Best Facial Steamers In 2022

Best Facial Steamers

Nowadays, skincare is very essential because we get regular exposure to dust particles and pollutants. It is a consequence of an increase in air pollution. We cleanse our face with face wash and protect our face with masks or other things. This cleansing and protection are not effective as some impurities deposit deeply.

Attributable to the worldwide lockdown, most people are trying to figure out ways to do beauty treatments at home. It is because most of the treatments are difficult to access during the lockdown. However, we can use facial steamers, which will provide results equivalent to the spa. Furthermore, facial steamers are a pretty good and economical substitute for a spa.

While searching for the best spa alternative, I have found a remedy that cleanses our skin and keeps it hydrated at the same time. Some of you are already aware of steamers as you have undergone a steam bath earlier. This facial steamer also works similarly to it and cleanses our face skin. In this digital era, most brands provide facial steamers at different prices. It is difficult to choose a facial steamer that is really effective because some brands sell forged products and claim that products work well. However, most of them turn out to be a complete waste of money.

Furthermore, it is not easy to do proper research about a product while purchasing it. It is because it is expensive and time-consuming to verify all facial steamers’ efficiency. 

To make your work simple, I have undergone research on almost all brands’ facial steamers. I came up with a top ten list of facial steamers. On listing these steamers, certain factors were considered, such as their build quality, efficiency, price, universal size (to fit everyone), and electricity consumption.

An Overview About Facial Steamers

Best Facial Steamers

As their name implies, facial steamers work by using steam to clean our faces. Our body produces sweat because of the steam. As a result, our pores get open and the dead skin cells on our face are removed. Furthermore, it also helps in removing any trapped dirt. Facial steamers make pores softer, which removes oil, dirt, and blackheads from the skin. Before cleansing, the face has a dull, greasy appearance because these impurities clog our pores, creating acne and other facial problems. The heat generated by steam cleans and purifies our skin.

Usually, the dirt and oils that clog your pores are hard, but a little heat can make them soft. By making it soft, it becomes easier to remove them. Most people who get facials regularly say the most satisfying part is how relaxed they feel when the aesthetician puts a steamer on their face. Steaming your face opens your pores, allows other products to penetrate deeper, and even brightens your skin tone. This steaming process enables serums or moisturizers to penetrate the skin more easily. Face steamers give your face the vital care it requires in the comfort of your own home. They are warm, soothing, and provide your face with better results than a regular face wash.

Directions To Use Facial Steamer

After learning that steam is good for your skin, there’s probably some confusion about when and how to use a facial steamer. By following these steps, you’ll become an expert in no time.

Step 1. Cleansing: First, cleanse your face with water or use your regular face wash to do it.

Step 2. Dry up your skin: Then gently remove water remains with a clean cloth or using a face scrub.

Step 3. Steam: Steam your face by keeping the heat settings as required. Keep your eyes closed while steaming. Use clean distilled water for better results.

Step 4. Apply Face mask: This step is not mandatory, but using a mask after steam helps to maximize the results.

Step 5: Use moisturizer:  Apply a moisturizer to your skin to keep it hydrated and smooth.

Depending on your skin’s condition and level of sensitivity, choose how often to steam your face. Steaming your face about once a week is usually sufficient. It’s best to follow the recommendations of your skin by consulting a dermatologist. Use the facial steamer only for 5 to 10 minutes to avoid the burning effect.

10 Best Facial Steamers

As I mentioned before, there are enormous facial steamers available in the market. As a result, it is difficult to choose the best from it, as most of them produce similar results. However, we listed them based on various aspects and their reliability. The name and details of the products are given below along with customers reviews. To value our efforts, kindly purchase the products from the best buy link included with each product.

  • NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer
  • Facial Steamer EZBASICS Ionic Face Steamer
  • Simayixx Skin Care Facial Steamer
  • Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer
  • Vansaile Portable Home Use Beauty Infrared Led Therapy Deep Cleaning Facial Steamer
  • Mini 2-1 Facial Spray Steamer By ZJchao
  • Facial Steamer Colorfarm
  • Hair Steamer Kingsteam 2 in 1 Ozone Facial Steamer
  • TYMO Facial Steamer
  • Newbealer 3in1 Facial Steamer

1. NanoSteamer Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

This steamer is by one of the most popular brands, Pure Daily Care. This steamer produces nano-ionic steam, as the name shows. As a consequence, it uses an ultrasonic vaporizer and traditional heating components to produce steam of ionic water particles. As a result, it can penetrate the skin up to 10 times more effectively than normal steam.

This device comes with a reservoir with 200 ml of water capacity, which is abundant for single use. Furthermore, it has a sensor that stops the device when the water runs out. This device has the longest operating time of over 30 minutes.

This device also comes with 5 pieces of blackhead, Whitehead, and blemishes extractor kit which comprises sterile stainless steel. As a result, this bonus kit can remove impurities such as blackheads after steaming our face, which softens it and this will be an easier process and save our money from overpriced treatment provided by the salon.

Furthermore, this steamer has an extra chamber for warming towels which can remove makeup effortlessly or refresh your face after steaming.

The best part is that this device works silently, so we can hear music and enjoy the steaming session at our ease. Moreover, this device is BPA-free, which allows customers to use it regularly and be safe. Lastly, we can also use it as a humidifier during winters.

Customer review

This steamer has got an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 in thousands of global ratings and reviews. This is a pretty decent rating for a steamer.

Many of the consumers state their happiness from their results and they also recommended it to their dear ones. They also quote that this steamer is cheaper than their old steamers and provided better results than them. Furthermore, some customers also add that they love the humidifier and towel warmer portion, which are really useful to them.

Sadly, a verified customer felt disappointed with this device because after using it for a few months, the plastic smell came along with steam, which occurred because of the heavy temperature in it.

2. Facial Steamer EZBASICS Ionic Face Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

This facial steamer is from a transpiring brand, EZBASICS. Hence, this device will surely enthrall most of the customers.

This facial steamer comes with advanced ionic steam technology. As a consequence, this device breaks water molecules into nanoparticles and generates steam, which is 10 times more effective in penetrating the skin cells.

I will recommend using distilled or purified water. It is because the usage of purified or distilled water increases overall performance.

The best part is that this device generates steam within 30 seconds after filling the water in the reservoir. Furthermore, this device moisturizes our skin and clears pores, which can improve the performance of other skincare products.

In addition to this, we can also alter the direction of the nozzle and steam the flow as needed. Moreover, we can also use this steamer for aromatherapy. All you need to do is, just simply add essential oil to pads or use aromatherapy tablets of your choice.

This facial steamer is a benison for the customers with the issue of blackheads and acne. It is because, this device comes with a proficient kit comprising 5 pieces of stainless steel which helps to remove blackheads, whiteheads, stains, and even acne.

Lastly, this device is made with ecological ABS material which makes the steaming session soothing and harmless. In addition to this, this device is fit for all skin types and also gives relief to our eyes. Hence, this facial steamer is super efficient and super safe.

Disclaimer: Do not use any other liquids apart from recommended liquids. Otherwise, it will cause a rupture of the device. Furthermore, Use this steamer at least 8 inches away from the skin to avoid severe issues.

Customer review

This device has a 4.5 out of 5 stars global rating on Amazon. Nearly all of the customers say that this product is powerful despite its compact size and small reservoir (98 ml). Furthermore, some customers that this product is working beyond their expectations.

Many customers added this device to their regular skincare routine.

However, a small fraction of customers feels that the removal of the tank is hard. Hence, I guess the brand needs to manufacture a tank with better tolerances. Lastly, some customers stated this device gave better results than their previously used expensive creams.

3. Simayixx Skin Care Facial Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

This portable facial steamer is one of the most affordable facial steamers on our list. It is very portable and handy because it is 10 cm long.

However, we should not undervalue its effectiveness because of the price and size of this product. It is because this device also has nano ultrasonic technology. We can also use this steamer for providing ourselves with a steam mixture of water molecules and skincare lotion to penetrate easily inside our skin cells.

