Jorge Garcia Weight Loss | Reasons – Journey & Real Truth REVEALED

Not all the actors are adored for their perfect physique and healthy routine. Many of them are also loved for being in their natural shape. Jorge Garcia is also one of the actors known for his chubby body and humor he brings to the scenes. However, due to some reasons, Jorge Garcia weight loss was much needed. Jorge Garcia weight loss journey offers us a handful of advice regarding how to shred off our fat fast and be what we want to be. In this article, I have briefly explained the circumstances that lead to Jorge Garcia weight loss.

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Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

Just like Jorge Garcia, more than 40 percent of Americans are suffering from obesity. Obesity is the fifth leading risk for global death. Henceforth, you should follow the tips from Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey and get yourself into shape before things go out of hand. But, before going through his journey, we should know who Jorge Garcia is and what caused him to lose weight.

Who is Jorge Garcia?

Jorge Garcia is one of the best comedians in American series and he is praised worldwide because of his humor and acting. He was born on April 28, 1973, in Omaha, Nebraska, United States.

Jorge began his career by appearing in a few commercials, and then he gradually moved towards acting in movies and series. He acted in many popular series and films like Healer, Cooties, Lost, Alcatraz, and many more.

Jorge Garcia is best known for acting as Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the movie Lost, where he gives comic relief to the audience. Besides, he has been nominated in many awards and has also won many prestigious awards. Jorge Garcia is overweight simply because of his contagious lifestyle and his obsession with food.

Jorge so indulges in drinking that he is high quite often, which even encourages his obsession with food, and he overeats. This makes his loved ones quite worried about his life, but Jorge continues to ruin his health in this manner.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Reasons

Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey went through a lot of hustle, which made him lose 30lbs in a concise period. This made people more curious to know the secrets behind his weight loss. After analyzing Jorge’s weight loss journey for a couple of months, I came up with these possible reasons.

Doctor’s Warning

Obesity is a lethal disease and stands as the fifth disease causing the most number of deaths. It restricts body movements and leads to heart attack and diabetes. Henceforth, the doctors advised him to lose weight to stay away from such contagious diseases. I am quite sure that Jorge got it right and for the sake of his life, and his friend and family, he focused on losing weight. I also agree we should recommend a doctor. Their stats might make us realize that we should get on track.

Change in Diet Pattern

Earlier, Jorge Garcia only preferred cheesy and fatty food, which made him gain more and more weight each day. However, his team of dieticians helped him to totally change his Diet he shifted to low carbs and high protein foods.

Jorge even went for a nooch diet, which is probably the best diet for losing weight fast. Nooch is a short name for nutritional yeast. It is vegan, and vegans use nooch in place of cheese. Nooch is high in protein which makes us feel full all day and curtail us from overeating.

Nooch contains vitamin B12, which turns fat into protein. Henceforth, a nooch diet might be the major reason for Jorge’s rapid weight loss. You need not follow a strict diet, either. It contains natural ingredients that not only reduce weight but also improve sleeping patterns and metabolism.

Regular use of Resurge promotes healthy blood circulation, metabolism-boosting, and burns excess fat. In short, it tends to burn fat while improving the body’s natural function and everything while you sleep.

My Neighbor literally burnt off about 55lbs within 30 days of consistent consumption as it has no side effects. Besides, it also aims to enhance the skin by fighting skin aging and delivering a more healthy & beautiful body to you.

Discontinued Alcoholism

A gram of Alcohol imparts 7.1Kcal or 29 Kilo Joules of energy. Excess intake of alcohol introduces unwanted energy in our body, which leads to weight gain. Alcohol also damages the heart and dampens brain efficiency. Alcohol addiction also leads to fatal cancers like Head, Neck, liver, breast, and esophageal cancers.

It is a double whammy for Jorge Garcia’s body that excessive liquor intake was coupled with overeating. Hence, altogether alcohol addiction is very bad for our well-being. Therefore, avoiding alcohol was the best step for Jorge.

Stake of Career

People take one of the hardest steps of their life to keep their careers going and prevent their job from falling at any cost. The same happened back in 2003 when Jorge was appearing in the TV series “Lost.”. He was asked to lose 30 pounds. Jorge took it on a serious note and went through specific measures to lose weight. Jorge fans were astonished to deduce that he lost 30 pounds in no time.

