial muscles of a total of 57 to contract among themselves by triggering them by producing ADP adenosine triphosphate. Henceforth, this product is literally a benison.

Customer review

This product is from an emerging brand, so finding the customers’ reviews is difficult. As per our test results, the product gave the precise results, as they mentioned. We have tested on three different individuals of different skin devices to verify the effects, but the results came back similar. This device slightly produces a tingling effect, which is tolerable and does not cause any serious harm to our face. The only defect of this device is battery backup, which is comparatively low from other devices. As a result, the customers might not like this factor.

10. LEFAY Radio Frequency Facial Machine

Best Facial Toning Devices

It is a multifunctional device, as it is a 5 in 1 device. This device has various technologies such as radiofrequency RF, phototherapy, electromagnetic fields, High frequency for massaging, and ice cooling function.

This device can be used for cleansing the impurities, rejuvenating the cells, reducing the wrinkles and fine lines. Furthermore, this device also lifts the skin by tightening and firming skin muscles present in the face, special treatment which removes dark circles takes care of the area around the eye region, and cools the skin for smoothening and relaxing the facial muscles.

The product has various modes for providing specific functions. Our team feels this device is a complete skincare tool for all purposes. In phototherapy, two lights were used, such as red and blue. In which red light produces a warming sensation around 400 to 450 celsius, whereas blue light provides a cooling effect around 00 celsius. These lights also have different functions, such as red light improving blood circulation, whereas blue light relaxes the skin and reduces inflammation. This is named as an anti-aging wand and works as the name shows. It also uses an 18 K nano RF head in order to ensure safety, especially for sensitive skin.

Hence, this device is completely safe to use and super-efficient.

Customer review

This product got only positive reviews, which led to 5 out of 5 global ratings. This was surprising to us because in the majority of the products some users may have experienced alternative results which they never expected. But, all the users were satisfied with this product. Most of the consumers recommended and also gifted to their dear ones. Some customers have quoted that this mini salon for skincare at home.

The only thing which the customers didn’t appreciate was the pricing. However, our team thinks that a price tag of around 120 dollars is pretty good for such an amazing product.


Benefits of using facial toning devices

  • Portability: As these devices are smaller and handy, we can use this device anywhere. The compact size also helps to carry easily as it consumes tiny space. Most of the devices are battery operated or manually operated so there is no worry about seeking electric plugs.
  • No side effects: This device suits all types of skin and can also be used on oily skins. This device will not produce any harm to our skin like other techniques provide allergy to some users. It’s just a small amount of current passing through our skin, which boosts the entire performance.
  • Smoothes and tightens skin: This device makes the skin lose fat and eliminates toxins. It will be a replacement for facial exercises. The clinical studies also have proven that it also works through thick beard areas, which makes this product usable for all genders.
  • Low cost: This device will reduce the spa charges as they charge $250 to $500 per session depending on the user’s location. And it takes over one session to attain visible results. This will also increase the price. We can get these devices at a cheap price compared to a spa bill and can get the same experience multiple times.

Considerations before using facial toning devices

  • Neural problems: Some electronic devices produce a zapping effect, which leads to damage of neurons and inflammatory metabolism. Some users also experienced death of skin cells because of inflammatory burns because of overheating.
  • Medical issues: Do not use this toning device if you have any medical issues like epilepsy or seizures, or undergone any type of facial or other surgeries, implanted any type of electronics like pacemakers. It is a better choice to consult doctors or dermatologists if you have any medical history.

This product can transmit microcurrents so keep this device away from children because they get shocked as they lick all objects they see. And also store this device from direct sunlight and away from water-related things.


Taking care of our health is very much essential nowadays, so most of us focus only on our body muscles but we forget about facial muscles. This type of micro-current device will be definitely effective on facial muscles. Furthermore, these devices promote collagen production, which is essential to keep our face youthful as we age, our facial muscles will lose firmness, and our skin sags.

By choosing the best suitable toning device, you can lift and sculpt your facial muscles. Use this device regularly to attain maximum benefits and you can use this device fearlessly and less doubted because most of the products are con less. However, if you are very cautious go for the FDA-approved only.

Overall, I believe you got a clear-cut idea about facial toning devices. Before signing off, please take care of your health and loved ones, which is more essential than any other thing in this pandemic situation.

Pro tip: You can maximize the output by using this device over any applied mask. This will also reduce your time investing in a skincare routine.


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