This device breaks down the water mixture into nanometer-size for better efficiency. Furthermore, this steamer can also produce cold water fog as mist spray to cool your face and also apply as a post makeup spray. Hence, this handy sprayer can cleanse your face outdoors, and it helps to maintain the grease level of your skin.

Henceforth, this device will provide us with a complete water replenishment, we can also use it on other body parts such as hands, legs, hair for replenishment.

In addition, this steamer can relax your facial skin after sunburn by reducing redness, itchy effect, and other pains. The only drawback is that this device has a reservoir capacity of 30 ml. On the other hand, the best part of this device is that this device has a waterproof design by having three-layer protection.

This unit comes with a USB cable so we can charge with any mobile adapter. This device is available at a very affordable price of approx. 2 dollars. Price may vary, please verify using the below link for the best price.

Customer review

As this device is from an emerging brand, I was unable to find a sufficient number of reviews. Based upon tests and some reviews, I can say the device is a pretty economical alternative to regular steamers. As a result, the customers with a tight budget will surely go for this.

Despite its size, the quality of steam was pretty good. Some customers felt happy about the mini-size and lightweight, which made them easy to carry and also used liberally outdoors. However, some customers feel the size of the water reservoir is like hand sanitizer, so they find it difficult to refill frequently.

Nevertheless, this product is best for those who are looking for an economical and handy facial steamer.

4. Vanity Planet Aira Ionic Facial Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

This facial steamer possesses advanced ionic steam technology. This device breaks water molecules into nanoparticles and generates steam super quickly. As a result, the steam is able to penetrate deep into our skin. The device generates steam immediately after 30 seconds after filling the water in the reservoir. This device moisturizes our skin and clears pores, which can improve the performance of other skincare products.

This steamer is also made with ecological ABS material. As a result, it makes our steaming session soothing and harmless. Furthermore, this steamer is good for all skin types as well. Hence, you should not worry about safety while purchasing this steamer.

The steam of this device is so powerful that it improves blood circulation in the face. As a consequence, the fatality of our skin cells plummets.

You can get results similar to a spa by adding essential oil to the steamer. Now let us look at some of the prime and unique features and specifications of this product in the next paragraph.

Firstly, this product comes with a Bunny ears headband, which comprises a soft material. Secondly, the device has a tank with a capacity of 85 ml, which can last up to ten minutes. Thirdly, we can use a mixture of water and other liquids to augment the benefit. Lastly, this steamer’s material is 100% safe for usage.

Customer review

This product has attained ratings of 4.7 out of 5 on Amazon. Most of the reviews are above 4 stars as products performed well and provided better results for them. Many customers stated this product is easier to use and steam from the device is consistent and helped to cleanse their skin.

Sadly, a verified customer felt disappointed with the manual as the manual only contained the details of the product, but it didn’t contain how to use the product. However, nearly 90% of the customers were happy with the results. Furthermore, some users said that they got relief from their sinus and breathing problems with the help of this device.

5. Vansaile Portable Home Use Beauty Infrared Led Therapy Deep Cleaning Facial Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

This is a 2 in 1 facial steamer, as it provides functions of both steamer and light therapy. This device comprises infrared light of various colors which produces a unique wavelength and has its function.

This light therapy benefits our skin by sending photons at specific wavelengths such as it reduces lines, wrinkles, acne, and also softening pores. As a result, we get the benefits of steaming, including cleansing our face.

The design of this steamer is inspired by a scanning machine. As a result, we will get a spa-like experience. As a consequence, you can also use it for commercial purposes.

This device comes with a stand to place it firmly. We can also add essential oils or colloidal silver to receive cooler steams. Secondly, this device has a reservoir of a capacity of 250 ml. The brand also recommends using balancing and nutrition-providing toners to get better results. It is because they help to increase skin elasticity, improve circulation, and stimulate collagen production, thus reducing wrinkles. Thirdly, this device comprises innovative technology which is hands-free, flexible, lightweight, and portable, with individual bulbs that are 0.04W, totaling 504 bulbs to spread out 16*8inches. Lastly, this device has 906 PAD beads, which comprise 292 red beads, 292 yellow beads, 262 blue beads, and 60 infrared beads.

