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Sometimes We exercise daily and follow a strict diet plan. But, we don’t’ get the results as we want, sometimes we end up in despair, and tell, ourselves that we can’t lose weight. I think nearly everyone here has time faced this situation. As a result of this, you are reading this article.

We think that losing weight is very easy. But, that is false, some people have a hectic schedule and follow a strict diet routine like intermittent fasting, Keto diet, etc. Furthermore, they also do regular exercise. However. they hardly lose any weight which is very depressing.

For those who are in the same stage as mine with hectic schedules and are following a strict diet and with exercise. But, are not losing weight. Do not worry anymore because I have come up with the best remedy a fitness product is known as Huel. I am personally using it for six months and am still using it.

I will like to inform you I got quick and best results. As a result, I want to discuss and give my dispassionate review regarding Huel products.

As I am personally consuming these Huel products, and I thought to give a brief Huel review. I will discuss, its ingredients, its benefits, and its negative’s also simultaneously. Henceforth, you will get a good understanding of this brand and its product after reading Huel reviews. After reading these Huel reviews, you can compare Huel with other similar products in the market, and you can select which one is better. Hence, without discussing further let us jump straight into Huel reviews.

What is Huel?

The brand Huel word came from HUMAN+FUEL, Huel came with the concept of “swap out lunch, swap in Huel”. The main reason for its success is that it delivers you all the carbs, protein, fiber, fats, and 27 vitamins and minerals you need from a meal. As a result, you are able to eat healthily, stay fit, do not starve yourself. Lastly, the main reason for its popularity is that its taste does not sound like a diet food it tastes pretty well.

Huel can help you lose weight super fast. It is because Huel is unlike diet shakes and simple protein powders, Huel is made with ingredients like oats, rice, peas, coconut, and flaxseed, As in real food. As a result, you get a balanced diet with low carbs which aids in putting off weight.

The most astonishing thing about Huel is that it is 100% vegan and is young company old. As a result, it is evident that the technology which Huel use is very innovative and efficient which helped Huel to gain massive popularity in no time. Therefore, now let us read about its different products and benefits.

Products Of Huel

Huel is made from plant-based sustainable ingredients like oats, peas, rice, flaxseed, coconut, and sunflower. Furthermore, there are six versions of Huel Powder, Black Edition, Complete Protein, Hot & Savory, ready to drink, and Bars.

Before, starting the description of the different products of Huel I will like to inform you all that I am reviewing only those products which I am consuming or have consumed. As a result, there might be one or two products missing here.

1. Huel Black Edition

The first product of our review is the Huel black edition. This product comes with half the carbs and one-third more protein. Furthermore, it has no artificial sweeteners and is naturally gluten-free. Lastly, contains all 27 essential vitamins and minerals, essential fats, fiber, and phytonutrients. Hence, this product is a benison for those who are looking to get all the necessities in food and lose weight. In addition to this, you won’t be tormented by the monotonous taste as it comes in two flavors vanilla and chocolate which is quite scrumptious.

Huel black edition contains 40g protein, 27 vitamins, and minerals along with ingredients of Tapioca, Coconut, Peas, Rice, Flaxseed, Sunflower seeds. Black Edition is mainly for those who want more protein with minimum carbs. The best thing about this product is that we can consume it within a couple of minutes which is very time-saving. As a result, there is a lower chance of skipping meals.

This product has a phenomenal rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon with more than 160 reviews, by this, we can know that this product is becoming popular and preferred by the customers. And one more thing we have to notice is that the product is quite affordable as well.

Customer Review On Huel Black Edition

There are a bunch of features that customers love about the Huel Black addition. Firstly, they say that the Huel Black edition is a decent food replacement. Secondly. some of them also appreciate the pricing and quality of the product. Thirdly, some customers also claimed this product to be the best nutritious food available. Lastly, the taste of the product is very amazing. As a result, most of the customers prefer consuming it for lunch rather than going to the drive-through. Moreover, I personally have this as my lunch.

Sadly, there were a small fraction of customers who were not ok with the taste. However, you can enhance it by adding fruits and chocolate. Therefore, I can say that this product has all the features to nudge us to buy it.

2. Huel Nutritionally Complete Food Powder

Huel nutritionally complete food powder is a unique 100% vegan powder meal. Furthermore, it is also gluten-free and is very easy to consume. All you need to do is to mix the powder with water in the shaker and you’re good to go. Moreover, this powder is high in protein and fiber, low in sugar and salt, rich in phytonutrients. Lastly, it contains a balanced macro split of 37% net carbohydrate, 30% protein, 30% fat, and 3% fiber, and it also has all 27 essential vitamins and minerals. Therefore, consuming this powder will ensure the best results.

