Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops Review

The Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops have officially made combatting dry eye problems easy. Many of us feel aggravated discomfort during the summer while driving, traveling, sleeping, etc. 

Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops, 10-mL (Packaging May Vary)

Feelings of grittiness, burning, tearing, and irritation have become routine. But Systane Lubricant Eye Gel has changed it completely. While the moisturizing texture is much needed, what sets it apart is that it lasts throughout the day. 

Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops, 10-mL (Packaging May Vary)
5,227 Reviews
Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops, 10-mL (Packaging May Vary)
  • #1 Dr Recommended Brand of Artificial Tears*
  • Thicker eye drop formulation that creates a protective shield over your eyes.

How Does Systane Eye Gel Drops Work?

Systane Eye Drops are used to keep the eyes moist during the day. The drops have been tested under controlled conditions. When they are used as directed, they allow you to feel refreshed with better vision. They also work to provide temporary relief from undesired symptoms like itching, irritation, and burning eyes.

Systane eye drops work by increasing the amount of moisture in your eyes which helps improve the ability to hold or retain water. When a drop falls into your eyes, it interacts with your tears. Closing your eyes increases the surface area for action and creates a thin film of tears and moisture. They’re safer than oral medicines, and if used regularly according to the guidelines, leave a lasting impact on the eyes.

Uses of Systane Lubricant Eye Gel

Driving in the summer sun can be hard on your eyes. The long hours of sunlight and hotter than average temperatures can intensify dry eye symptoms. Plus, blocked tear ducts, lack of sleep, and inadequate blinking can also cause this problem. Choosing the right eye drops can help combat these symptoms, especially for those suffering from dry eye syndrome. Systane Gel Drop Lubricant Eye Gel not only lubricates but also adds moisture to soothe, refresh and protect the eyes.

The lubricating eye drops are specially designed for people who need temporary relief from dry eyes. They are easy to apply and quickly absorbed into the ocular surface. Maintaining the health of your eyes is critical to your overall well-being. The result is clearer vision while reducing discomfort from minor eye irritations caused by dryness, wind, windburn, or lack of sleep. Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops’ eye drops contain the perfect formula for addressing the most common dry eye symptoms.

Why Systane?

Keep your eyes feeling up to par with Systane. Through a wide variety of dry eye relief and daily supplement products, Systane provides quality eye care for all of life’s moments. Plus, for this purpose, Systane products are the #1 doctor-recommended brand. 

Systane products are intended for use around the clock to help keep your eyes feeling their best. No matter what lifestyle you lead or the health of your eyes, you can count on Systane to protect and nourish them every day and night.

Basic Guidelines For Usage

  • Use drops as per your doctor’s direction or as directed by the manufacturer of the product.
  • Wash your hands before and after use.
  • Continue to use this medicine for the entire duration of the prescribed period, even if your symptoms have reduced or disappeared. 
  • Store at room temperature.
  • Do not stop using this medicine abruptly or without seeking medical attention.
  • This product is only for external use. Seek immediate attention if swallowed.
  • Keep away from children. 
  • Always recap after every use to protect the tip from infection and contamination.
  • Report any side effects to your doctor immediately.

How to Use Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops

While using the eye drops, make sure that gravity is on your side by laying down on the bed. Shake the bottle well before use and remove contact lenses if you have any. Then, slowly instill 1-2 drops or the dosage advised by your doctor in the affected eyes. Close your eyes and stay in bed for at least 4-5 minutes to ensure they have the maximum surface area.

Squeeze the bottle gently to prevent overflow from getting the appropriate amount of Systane lubricant eye gel to the inside of your lower eyelid as needed. Make sure it hovers above your eye and doesn’t touch it. Use Systane before and after contact lenses and as often as you wish throughout the day for a cooling, soothing effect. 

When Should You Use This Eye Gel?

There are a lot of reasons someone would consider whether to purchase Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops. One of the most common is because you are dealing with irritation around your eyes, or maybe even an infection. Or perhaps you just have dry eyes and need something more for that. Plus, these drops have an exceptional reputation for helping sensitive eyes, especially after surgery.

Whatever the case may be, it’s a smart idea to do some due diligence first on the product and what others are saying about it, and whether they have had any success with it. Therefore, we did most of the research for you. Now, you can go through it and decide how well this product will suit you!

Active Ingredients of Systane Eye Gel Drops

This Eye gel is a combination of two primary active ingredients: Polyethylene Glycol 400 (0.4%) and Propylene Glycol (0.3%).

Polyethylene Glycol 400: It helps to decrease the surface tension between the tear film and the eye to help prevent evaporation. When the surface tension is reduced, the tear film spreads more evenly over the eye surface. The addition of Propylene Glycol helps to keep the spreader or surfactant in suspension and prevents it from settling under the lower lid. This provides a smooth surface to blend with the tear film.

Propylene Glycol: It creates a layer over the eye to prevent the buildup of debris and maintain proper moisture and hygiene. Plus, Propylene Glycol is an ingredient used by millions of people as their daily moisturizer to help replenish moisture on a molecular level.