The best part is that we get a one-month free return and replacement along with a one-year warranty. As a result, I feel the price is quite justifiable and you will get the benefits equivalent to the price.

Customer review

The product is relatively new in the market. As a result, I was able to find only two reviews on Amazon. However, I am happy to inform you all that both the reviews are 5 stars. Hence, I can come to the conclusion that this product is nearly perfect as the customers are fully satisfied.

I will literally recommend you all to go for this product if you do not want to compromise on quality.

6. Mini 2-1 Facial Spray Steamer By ZJchao

Best Facial Steamers

This is a professional facial steamer. As a result, it is the most expensive facial steamer on this list.

This facial steamer has tonnes of unique features. Firstly, this device is a combination of hot and cold steam sprayers. Secondly, this device provides various benefits such as the hot vapor penetrating deep into the skin, softening old cuticles, removing dirt, oils, blackheads, and cosmetic residues. Thirdly, the cold spray will make sure that there is no saggy skin after the steam. As a result, this steamer provides a smooth feeling, by tightening the skin of the face. Lastly, my favorite feature is that it has 2 separate water tanks. As a result, this facial steamer can simultaneously generate hot and cool steam, so it is great for salons or at home.

Besides adjustable angles provided, we get a range of heights from floor to control console and a strong iron base ensures longer use times compared to other sprayers made of weak plastic. This product comprises stainless components and the titanium alloy atomizing plate for giving a premium and strong feel.

The operational time of this steamer is 10,000 hours. The hot sprayer tubes are made of high-grade stainless steel, so they will not rust. The unit will stop working when the water level is less than the minimum to ensure the safety of the device. Hence, this device is perfect for professional use.

Lastly, this device is ideal for people with acne, oily skin, large pores, sensitive skin, etc.

A daily treatment takes no longer than 10 to 20 minutes, which will make a visible difference within a week. Hence, I will seriously recommend you all to go for this product.

Customer review

This product got very few reviews because this product is for professionals. The most appreciated factor was that this product has simple controls to be accessible by common people easily. Furthermore, the customers also said that the device is rotatable. As a result, two people can use it at a time. Hence, it will save a lot of money and time for the professionals. The only negative review was that the steamer got broken during the delivery. However, the individual will surely get the replacement/refund from Amazon.

7. Facial Steamer Colorfarm

Best Facial Steamers

This device is in Amazon’s choice list of facial steamers. This facial steamer also uses nano ionic steam of water particles. Besides that, it purifies tap water into distilled water by purifying light to access your face with the purest and most proficient steam. This improves overall efficiency by twenty times in penetration and makes skin cells softer.

Furthermore, this device can be used as an ionic humidifier for other skin-related and respiratory problems. Hence, this steamer provides spa-like sauna treatments in our home at our ease.

This steamer produces 15 minutes of operational time based on the reservoir, which suffices for single use. However, if you require more steam, you can refill it. The brand claims this device can moisturize our skin up to 60%.

The unique feature of this steamer is that it has anion and UV purifier technology, which is very useful in generating purified steam. Furthermore, It has an auto-off function that turns off the steamer when the water is insufficient.

The device operates at an optimum temperature of 400C / 1040F. Furthermore, steamer comprises BPA-free plastic. Hence, you need not worry about the repercussions as it is totally safe.

This product is recommended by more than a million beauty enthusiasts worldwide and got positive reviews from reputed reviewers such as Bustle, BuzzFeed, Insider, Elite daily. Furthermore, this product is designed in a stylish, glossy, compact design that can be placed in the makeup table, dressing area, or even in the bathroom, as per your convenient usage. Lastly, this device also comes with a universal size bunny headband, which fits everyone.

Hence, this facial steamer literally has all the features which we need in a facial steamer.

Customer review

This facial steamer got 4.6 global ratings among an enormous quantity of reviews. Most customers shared their experience of how good the quality of facial steam was and some of them even added essential oil to improve overall performance. Some users claim this device is literally a tiny version of a spa and provides results similar to professional steamers. Lastly, a large number of customers also added that this product is really economical and a time saver. As a result, they recommended everyone to go for this product.

