Why & How to Wash Hair Once a Week (Benefits & GUIDE)

Very often, when we talk about beauty and health, we forget to include hair health. Using chemical-based products and heating iron has harsh effects on our hairs. Also, more shampooing than required harms the hair more than heat and chemicals. When it comes to hairs, “less care is more care.” In this article, you will come to know the benefits and ways to wash hair once a week. Not a single soul wants to go outdoors with frizzy, non-healthy hairs. Hair damage is usually because we unintentionally do something wrong with hair care. When someone talks about washing hair once a week, some of us can consider the person insane. But, this requires little knowledge about hair damage by excess shampooing and hacks to wash hair once a week.

Why and How Should You Wash Hair Once a Week?

When the talk goes around hair health, the saying goes that “less is often more.” That means if you wash your hair more frequently, then you are damaging the strands. Even celebrity stylists recommend washing hair once a week as frequent product applications can be harmful to the hairs. Shampooing hair more than often damages the natural structure of the hair, and more sebum production starts. I have briefed below the benefits of washing hair once a week. Also, you will get to know some methods so you can go without frequent washing.

Benefits Of Washing Hair Once a Week

Less Care Is More

As I mentioned earlier, shampooing hair often tends to do more damage. The strands are stripped often, and it leads to more sebum production. Sebum is responsible for natural moisture, and when you shampoo your hair frequently, oil is decreased, and hairs look more damaged after every wash. So if you wash them more often than required, you are damaging them. Follow the “less care is more” method and go four to five days between two washes. Your hair will look healthier and moistened when you wash them once a week and will add to the volume and texture.

More Healthier Hair

When you wash hair once a week, it prevents them from the damage of excess shampooing. When you shampoo more often, the hair cuticles get hurt, and the ends become frizzy. Less shampooing will make the hairs look healthier and moistened. Moisture retention and less frizziness will add more volume and texture, which is often a goal among us to achieve. You will also not have to use a heating iron or blow dryer as the hairs will automatically be in a good situation, which is a plus.

How to Wash Hair Once a Week (GUIDE)

Use Mild Shampoo and Condition Your Hair Properly

Use mild shampoo to wash hair once a week. The gentle shampoo does not damage the hair as it is chemical-free. It contains natural essential oils that are good for hair health and does not have sulfates. Besides that, it calms the hair scalp and doesn’t strip the hairs. It lathers and works effectively and promotes hair growth. As you are about to follow the plan of washing your hair once a week, mild shampoo is a preferable choice. Use any preferred conditioner to condition the ends of the hair. It will help in moisture retention and make them less damageable. This way, your hair would be frizz-free throughout the week, and you don’t have to wash them every alternate day.

Oiling the Ends

If you are planning to wash your hair once a week, you should start oiling the ends. The hair roots do not require any extra oil as sebum nourishes the roots. Sebum is the natural oil produced by hair glands that protect the scalp. So, you have to oil your ends frequently when you are not in the mood to wash your hair. Oiling the ends will serve benefits. Even if you have not to wash your hair in a while, they will still look hydrated and healthy. So, you have to apply little oil on the ends on days when you don’t feel like styling or washing them. You can even use hair serum instead of hair oil if your hair feels greasy after oiling.

Less Use of Heating Tools

Though we love hairstyling in the form of flat iron and blow dry, heating has terrible damage to our hairs. It damages the hair cuticles and therefore, we should make less use of hair heating tools. The keratin formation in the hair is affected due to the opening of the ends. The ruined hair gets worse day by day due to changes in the hair structure. So, if you want to wash hair less, i.e., remove them once a week, you should use less or no heat on your hairs. The damaged hairs require more care and wash as they do not retain their original moisture and structure. Thus, you will have to wash them more frequently to prevent a curly look. Also, use hair serum or thermal protection on the ends before styling them. These will avoid damaged hair to some extent.

Use Dry Shampoo and Shove into Bun or Ponytail

Dry shampoo uses ingredients to absorb oil and sweat from the hairs without actually washing them. If you are planning to wash your hair once a week, dry shampoo is a boon. It regulates oil production and moistens the hair locks. It even adds to the volume and texture of the hair. So in case, the hairs feel greasy, you can use dry shampoo to save time. After this, shove them into a bun or ponytail to prevent a greasy look.

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FAQ- Wash Hair Once a Week

When it comes to hair health, we are often clueless and have a lot of queries. In this section, I am answering some common ones.

Does Hair Wash Frequency Differ between Types of Hairs?

Hair treatments and styling differ for everyone. Although the hairstylists usually prefer a gap of 3-4 days between a wash, the distinction can vary. If you have fine hairs, then you are more prone to greasiness and oil production than usual. Even without oil application, the hairs will look oily and greasy. This will tempt you to wash them every other day. Use different methods and have a gap of some days before a wash. This way, the hairs will be normalized to a routine. With curves, waves, and denser hair, they are very helpful in concealing oil than thin straight ones. So you can go with hair wash once a week or once in 3-4 days.

What Are the External Factors of Hair Damage?

Apart from shampooing them often, which leads to scalp stripping and sebum production, there are many other factors responsible for hair damage. The most common of them is heat damage. The heat from flat iron, curlers or straighteners damages the hair cuticles. The natural structure of hair is disrupted, which leads to frizziness and more damage after each wash. The other significant responsible fact is sunlight. The UV radiation from the sun dries the hair and contributes to the breakdown of natural structure, making them more prone to damage.


Haircare can vary from person to person. You will have some problems initially when you follow the “less care is more” plan. But eventually, the hairs will adjust to the routine. You can use the ways mentioned above to wash hair once a week without any special treatment or product use. You can achieve healthier hair without endorsing any specific product. Often, hair damage is due to mistakes we do unintentionally, which can be rectified by a few tips and tricks. You can go anywhere from three to four days to more than a week without washing hair. Less wash will prevent the damage by shampooing, and you will get better texture and volume along the length.