Difference Between Crepe Skin And Cellulite? (Guide)

The most common skin problems include crepey skin and cellulite. But people often get confused between the two. So what exactly is the difference between crepe skin and cellulite? And why does it occur? How to treat these skin foes.

Difference Between Crepe Skin And Cellulite

These skin problems occur due to aging or, sometimes, obesity. But the main problem is that it emerges and is unavoidable. You can not undo it right there, but you can at least take some precautions and treat it. Now let’s get deep into it and understand crepey skin and cellulite better.

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Difference Between Crepe Skin And Cellulite

Crepe skin looks like wrinkles, and cellulite is lumpy skin that is underneath the skin. Both of them appear unwillingly and last long. You can treat them accordingly, and there’s nothing to worry about as you can take mild precautions to avoid them. 

difference between crepe skin and cellulite

It sometimes depends on the person and their skin type, and it can also be a side effect of a product or medicine. But there’s a cure for everything, and thus let’s see what precautions you should take to cure it. People experience these types of skin problems at least once in a lifetime. 

What Is Crepe Skin?

You must’ve heard of crepe paper, and crepe skin looks the same. As skin ages, your skin starts to lose and form shrinks that are thin and soft. But it sometimes happens before you age, more like premature aging. Lack of collagen and elasticity of the skin causes the skin to form shrinks, often known as a crepe. Arms, the area near the eye and neck are the most common areas to form crepe. 

The areas that are the most exposed to the sun get a crepe, aka shrink. Having crepe skin and wrinkles are quite different. Wrinkles appear on the eyes, feet, and almost everywhere, but crepe skin appears on the most exposed area to the sun. Wrinkles are a sign of aging, whereas crepe skin can not be a sign of aging in some cases. 

You can avoid it by staying hydrated and use Vitamin C in daily life. Also, you can prevent crepey skin by consuming more collagen supplements. Use more sunscreen or avoid exposure to the sun and take proper sleep; in this way, you can avert crepe skin.

What Is Cellulite?

Dimpled skin on your thighs, buttocks, legs, and arms are often known as cellulite. You can have it if you are obese. About 90% of women face the problem of cellulite, but it’s not a thing to worry about as you can quickly get rid of it. It usually happens when the fatty acids come close to the skin and form dimples or lumps. When the skin is thin, cellulite appears more. 

Different factors cause cellulite. Both men and women can have cellulite, but it is most common in women. There are three different grades of cellulite. The first grade has mild cellulite, while the second has more, and the third has the most and needs surgery. This cause of cellulite can also be due to a hormonal change. 

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FAQs | Crepe Skin & Cellulite

Now, I will answer some questions related to crepe skin and cellulite, which will resolve your queries. These are some common questions that people usually ask and thus, answering them is necessary. 

Can Running Reduce Cellulite?

As you know, cellulite is fat close to the skin, and thus it is visible. Running can also reduce cellulite, but you should accompany a heavy workout if you have Grade 3 cellulite. If you have Grade 1 cellulite, then light workouts and running can be useful. 

Can Crepey Skin Be Reversed?

Creams with retinol can be beneficial in reducing crepe skin. Many doctors claim that retinol topical creams can remove crepe by increasing collagen and elasticity. 

Does Drinking Water Help Crepey Skin?

Staying hydrated can help in many ways. It can keep your skin fresh all day with moisture and reduce fine lines and wrinkles; thus, drinking water will lower crepe skin and other aging signs. 


I think you must now know the difference between crepe skin and cellulite. And as I wrap up, I want you to know that crepe skin and cellulite can also be treated through some surgeries. But for that, you must visit a good dermatologist as it will cost you so much. And in my opinion, you must take some precautions and look for a good diet and a healthy lifestyle to avoid such problems.