8. Hair Steamer Kingsteam 2 in 1 Ozone Facial Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

This steamer is manufactured by an established company in the beauty and hairdressing sector that was established over 20 years ago. Kingsteam Nano Ionic facial steamer offers stronger steam and a convenient handle design, making it easier to carry during travel. It is equipped with integrated nano steam technology with ionic water particles, which penetrate the skin 10x more effectively than conventional steaming.

It can provide you with more efficient skincare at home. It’s so easy and convenient to operate. Just press the switch and you can enjoy a similar experience to a professional spa treatment. Furthermore, the steam engine shuts off automatically when the water is not enough to avert any damage to the device.

In addition, It’s also perfectly safe for any beauty treatments as it will provide better results by penetrating effortlessly into skin cells. Moreover, it can also be used for aromatherapy by adding essential oils into it.

We get complimentary items like the blackhead removal kit along with this product. Furthermore, it also contains a distinct section for essential oil kits.

After filling the reservoir, you can get eight to ten minutes of steaming. Henceforth, you will get the complete spa treatment in just one fill. I will recommend you all to use distilled water. It is because the usage of distilled water benefits in both ways as it will help to cleanse skin better and provide less damage to the device.

Lastly, the box of this unit will contain a Nano facial steamer, 4-piece stainless steel needles/ remove kit, and an essential oil cotton kit with an instruction manual.

Customer review

This steamer got overall 4.3 ratings out of 5. Most customers state this steamer is a good product to steam their face and other body parts. Some of them also added up that it provided relief to sinus problems and made their respiration smooth. However, a few consumers felt disappointed with the steamer as it provides very less operational time. Furthermore, few users said that water from steamer sprays out creates water burns and also has a leakage problem. Nevertheless, nearly all the customers were pretty happy with the performance of this product.

9. TYMO Facial Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

With the TYMO Facial Steamer, you can experience the benefits of a professional facial SPA at home, no matter where you are.

Full-powered steam for the face is produced by this facial steamer, which is powered by a 90ml water tank and converts clean water into micro-fine particles, releasing a powerful, consistent mist. It will provide you with a warm, safe-smelling mist for 10-15 minutes, so you can enjoy a relaxing steaming session.

This facial steamer has ABS material that is both durable and non-irritating. As a result, this facial steamer is good for all skin types. Simply press the switch and enjoy.

It is normal to experience a slight plastic smell while using the product for the first time. However, don’t worry as this will go away after a few uses.

This facial steamer uses the latest ionic technology for separating the water molecules into nanoparticles. As a result, it generates steam that penetrates deeply through our skin eliminating all the impurities.

This steamer can unclog your pores and improve your skin tone, even when you’re traveling. Furthermore, it provides deep hydration, steam inhalation for the lungs, spa effect for the eyes, and moisture to our skin. By opening pores, you can get better penetration of other skincare products and a healthier complexion.

The best part is that this steamer features a pink and white appearance, plus a built-in water tank, so it will complement any bathroom, makeup table, or dressing area.

Customer review

This device got 4.7 out of 5 ratings on amazon. The overall ratings of this product is literally astounding. It is because this product has no 1 and 2 stars reviews. Furthermore, the majority of the reviews are 4 and 5 stars.

As this product is new to the market, the customers doubt the quality of the product resulting in low sales. Based on our results on testing this device, we got a pretty good outcome with variations from claims from brands of operational time. The design and compactness of the product were outstanding and were appreciated by most of the customers. Furthermore, the easiness and power were also appreciated.

I will seriously recommend you all to go for this product as I guess the price of this product might go up as soon as it garners popularity.

10. Newbealer 3in1 Facial Steamer

Best Facial Steamers

This steamer generates steam by using ultrasonic vaporizers and innovative PTC ceramic heating components. Furthermore, it is equipped with superior nano steam technology which produces 0.3µm enhanced nano mist. Moreover, this steam can be used on other parts of the body, as the steam is thick and gentle.

