11 Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Lighted (LED)

The mirror is an indispensable article of our daily lives that we use every single day, such as after waking up, after a shower, and before leaving for work. We always need to have a glance at our reflection to make sure of our appearance. It also helps us in delicate activities such as shaving or applying masks, etc.

There are many types of mirrors in the market. Some are handheld, some are pocket mirrors, and some are gigantic wardrobe mirrors. According to most people, the taste is obviously subjective, but the best type of mirror is the wall-mounted mirrors with light. So let us have a look at our top 11 picks for the best wall-mounted mirrors with light. 

11 Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Lighted (LED)

There are tonnes of mirrors in the market, but we often get confused as to which one to buy. Well, in this article we will tell you about 11 best wall-mounted mirrors with light.

1. Simplehuman Sensor Lighted Makeup Mirror

Well, it is possible that even a full-length mirror may not be able to show you the details you want to see. To resolve this issue, you need a wall-mounted mirror that can magnify objects for you. Hence providing you with the mobility you always desired.

You would be satisfied to know that it is one of the best mirrors found in the market in today’s world, which comes up with a magnifying capability of 5 times magnification in it. Its Sensor is the best feature a mirror can have. It automatically turns on the natural sunlight like a light as soon as it detects your face in front of itself.

Not over yet; it also turns itself on too the moment you move away from it. The lights can be recharged and can run up to a pretty long time duration of about 5 weeks. The arm has a telescopic design made up of bold stainless steel, elongating its life. Here are some of the pros and cons of this wall mounted mirror-


  • It has 600 lux brightness.
  • The mirror has a magnification power of 5 times.
  • It is cordless, with no wire-tire issue.
  • Auto sensor feature makes it cool.
  • It stimulates the natural sunlight.


  • The swing arm is a bit short and can trouble you sometimes.
simplehuman 8" Round Wall Mount Sensor Makeup Mirror, 5x Magnification, Rechargeable and Cordless, Brushed Stainless Steel, 8 feet
  • TRU-LUX LIGHT SYSTEM - Simulates natural sunlight allowing you to see subtle variations in your makeup color so you’ll always know when your makeup is color-correct and flawless
  • SENSOR ON/OFF - Automatically lights up as your face approaches, then turns off after you walk away

2. Ovente Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror 10X

Do you know the best part of the competition? It provides the best out of something. Ovente is a brand that has surely maintained its class and existence in the world of mirrors today. With the distortion-free magnification and the two-sided lighted mirrors, you are going to enjoy the best version of your face.

In the world where you crave perfection, this ring lighted mirror is surely going to be your best friend that helps you out in finding out the smallest of the flaws on your face. It is not just about giving you the bright and elegant light; what matters the most is that the light emitted by the mirror seems quite natural, making it a classy piece.

Also, you don’t have to worry about those hectic wires as this lighted mirror comes up with the light that runs with AAA batteries’ help. Hence making the product a must-buy one. Let us have a quick look at its pros and cons.


  • Ovente wall-mounted magnifying mirror with lighted 10x magnification offers a sturdy design.
  • The dual-sided mirror is a catchy feature for sure.
  • 360 degrees swivel is available.
  • It is cordless.


  • The battery run duration is not much and needs to be changed quite often.
Ovente 9.5" Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror, 1X & 10X Magnifier, Spinning Double Sided Round LED Dimmer Switch, Extend, Retractable & Folding Arm, Battery USB Powered Polished Chrome MLW45CH1X10X
  • 9.5'' Viewing Space, Dual-Sided & 10x Magnifying -This Two Sided 360° swivel design luxury mirror features 1x & 10x magnifications. 1x (full face view) and 10x (to see every detail up close)
  • 14.4'' Extension from wall w/ Dimmable Diffused White LED & Acrylic Edge– Use dimmable light knob to dim white tone ring lights (simulates natural daylight). Extendable arm for your convenience.Use a soft wet cloth to remove dirt and stains. Wipe with dry cloth afterwards

3. Jerdon Halo Light Wall Mounted Mirror

This lighted mirror has the power not just to depict your face but the entire room you are staying in. The best thing about this mounted mirror is that it ensures that you look beautiful and manages to make it look natural. The mirror allows you to keep your hands working for both purposes- the face makeup and styling your hair.