In addition to these amazing features, you will enjoy the amazing variations in taste. It is because Huel Food Powder comes in two flavors vanilla and chocolate which is quite scrumptious.

The high fiber content of this powder has an augmented benefit as well. The benefit is that it ensures that the user gets healthy and solid stool. Furthermore, there is zero sugar in this product. Hence, customers with diabetes should not worry. Lastly, this product is free from Lactose as well which entails the fact that this product is vegan. Hence, Huel powder is a must-buy for everyone.

Customers Reviews On Huel Nutritionally Complete Food Powder

Most of the customers noticed weight loss and better skin quality, after using it for a month. Secondly, many of them said that it Reduces the tendency to eat unhealthy food for lunch. Lastly, some are very happy and say that their Huel was a life changer for them as it aided in speedy weight loss.

Sadly, there were a small fraction of customers who were not happy with the taste of the product as well. But, there is a solution to add fruits and chocolate to add taste.

3. Huel Complete Protein

Huel Complete Protein Nutritionally Complete is also Vegan, Gluten-Free, and a High Protein Sustainably Sourced Protein Powder. It is available in strawberry flavor and is Nutritionally complete with 170 health benefits that can aid in boosting our immune system.

It contains sustainably sourced, high-quality, animal-free ingredients like hemp, faba, and pea protein. Furthermore, it is naturally gluten-free. and is high in protein. It delivers us 20g of protein per 110 kcal serve which is quite astounding. Lastly, it is also a sugar-free source of fiber, with all the 27 essential vitamins and minerals.

This product is the best dietary supplement for fitness freaks people as it is extremely rich in protein. Lastly, it also contains all the essential amino acids which make it an ideal product for vegans.

Customers Review On Huel Complete Protein

Many customers say that Huel complete protein powder is the best protein powder they used. Furthermore, some of the customers also stated that it is the most delightful nutrition meal they ever tried with flavors like strawberry.

However, a small number of customers complained that it is not worth the money, and highlighted a couple of better vegan options, and they complained about the strawberry flavor, not as good as they thought. But, in the end, most of them still use it as the benefits are worth the taste.

Huel Complete Protein - Nutritionally Complete 100% Vegan Gluten-Free - High Protein - Sustainably Sourced - Protein Powder - Strawberry Shortcake
  • Includes 1 Tub of Huel, containing 1.66lbs of complete protein powder containing all essential 27 vitamins and minerals
  • 20g of plant-based protein, 9g essential amino acids (EAAs), 5g branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), 110 cals per serve

Pros And Cons Of Huel

While preparing for this Huel Reviews, I thought it will be pretty good if I add a list of pros and cons for the readers. It is because the pros and cons give a good overview of the product. Furthermore, it highlights those points which help the customer to finalize their decisions. Hence, let’s read the prime pros and cons of Huel.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The product tastes pretty good when you consume it with fruits.
  • A perfect option for vegans who are looking forward to building muscle and losing weight.
  • You can literally prepare it in less than a minute. As a result, you save a lot of time.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • A small fraction of customers claim that there are better vegan alternatives available in the market.
  • The taste of Huel products is not that good if you are eating it without fruits or chocolate.

Frequently Asked Questions

I will like to add a couple of FAQs in this Huel review. It is because there are tonnes of unanswered queries and doubts of the customers lingering on online websites. I do not want the readers of this article to have the same issue as well. As a result, I have picked some of the most common FAQs upon Huel and answered them below.

1. Are all the products of Huel 100% Vegan?

Yes, all the products of Huel are 100% vegan and gluten-free.

2. Is Huel FDA approved?

As per the official site of Huel, all their sites are FDA approved. Furthermore, they have their own internal checkup system.

3. Can you consume Huel products during pregnancy?

Yes, the product of Huel is totally safe for consumption during pregnancy. However, you should take care of the dosage as the body requirements are different during pregnancy.

4. Are the products of Huel Organic?

No, the products of Huel are not organic. It is because the cost of organic ingredients is quite high and the aim of the brand is to provide quality products at an affordable price.

Final Words

Finally, I want to say that Huel is one of the best fitness products brands available in the market. It is 100% genuine, vegan and gluten-free. As a result, Huel is a blessing for vegans.

My favorite feature of this product is that it is a perfect meal replacement, as I have been using it for six months, and I am very much satisfied with its taste and hunger-satisfying ability. But, I will like to inform you that I add a couple of fruits while having it as a lunch to make it even tastier.

I will recommend you to make a proper plan diet and exercise and follow it for six months along with Huel. I will assure you that the results will be worth the time and the money. Hence, you should go for Huel.


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