Neora Age IQ Night Cream Reviews | Reliable? (Unbiased Review)

Are you searching for some genuine Neora Age IQ Night Cream reviews? For people who are tired of mixed reviews online, we have curated an unbiased blog post that reports everything about the Age IQ® Night Cream by Neora. As we get older, our body becomes fragile and demands extra care. So does our skin. In order to maintain your youthfulness, a good night cream is a must. This blog post will not only feature the perks of the hyped night cream but also queries, doubts, cons, and other things. All your dilemmas will be answered. When to apply it? How long does it stay? Is it cost-effective? Why choose Neora? To learn everything about it, stick around for a while. Let us not waste any more of our time and move further to the main subject.

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Neora Age IQ Night Cream Reviews | Reliable?

In today’s date, almost everyone is extremely conscious about the way they look. People, especially women, are always up for spending a few pennies extra for whatever enhances their beauty. One barely makes a compromise with his/her looks. Since Neora Age IQ Night Cream is one of my personal favorites, I strongly urge you to give it a try.

Unlike most creams today, it is specifically customized for ladies in their 50’s or 60’s as well. The product heightens your self-confidence. It is an all-rounder and addresses almost all your skin problems at once. From anti-ageing to wrinkles and blemishes to discoloration and dullness, you can trust this Cream for nearly everything.

Neora Age IQ Night Cream Ingredients

With its exclusive ingredients, the product comes with a number of benefits for your skin- SIG-1273: It is an excellent antioxidant with anti-aging properties, which diminishes wrinkles, blemishes, and pores, etc. SIG-1273 also has anti-inflammatory properties. TC3-Armor: It is made up of natural ingredients like chia seeds and glycerin, which improve the complexion and brightens the skin. It also refreshes the look of the face. SAL-14: It exfoliates and moisturizes the skin, giving it a firmer and tight appearance, and also prevents breakouts and acne. Paeonia Albiflora Root Extract: This is one of the best ingredients to treat hyperpigmented skin disorders. It also provides radiant and glowing skin.

Sodium Hyaluronate: Commonly found in most good moisturizers and serums, it retains the moisture and penetrates into the skin, and also protects it from burns and redness.

Aloe-Vera Leaf Water: It has both antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It provides a cooling effect and makes the skin soft.

Peptide Blend: Its antimicrobial properties kill the bacteria causing acne. It penetrates deep inside the skin and instigates the production of collagen.

Mauritia flexuosa: It contains both Vitamin C and Vitamin E, which diminishes fine lines and also reduces the damage done by UV rays.

How to use Neora Age IQ Night Cream?

Even the best of products won’t yield results if not used or applied correctly. Following is the list of steps to use this Cream.

  • Exfoliate
  • Wait while it dries
  • Take a little amount of cream and dab it on your face and neck.
  • Make sure you do not take more than what is required.
  • Massage gently until it blends
  • Ensure that it is evenly spread
  • Apply at least ten minutes before you go to bed.

Neora Night Cream Results

Neora Night Cream has commendable results once you use it regularly for a few days. However, patience is the key to this product. But results are assured. If the signs of ageing, such as wrinkles, lines, or blemishes, have been taking a toll on you lately, Neora Night Cream Reviews suggests that the product is good to go. It instantly upgrades the appearance of your face as well as lifts the skin. The Cream is clinically tested and is made up of exclusive ingredients. It goes way beyond the primary aims to brighten the skin and improve the complexion. With time and consistency, the product even covers more expansive areas of ageing problems, acne breakdowns, increasing wrinkles, loose skin, and so on.

Perks Of Neora Age IQ Night Cream

  • Increases blood circulation
  • Increases production of collagen
  • Repairs dead skin cells by stimulating cell renewal
  • Rejuvenates
  • Stops tanning and dullness
  • Makes you look younger and fresh by addressing signs of ageing
  • Regenerates the skin
  • Works for everybody irrespective of age and skin type

Neora Age IQ Night Cream | Disadvantages

There are no major cons of the product but yes, it is a bit expensive as compared to other Night Creams.


Here are some tips you should follow while using Neora Age IQ Night Cream for the best results.

  • Never forget to cover your neck.
  • Apply it in gentle upward and outward motion for a perfect blend.
  • Be consistent and regular. Be patient

Neora Age IQ Day and Night Cream Review

The Neora Day Cream and Night Cream are perfect complements for each other. Applying both of them gives you a more broad range of uses and benefits. Both of them together provide your skin with enough immunity to fight the skin barriers increasing due to age. These are the barriers that instigate skin wrinkles, dark circles, spots etc. When used simultaneously with each other, Neora can do wonders for your skin. With its age-defying and exclusive ingredients, you can leave all your skin problems with Neora.

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FAQ | Neora Age IQ Night Cream Reviews

Does Neora Age IQ Work?

The Neora Night Cream performs a wide range of functions and protects your face from wrinkles, blemishes, discolouration etc. It is made especially for women getting older who have lesser options. Despite the prevalent myth, it is suitable for women of all age groups and works well for all skin types.

Can the Neora Age IQ Cream Be Left Overnight?

While we’re sleeping, our body repairs the dead cells, and the Neora Night Cream has proved to be a commendable stimulation for the renewal of the same. It is absolutely safe, and it is recommended to leave it overnight for exceptional results. In fact, this product is typically formulated to be left all night.

Where Should I Apply the Cream?

The Cream should be massaged perfectly all over the face. The neck should also be included. It is important to make sure that it is applied on both the face as well as the neck.

Can I Apply Neora Age IQ Night Cream in the Evening?

Although the product works best when left on the skin while sleeping. However, there is nothing harmful about using it in the evening or during the day. To get the best results, always prefer to wear it before you go to bed.

Are There Any Side Effects of the Neora Night Cream?

As of now, there have been no harmful effects or consequences reported by any customer. Neora Night Cream is safe and provides a holistic approach.

Cessation | Neora Age IQ Night Cream

I believe you don’t need any more Neora Age IQ Night Cream reviews as we have comprehensively shared everything about the product. If you’re thinking of buying a night cream today or any day, no matter your age or skin type, Neora Night Cream would fit perfect for your face, provided you can afford it. This product is really promising and works as it claims. Customers who have used it consistently for a said period of time have claimed to have a moisturised, wrinkle-free skin with a better appearance than before. It also improves skin texture and skin complexion and makes it even. If you have any doubts or questions about the product then shoot it in the comment section.