Sustainable Interior Design Trends You Have to Try in Your Home This Year

Sustainable Interior Design Trends Your Home Can’t Go Without This Year

When most people think of doing good for the environment, they immediately think of recycling and picture those little ducks with oil all over them… Well, recycling and doing whatever we can to keep our oceans and lakes free from litter and oil are honorable measures to protect the environment, but there is so much more that we could do.

Living a sustainable life is exactly that… It’s a way of life, not a here today, gone tomorrow trend. In living sustainably and efficiently, you can practice many different kinds of eco-friendly habits like taking shorter showers, using less hot water, and finding the cheapest gas and electric prices in your area. But even in those habits, did you know that there is even more that you can do? And you can do it all from the comforts of your own home too.

This way of doing more at home comes in the form of interior design. Sustainable interior design is focused on the overall design, production, and functionality of furniture pieces and accessories that benefit the health and safety of the planet for current and future generations. 

And just because these pieces are built and designed with a purpose, don’t think that they aren’t beautiful and won’t serve your home either… In fact, some of the most beautiful pieces of furniture and accents are built from eco-friendly materials and drastically reduce your carbon footprint. 

If you want to do your part in making the world a better place, start at home first. Here are some of the top sustainable interior design trends to follow to turn your home eco-friendly.

Sustainable Interior Design Trends You Have to Try in Your Home This Year

Heat Control Window Film

In your efforts to be more sustainable, you, of course, want to take full advantage of the natural sunlight that enters your home… This will not only reduce your need to turn on your lights or use your heating unit in the colder months but will also help reduce your electric bill as well. But in addition to using your windows for sunlight and heat, it’s also important to know that in the hot summer months, your windows can increase the temperature in your home, making it too hot, causing you to need to use your AC.

So what’s the happy medium here? Well, you can always use curtains but you can also add heat control window film to your windows. These nifty window treatments cling to your windows by static for easy application and removal. But the best part is that they can block as much as over 80% of heat from entering your home, allowing for much cooler indoor temps. Plus, as an added safety measure, it prevents people from seeing inside your home but allows you to easily see outside. Simply peel off when you no longer want to use it.

Energy-Efficient Shower Heads and Faucets

A national study was done on residential water use, and revealed that on average, we use around 17 gallons or more of water within eight minutes of showering… and that’s just for eight minutes… two of those minutes are wasted waiting on the water to get hot. Because of that, why not switch out your old and outdated shower head for newer and sleeker options? 

These showerheads will not only make your bathroom look like a 5-star hotel bathroom but they’ll also reduce your water usage by up to 70% and save energy usage in your home as well.

Add Some Greenery to the Decor

You can’t ever go wrong with adding plants to the interiors of your home, no matter what design style you have. Plants will liven up any room and are known to boost your mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and purify the indoor air quality in your home. Add a plant to every room in your home if you can for enhanced and sustainable interior design.

Seek Furniture and Materials That are Eco-Friendly

Looking for furniture and accessories that are eco-friendly won’t be as easy as walking into any furniture store and buying what you like, as those pieces are more than likely not eco-friendly. For this particular design trend, you’re going to have to do a little digging on your own. 

You’ll first want to look up companies that are dedicated to creating sustainable pieces made from eco-friendly materials and have green production practices. It’s important to do this research because you also want to make sure the pieces and accessories you purchase will last a lifetime as well.

There are many more sustainable design trends you can incorporate into your home but these four will get you off to a good and eco-friendly start.