GM Diet & Exercise

General Motors diet in a short GM diet was originally designed to lose nearly 15 pounds of weight in a week to appear for a certain occasion. However, nowadays film stars amalgamate GM diet routine along with simple exercises to lose even more weight.

GM diet is a 7-day routine diet that restricts certain foods and fruits and is very convenient to adapt. This diet asks you to take 8-10 glasses of water per day to boost metabolism and asks you to eat different foods on different days. I have given below a day-wise diet, which you may also follow to lose weight. Day 1: you are asked to only eat fruits, preferably melons. Because melons have a great percentage of water in them, which prevents you from craving more food.

Day 2: Have a mixture of raw and boiled vegetables until hunger satisfaction avoids potatoes. Potatoes have very little protein along with a great percentage of carbohydrates, which increases weight.

Day 3: This day, you need to combine the first two days and have a mixture of fruits and veggies.

Day 4: You are only allowed to have eight bananas along with three glasses of skimmed milk to satisfy hunger. The protein on bananas will provide you energy to go throughout the day.

Day 5: The diet routine for today is different for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The vegetarians are asked to have cottage cheese along with brown rice. Non-vegetarians are asked to go for a few pounds of beef with 6 tomatoes. Make sure not to add any kind of oil to the meal.

Day 6: For vegetarians, take cottage cheese along with wonder soup. Stick with beef if you are non-veg along with vegetables until hunger satisfaction.

Day 7: Follow the day three diet along with sugar-free juice and brown rice. Avoid fat-rich fruits and vegetables like Mango, Cherry, Potato, and Pear.

Not Enough

On the other hand, Jorge Garcia went through an exercise routine, which he followed for seven days. The exercise was done to directly attack the fatty cells of the body and kick them out. The names of the activities to kick out fat are Arms Circle, neck, shoulder, and arms rotation, Jogging, sit-ups, pull-ups, air cycling, breathing exercises. These exercises are performed to remove fat from various body parts. Jorge also did face exercises like lip and tongue exercises.

FAQ- Jorge Garcia Weight LOSS

I have gone through nearly 500 questions regarding Jorge Garcia’s weight loss, and I have picked up some of the most relevant and common questions to answer.

What is Jorge Garcia Weight Now?

As of May 5, 2020, Jorge Garcia is still obese and weighs nearly 386 lbs or 175 kilograms. This is because Jorge discontinued the healthy pattern which he adopted while filming “Lost” and resumed his destructive lifestyle.

How Much Weight did Jorge Garcia Lose by GM Diet Plan?

Jorge Garcia lost a staggering 30 lbs in a week with the help of a GM diet plan. He was required to do so to fit into the character of Hugo “Hurley” Reyes in the TV series “Lost.” This fact motivated millions of people to go for a GM diet plan and on the contrary, Resurge is also is a powerful and easy option to lose weight & fight aging. If you tried working out and dieting but that did not work for you then you must try Resurge as it helps you lose weight while you sleep.

What Happened to Jorge Garcia After the Filming of “Lost”?

After Filming, Jorge was unable to keep up with the recommendation of the experts. Jorge started to drink again and switched back to a fat, concentrated diet. As a result, he reached 400lbs of weight. Jorge had put on even more pounds, which made his relatives and friends even more worried about his health.

Has Jorge Garcia Undergone Gastric Bypass?

Gastric Bypass is a surgery that reduces the eating capacity of a person by half. In a gastric bypass, alterations are done to the stomach and small intestine of a person, which leads to fewer cravings. One of Jorge Garcia’s close relatives stated in an interview that Jorge has gone through a Gastric Bypass. However, Jorge Garcia has not confirmed this, nor do we see any changes in his physique. Henceforth, we can not say whether he went through the surgery or not.

Cessation: Jorge Garcia Weight LOSS

I am quite sure that Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey has motivated you all. It is evident that if Jorge would have kept up the expert’s advice routine, he must have been super fit by now. Therefore, I request you all to briefly read and understand the reasons behind Jorge Garcia’s weight loss.

We should also determine not to lose our momentum until our goal of the desired physique is achieved. It will take no time for our body to be bulky again if we lose our will as the same happened to Jorge Garcia. Please do let me know how helpful this article was to you by commenting down below.