The reservoir capacity of this steamer is 180 ml which produces 60 minutes of cold steaming or 20 minutes of hot steaming, which reduces the time of refilling the water. Cool mist helps shrink pores, soothe your skin, while warm moist helps open pores for deep cleansing and moisturizing. So, you can fog out in between, use cold fog for 1 second, and hot fog for 60 seconds.

This steamer also comes with an adjustable nozzle of up to 200. It is made of eco-friendly ABS. As a result, this steamer is non-toxic, non-irritating, and BPA-free. Furthermore, we can store this device easily, as it is slim and lightweight.

Besides the functionality of the product presented, the craftsmanship design reflects a grace in the modern design of home decoration, thus satisfying the needs of business and home users alike. In addition to a double-headed brush, the newly released New Bealer steamer comes with a 9-piece blackhead reduce kit with a carrying case, cover for the nozzle, and power cable for charging which are more affordable for customers, as well as a 12-month warranty.

Customer review

This device has a 4.4 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. Most users say that this amazing product worked as the brand claims and, using a cleansing brush, they felt a visible difference within a week. However, some customers felt that the lid of the reservoir was loose and the water split out from the lid. Some customers add they hear the noise of boiling water and only mild steam comes from the nozzle, which makes them disappointed. A verified customer stated that after receiving a complaint from him, the brand replaced their product immediately and also added that their customer service was amazing. Hence, buying this product will ensure the safety of your money and quality service.

Benefits In Using Facial Steamers

  • Cleanses Skin: Steamers cleans deeply inside pore and removes impurities and dead skin to make skin clean and youthful.
  • Removes blackheads: The steamers softens your pores, eliminates the blackheads and whiteheads, which makes it easier to remove them.
  • Hydrates skin: These devices allows steam to flow through skin, through which the skin cells absorb water and thus it helps to keep our skin hydrated.
  • Relaxes skin: It helps to soften the skin cells, removes dirt and oil, which results in relaxing skin and providing a soothing sensation.
  • Anti-aging: It keeps the cell hydrated and functional that reduces wrinkles and fine lines in the face. This device will slow down the aging process of cells by keeping it softer.
  • Improves respiration: It also removes any blockage in our respiratory tract, makes us breathe better. It can also provide relief to sinus problems.

Considerations Before Using Facial Steamers

  • Sensitive skin: It can hurt the sensitive skin, rosacea or eczema users by producing excessive redness in certain areas.
  • Protect eyes: If you keep your eyes wide open, it may irritate your eyes.
  • Enlarges the pores: By over steaming your face regularly, it can widen the size of pores.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are facial steamers safe to use?

Steamers are designed with all the precautions to ensure that your face is safe. Before going ahead, consult your doctor if you have concerns about skin irregularities.

2. How often should I steam my face?

It’s best to not do it more than once a week. Steaming too much could cause irritation and burning of your skin.

3. Is it necessary to wash your face after steaming?

You can rinse your face with lukewarm water and use a soft cloth to dry it. You can also rub ice on your face.

4. Is facial steaming recommended by dermatologists?

Almost all dermatologists recommend it because facial steamer generates vapor that accomplishes two functions, they include: clears pores and softens the impurities which help to remove them easily.


We face dirt particles, air pollutants, and even sunburns in our daily routine. As a result, our skin starts to age and look dull.

The steamers in this blog will really help in removing those residues and provide a soothing sensation to our faces.

Furthermore, steamers reduce the expenses on skin treatment and you can even buy expensive steamers at the price of a single spa session. In addition to this, steamers are totally safe to use. It is because steamers do not require any chemicals or toxins. Henceforth, choosing a steamer is the best option for us.

Results may vary from person to person because of differences in their skin types and genetics. Furthermore, consult a dermatologist if you had any skin problems prior and also use a steamer 8 inches away from the skin.

Lastly, if you still have any doubts or queries regarding this blog or any other blog written by us do let us know through the comment section.


In this article, I have tried my best to provide complete and correct information. Moreover, I follow strict guidelines for sourcing the information. Furthermore, I refrain from displaying the facts and data that is garnered from tertiary sources. Because they might have some distorted information that may cause harm to our readers.

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