The stand is made up of nickel with an elegant look that can be extended up to 13 inches. And who can not mention its magnifying feature that allows you to have a deep analysis of the minutest details on your face, ultimately leading to flawless beauty.

Another catchy feature is that the mirror comes with a fog-free feature, so in case you want to use it in the washroom, you can go for it. Talking about the dimensions of the mirror, it has a diameter of 8 enough inches. The double-faced mirror has a swivel of 360 degrees.

A rotary knob is available for you on the base of the halo-shaped mirror. For the light, you have a 25 Watts bulb that can be easily replaced whenever you want to. Besides, this is a mirror you can easily enjoy while wearing makeup. Here are some of the pros and cons you can have a look at before you buy this Mounted mirror-


  • It comes with a halo-shaped design. 
  • The light is in built-in this mirror.
  • An extension of 14 inches is available for you. 
  • An ideal magnification of 1 to 5 times more than the original. 
  • A two-sided mirror enables enough mobility.
  • There is no issue with fogging up on the mirror surface.


  • You have to face the wiring issue as there is no battery support.
  • Complaints have been reported for dim light. 
Jerdon HL65N 8-Inch Two-Sided Swivel Halo Lighted Wall Mount Mirror with 5x Magnification, 14-Inch Extension, Matte Nickel Finish
  • Wall mount mirror with 14-inch extension and nickel finish
  • Two-sided, fog free circular mirror has an 8-inch diameter and features a smooth 360-degree swivel design

4. Zadro Wall Make Up Mirror With Light

Isn’t it a blessing when you have a lighted mirror that can be mounted, has a classy and catchy design too? The satin-nickel finish adds a cherry to the cake. Mirrors on both sides have different functions. One side does the job to show a normal view; on the other hand, the one on the other side allows you to go through the deep detailing of your face with the assistance of a 10 times magnification function.

Who in this world does want to get rid of this world? The mirror comes up with ideal LED lights without any cords with it. And of course, you can definitely not ignore the benefit of LED, which consumes about 70% less energy than those typical household bulbs.

A power adapter or 4C batteries can be used for the working of this makeup mirror. Given below are some of the reasons why you should or should not go for this option. 


  • No tension of wire as the light comes with a cordless feature. 
  • The mirror has an inbuilt LED light. 
  • One side of the mirror has 10 times magnification power. 
  • 227.036 lux brightness is provided.
  • A power adapter is provided along with it.


  • No usage of batteries in the product. 
  • Hence, changing the battery is never easy.
Zadro 10X/1X Magnification Next Generation LED Lighted Wall Mount Mirror, Satin Nickel, 1.0 Count
  • Cordless LED lighted wall makeup mirror with 10X and 1X magnification. The brightness is is 227.036 lux
  • Dimensions-3 x 11 x 14.5 inches. Arm extends 12-inches. Base Plate 5 inches. Mirror head size is 9 x 9 in inches. Reflective surface size is 7 x 7 in inches. Extended size is 11.5 inch x 3 inch 18 inch

5. Conair Lighted Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Conair provides rich features with durability in a world where all the companies go just for cheap & nondurable stuff. You don’t have to clean the mirror much often as it has a mirror that does not allow fogg to stay on it. Would you believe it has a healthy feature too? The light emitted out of the mirror is not much bright; hence, it does not hurt your eyes.

You can easily use the mirror both in your washroom and a bedroom as you are provided all the basic equipment required for mounting the mirror on the desired wall. When you buy this lighted mirror, you have a wide range of views as the mirror has a diameter of 8.5 inches that can have a turn of about 350 degrees allowing you to have a detailed view of your face and help you lead towards perfection.

The double-faced mirror increases mobility, and you have eight times magnification in it for even a clear view. It has a quite long cord that allows you to connect the light easily. These are the factors that can easily convince you to opt for this Mounted lighted makeup mirror.


  • The mirror has a softer light. 
  • Quite easy to install anywhere.
  • Comes with a powerful magnification of 8 times the original. 
  • Dual-faced mirrors allow more mobility. 
  • The fog-free mirror is a nice feature. 