Short-Term Experience

These eye drops truly work great. After trying out a lot of products, I almost gave up on my dry-eye problem. Initially, it was aggravated by everything, from hot showers, traveling, extreme temperatures, and sunlight to recent additions like contact lenses, sitting in front of the computer for a long time, and exposure to dust. My eyes used to swell up and burn to the point where it became unbearable.

But the Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops had a fantastic effect. Designed to give relief to dryness and tearing, they ultimately soared above expectations. I used it in the morning, before putting on my lenses, and in the night before going to sleep. If I was doing additional activities like traveling or lengthy calls, I used them in between as well.

They provided an instant cooling effect which reduced the burning sensations. There was a specific time period of 2-3 minutes where my vision would be blurry, but it wouldn’t last long, and I would be rewarded with clear eyes soon after. Personally, I believe that putting two drops in each eye and the proper technique made a genuine difference to my experience. 

After just a few days of usage, not only have my eyes developed resistance to redness and irritation because of contamination, but my eyesight is now better as well! Plus, I love the fact that since they are a slightly thick gel, they do not drain out of the eyes and run down the face. None of it is wasted: and they stay in my eyes for a long time.

Long-Term Experience

After 3-4 weeks of application, my eyes feel better than ever. I had tried many things before settling on these excellent eye drops- including wet cloth before bed and sunglasses while driving. Unfortunately, while they did make a change, they didn’t eliminate swollen and red eyes like the Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops.

Initially, I used them whenever I felt irritated throughout the day. The total came up to be approximately 3-4 times on a typical day. Now, two drops, morning and night, suffice to protect my eyes from dust, dirt, and long hours. No other prescription drops have had this effect as they only provided temporary relief for a couple of hours. 

Plus, it also prevents the natural tearing up of my eyes in harsh conditions. Before starting this medication, I was at the point where I had to have special air conditioning filters installed in my car because even the smallest particle of dust would make my eyes swollen and painful. Now, I can freely focus on work and driving without worrying if my eyes act up. 

It did take me some time to learn how to squeeze the right amount into my eye, but once I learned that- my eyes started staying cooled and moisturized longer. Plus, most people believe that applying them once in the morning is enough, but using them during the night had the most impact. I slept peacefully and woke up without any pain whatsoever, ready to face the day. This was a significant difference from me tossing and turning due to burning eyes.

Lastly, I would recommend this product wholeheartedly to someone who has gone through surgery recently and is facing a problem with dry eyes (with prescription and permission from the ophthalmologist, of course.) These eye gel drops have the perfect saline composition and are made for sensitive eyes, so they should work great for you as well!

Understanding Side Effects

Systane lubricant eye gel is among a list of eye drops that have garnered an enormous amount of approval from the medical world. This is primarily because they help give immediate relief to the eyes in severe ocular disorders and provide suitable comfort to those with minor problems such as itching, pain, or dryness. 

But it is crucial to understand the following side effects, just in case your eyes have an unpredicted reaction. If you notice these, stop using the gel drops immediately and consult your ophthalmologist. Always remember, if you have been prescribed these, the benefits of these drops are greater than the risk of side effects.

1. Pain, Redness, or Swollen Eyes

If the intensity of your issues increases or additional issues develop, you may be experiencing a side effect.

2. In extreme conditions

If you’re allergic to any of the ingredients, do not use these eye drops. If you use it unknowingly, in extreme conditions, you will observe rashes, itching, swelling, and difficulty breathing.

3. Changes in Vision and Persistently Blurry Eyes

Blurry eyes generally last for 2-3 minutes and up to 5 minutes. If you observe that your eyes feel blurry and unfocused throughout the day, you may be experiencing a side effect.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I apply gel drops immediately before driving?

Being unable to see clearly while driving is a significant risk to your and the other drivers’ wellbeing. Even the most experienced drivers can be affected by this problem. In addition, since this is a gel-based drop, your eyes may become blurred. So, we recommend a time period of at least 15-20 minutes before you drive.

Q2. How should I store the Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops?

To store eye drops, keep them in the original bottle or container. Avoid exposure to heat and sunlight. Do not freeze the product as it may cause the solution to become cloudy and change its color or consistency. Avoid keeping the medicine near some household products containing traces of alcohol such as perfume, shaving creams, colognes, aftershave lotions, and other items used for cosmetic purposes. Lastly, keep out of reach of kids and pets.

Q3. What are the signs of a contaminated product?

There are many ways a product could be contaminated, including exposure to extreme temperatures, air, or infectious microbes. The primary sign that this has happened is that the color will change or the product will become cloudy. Stop using immediately thereafter.

Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops, 10-mL (Packaging May Vary)
5,227 Reviews
Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops, 10-mL (Packaging May Vary)
  • #1 Dr Recommended Brand of Artificial Tears*
  • Thicker eye drop formulation that creates a protective shield over your eyes.

Final Verdict

I am always looking for good eye drops that will hydrate and feed my eyeballs without giving me dilated pupils for days. Finally, I have found such a product: Systane Lubricant Eye Gel Drops. Not only do these lubricating eye drops come in an easy-to-use drop bottle, but they feel like a protective gel when applied to the eyes. The thick gel-forming formula creates a shield over your eye to lock in moisture, making it the drop you want for long-lasting comfort!