Non-Comedogenic Makeup | A Boon for Acne-Prone Skin?

Many of us are alien to a wide segment of makeup subjected to as “Non-Comedogenic Makeup” and today, we’ll discuss it comprehensively.

With a hike in the social media trends promoting more and more young women who are coming up with unique makeup tutorials, there is a significant need for perpetual knowledge of skincare routines too. A good skincare routine requires not just adequate hydration and proper hygiene but the use of good quality makeup products also. Non-comedogenic makeup seems to be the right solution for people who face trouble dealing with oily skin and maintenance.

Non-Comedogenic Makeup

Though non-comedogenic products work in the best interest of oily skin types, other skin types can benefit from using these products just fine. The mechanism is to prevent enlarged pores from excess oil secretion and help reduce their clogging, thus preventing the greasy appearance of the skin and acne breakouts. Let us make it easier for you to pick the right choice of non-comedogenic makeup according to your skin type requirements.

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Non-Comedogenic Makeup | A Boon for Acne-Prone Skin?

A mindful choice of makeup that goes friendly with your skin type can do wonders. Once done with recognizing your skin type that is more prone to get clogged with excess sebum secreting from the sebaceous glands present beneath your skin, you must have already been practicing the tricks and hacks skin free from grease and infections that develop soon in the clogged pores. 

It seems unlikely that just enough hydration and washing your face several times throughout the day could light up your skin or prevent further reaccumulation of oil and dirt over and over. In that case, getting familiar with non-comedogenic makeup must be a go-to choice for you to achieve flawless skin.

Non-Comedogenic Makeup | Perks

  • They developed it specifically to prevent acne and pimples.
  • Works on minimizing blemishes.
  • Easy to apply and spread over the skin.
  • It does not require additional products to reduce oil production.

Non-Comedogenic Makeup | Perks

  • Their formulation works best for oily skin types.
  • It can also be used by other skin types, including sensitive and dry skin as well.
  • It does not contain ingredients found to be worsening skin conditions.
  • Limits ‘acne cosmetica’, which is acne caused by using inappropriate cosmetics.
  • Measures low on the ‘comedogenicity scale’ that is between 0-2.
  • Found to be remarkably efficient in handling frequent breakouts.

What Products Can You Find under Non-Comedogenic Makeup?

It’s always best to begin washing and cleaning your skin with a good anti-acne face wash before applying makeup products.

The next best product to apply to restore the essential moisture of your skin remains an oil-free moisturizer. It is best to finish it up with makeup, which contains non-comedogenic ingredients starting from a primer (if necessary) followed by a foundation or BB cream, layered by a concealer on top—and finally dusting by a light limpid powder.

What Are the Ingredients You Should Look for in Non-Comedogenic Cosmetics?

How do you come to know which makeup is oil-free and contains appropriate ingredients that do not irritate your skin? Here is a list of ingredients that we have found to measure low on the comedogenicity scale. These are:

  • caprylic acid, 
  • carnauba wax, 
  • dimethicone, 
  • glyceryl tricapylo/caprate, 
  • glyceryl stearate NSE, 
  • lanolin wax,lanolin wax | non-comedogeninc ingredients
  • oleth-20, 
  • PEG 20 stearate, 
  • PEG 8 castor oil, 
  • PG dicaprylate/caprate, 
  • squalene,
  • zinc oxide.

So, if you can find any of these ingredients in your makeup product, grab them as they are best suited for limiting breakouts.

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FAQs | Non-Comedogenic Makeup Review

We have come across some frequently asked questions about non-comedogenic makeup. You might find these answers relevant.

What Brands of Makeup Are Non-Comedogenic?

  • Boutique
  • Maybelline
  • Clinique
  • Re-equil 
  • Mac

Apart from these, there are tons of brands that are now investing in Non-Comedogenic Makeup. Check out the ingredients before purchasing any product claiming to be non-comedogenic.

Is My Makeup Non-Comedogenic?

Although various market brands compete in selling their makeup products under the tag ‘non-comedogenic,’ few do not meet the exact criterion set up to sell as oil-free products. The best way to find out is to look for the ingredients used in work, which marks low on the comedogenic scale, such as those mentioned above.

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What Is a Comedogenicity Scale?

It is a scale that ranges from 0 to 5, describing any skincare product from ‘Does not clog pores’ to ‘High’ capacity of clogging pores. However, keeping in mind the variability in skin types resulting from several other factors, it does not necessarily mean that if a product measures ‘high’ on the comedogenicity scale, it will indeed cause acne. Whether or not you will develop acne or pimples also depends on the potential of different skin types, age, and other environmental factors.

Cessation | Non-Comedogenic Makeup

To sum up the need to use good quality non-comedogenic makeup, we would again emphasize recognizing your skin type. 

How well you understand your skin requirements will always determine your choice of the right makeup products and a friendly skincare routine.

We have tried to mention significant aspects regarding the practice of non-comedogenic makeup that beautifies your skin without causing troublesome acne or clogging pores. If you have any other queries, doubts, or concerns, we are happy to help you. Don’t hesitate to write to us in the comments below.