  • Sometimes, you may feel the light is not bright enough.
Conair Round Shaped Double-Sided Wall Mount Lighted Makeup Mirror (1x/8x, Brushed Nickel Finish)
  • Easily mounts to wall and includes hardware
  • 8.5-inch diameter with fog-free viewing and 360-degree rotation

6. Cavoli Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror

Well, this is a mirror that is usually trusted by professionals. So if you are the one who needs a lighted and mounted makeup mirror that can be used for professional purposes, you are on the correct platform. The mirror can be used for TV, the general-purpose, obviously, but when it comes to viewing even the smallest of the details on your face for a perfect look, the magnifying side of the mirror with its magnification power of 10 times is surely going to help you a lot.

Not just this, the look is given to the mirror is quite sleek that ultimately provides an elegant touch to it. The boundaries have a nickel finish to it, adding to the beauty of this makeup mirror. As far as the lighting is concerned, a built-in LED light is provided in the mirror that blows natural beams of light, which are quite soft to your eyes.

If you are the one who is looking for even creative and complicated makeup, the 360 degrees swivel is going to help you a lot as you can turn it the way you want to. This double-sided makeup mirror can be extended up to 12 inches, giving you a wider range of viewing the face.

Also, you can fold it back whenever you are not using it, a quite classy feature. Summarizing the words, it is one of the best-mounted makeup mirrors in the market. Mentioned below are some of the positives and negatives of this product. 


  • A distortion-free mirror. 
  • Consists of a built-in LED light. 
  • A powerful magnification of 10 times. 
  • Pretty nice mobility with the help of 360 degrees swivel. 
  • It is able to protect itself from moisture. 
  • The body is made of glass and brass.


  • The mirror does not work on batteries. 
Cavoli Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror with LED Lighted 10x Magnification,3 Colors Lights Modes,8.5 Inches,Bathroom and Hotel, Chrome Finish,Made of Brass
  • 【DOUBLE SIDED】 1x and 10x magnification,10x Magnification to see every detail for make-up, dress-up and shaving. Ideal for daily use.
  • 【3 COLOR LIGHTING】Feature built-in Led lighting to make it easier to see what you’re doing. Energy-efficient. It has three colors lights, you can change the modes by turn on/off the button.

7. Sabado Lighted Wall Mounted Smart mirror

 Sabado Lighted Wall Mounted Mirror is one of those lighted mirrors that is considered best for bathroom mirrors. This wall-mounted mirror comes with a built-in LED lighting setup. The best factor about this mirror is the way it is mounted on the wall. It uses the suction method, which is quite stiff and easy enough to be installed, taking only a few minutes.

Talking about the light of this wall mounted makeup mirror, the LED can be set to super bright, natural, or even micro bright light accordingly, and that too just with a simple press of buttons. A dimming technology is also added to this Mounted mirror. But undoubtedly, the best part about this LED light is that it comes with a life duration of over 50,000 hours.

To increase this lighted mirror’s mobility, the company has allowed the swivel of 360 degrees in it, making it more comfortable. In case you need to extend its arm for any purpose, you can do so up to more than 11 inches, an appreciable effort by the makers. These are the reasons which truly satisfy all the necessities of a lighted and mounted makeup mirror. Let’s go through some of the plus and minus of this mirror. 


  • It magnifies objects up to 10 times, enabling you to have the closest look to your face. 
  • The LED light has 3 modes. Happy choosing to you all.
  • A quite stretchable arm with a stretchability of 11.5 inches. 
  • Provided with a strong suction cup in order to mount the mirror in the wall. 
  • Energy-saving lighting that uses 60 % lesser energy than the bulbs used in houses. 


  • It is not dual-sided. 
Updated 2020 Version 10X Magnifying Mirror With Light,Lighted 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror With Light Poweful Suction Cup,360°Rotation Flexible Gooseneck Led Lighted Makeup Mirror For Bedroom Bathroom
  • 【10X Magnifying Mirror】--Our 10X magnifying makeup mirror provides powerful magnification and allows you to focus on a specific section of your face to achieve a professional finish; Ideal for applying makeup and other beauty treatments that require more precision extra precision, such as applying contact lenses and eyebrow tweezing,precise tweezing,shaving,hair styling and facial care.
  • 【Energy-Efficient And Natural Led Lights】-The LED lights can last use for 50000 hours, which 40 brighter and 60% less energy than incandescent bulbs. 6000K color temperature is equivalent to outdoor sunlight, the makeup is naturally no difference. Power supply is 3 AAA batteries(Not included).

8. Jerdon HL65N Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

This particular is considered one of the best for bathrooms and spas because its anti-fog feature keeps the fog at bay and helps to keep the mirror surface clean and shiny even after a hot steamy shower. It also comes with natural halo lighting, which delivers cool lights that are very comfortable to the human eyes.

It is a double-sided wall mounted mirror which comes with a fantastic feature of 360° rotation with two 1X and 5X viewing panels. Both the panels rock a circumference of 8 inches, making it wide enough to view your whole face. It has a plug and plays feature to make it function using direct electricity. Here are some of the pros and cons you can go through before you buy this mirror.


  • Cold lighting to suit the human eyes without compromising with the details.
  • 360 degrees rotation with two 8 inch panels of 1 time and 5 times viewing each.
  • One-year limited warranty.
  • Anti-fog feature to prevent mirrors from getting steamy after hot showers.


  • Doesn’t come with an integrated dimming feature to control the brightness of the LED lights for a flawless view.
Jerdon HL65N 8-Inch Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 5x Magnification, Nickel Finish
  • Wall mount mirror with 14-inch extension and nickel finish
  • Smooth 360-degree swivel design. Regular and 5X Magnification

9. Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror

This mirror offers you every single thing you wished for in a Lighted wall mounted mirror. It has everything you need, but it comes with some of the unique things, you would never have imagined. This mirror has 360° swivel design to provide you with the best adjustability possible. With this feature, you can fix this thing up in any direction and at any surface according to your viewing comfort.

You can flip between the two panels using this feature with a snap of a finger. There are two panels installed on either side of this mirror. One of the panels comes with 1X viewing, while the other one has 10x viewing, allowing you the freedom to choose between a normal image and a super magnified image.

Another great thing about this mirror is the size of the panels. It has an 8.5 circumference panel on both sides, which can cover all of your face with ease. It also comes with a 13.7 Inches extendable arm, which also rotates 180° to both sides, allowing you to find the perfect angle to obtain your face’s best image.

It has a total number of 27 lights all around the mirror to provide you with the best illuminating experience. Now, the best thing about this product is the incorporated touch screen dimming feature. You can adjust the light color from warmth to natural to cold according to your wish. 


  • Anti-rust chrome finish is anticorrosive and provides durability and shine.
  • Anti-fog feature to keep fog and clouds at arm’s length from the surface.
  • Five years guarantee period.
  • Light dimming feature.


  •  It doesn’t have the feature to use batteries.
Pansonite LED Wall Mount Makeup Mirror with 10x Magnification, 8.5'' Double Sided 360° Swivel Vanity Mirror with 13.7" Extension and Adjustable Light for Bathroom & Bedroom, Brushed Finished
  • 1X/10X MAGNIFICATION: Dual sided vanity mirror with 10x and 1x magnification, together with 8.5" wide viewing angle, making sure you can see every detail of your make-up, dress-up and shaving. Ideal for daily use and great gift!
  • 360° SWIVEL EXTENDABLE DESIGN: A smooth 360-degree swivel design makes you can fix the mirror at any angle according to your need. Could folding back against the wall when not in use.

10. Fascinate Wall Mounted Light Mirror

Are you one of those very few people in this world who appreciate the out of box things? If Yes, then you are going to like this piece. This is a mirror that has both sides useful in their own way. One of the sides can be operated as a mirror for general purpose, while the other side of this mounted mirror can be used to see all the sharpest details in a magnified view with a very powerful zooming capacity of ten times than the original.

To have a fantastic swivel, the product has been designed with a 360 degrees rotation. It can also be adjusted to 180 degrees as well. The light in the mirror is nothing but a result of 54 LED lights, which have three super beneficial settings within themselves, which are- white light, cool light and warm light.

All of these settings can be manually selected with a touch of a button, as simple as that. The battery controls this light, and besides that, here are some yes and no for the mirror which may help you-


  • A setup of 54 led lights.
  • Provided with three settings or levels of light.
  • A very powerful magnification of ten times than the original one.
  • The smartest feature of all sensor touch.
  • Supported by the battery. 


  • The sensor touch feature can trouble users who are not frequent.
FASCINATE Trifold Vanity Mirror with Lights, Lighted Makeup Mirror 2X/3X Magnification, 21 LED Touch Dimming, Dual Power 90° Rotation Beauty Table Mirror, Gifts for Women (White)
  • 【Trifold Mirror with 2X and 3x magnifying close up mirror】 Tri-fold mirror design shows full view of face makeup and hair style,2X and 3x magnification mirror on the left panel for close up skincare, like eyebrow and eyeshadow. Non-flickering lit mirror for makeup and FCC, CE, and RoHS Certification.
  • 【High Definition Mirror with 21 LED lights】 Vanity with 21 pcs led lights offers natural lights and make makeup in the dark or little lit areas easier. Hold the ON/OFF button to dim or brighten up the mirror lights. Brightness memory function makes it easier for your next time use, no need to adjust the lights every time you use. 1X mirror is high definition mirror! Comparing with non-lighted mirror, you will see much clearer how your face makeup real looks. No makeup disaster!

11. Gurun Wall Mount Makeup Mirror lighted

Whether you are fighting with your upper lips or with your bushy eyebrows, a magnifying mirror can help you a lot in doing such hectic tasks. Gurun magnifying mirror is one of those mirrors in the market that can become your best friend in this case with the help of its seven times magnification feature.

The body will surely have a very long life as it is made up of solid stainless steel, and for the purpose of adding elegance to it, chromium is in the service. Well, this lighted mirror is not going to trouble you with those wires as it is cordless. The double-faced makeup mirror is available to you with a very smart and catchy feature of the adjustable light setting.

To minimize or maximize the brightness of the lights, all you need to do is press the button for a bit longer and boom, that’s all. You can rotate it up to 360 degrees without any hesitation. The arm of this mounted mirror has an ideal extension of 15 inches. These were some of the features that are going to attract you to this piece. Following are some of the pros and cons of this makeup mirror.


  • You can adjust the brightness settings easily and accordingly.
  • A powerful magnification of 7 times the original.
  • No issues with those hectic wires.
  • Moisture can do nothing to it as the mirror is fog-free.
  • The stainless steel makes sure that no rusting occurs.
  • And yes, it is anti-corrosion too.


  • No batteries are included in this makeup mounted mirror.
GURUN 8.5 Inch Magnifying Makeup Mirror with 3 Tones LED Lights,Double Sided Vanity Mirror for Bathroom 10X Magnification,Plug Powered M1809DK (Antique Brass/10X)
  • Dual Side Mirror with Undistorted 10X Magnifying Mirror--- 1x & 10x magnification mirror can guarantee all your needs, whatever you want normal imaging or focus on a specific section. This 10x magnification can give you greatly help when your make up or shaving.
  • LED Light with 3 Color Modes- Our GURUN 1809D mirror has 3 color lighting---- Natural Daylight, Warm Yellow, Cool Light---- adjusted by pressing the button on the base more than twice, 50 LEDs in total for 3 color lighting. 25 LEDs illuminate in one time.

FAQs | Best Wall Mounted Makeup Mirror Lighted

Which mirrors are better, wired, or wireless?

Totally depends upon you; if you can handle the one with wires, then nothing is better than those as they have a comparatively longer life.

Which shape of the mirror is the best?

Being very obvious, it does not matter at all. It is totally your call, which design do you find better and suitable in your room.

Can the lights of these mirrors harm our eyes?

Only if you go for a cheap one with low quality. Good companies make sure the lights in the mirrors don’t harm their consumer’s eyes.

Is it actually necessary to choose a makeup mirror with magnification?

It is always suggested to do so. It does a sincere help in your task of wearing makeup.


You have to remove the thought from your minds that only professionals can or should use these makeup mirrors. After all, we all want to look our best. Everyone has the right to say those golden words that we have always fantasized about- Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the most beautiful of them all?

This article will surely help you choose the best wall mounted, lighted mirror for you. In case of any queries, feel free to write them down below.