Fat Over World Reviews | Trusted OR Another SCAM?

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Fat Over World is a new e-commerce store that offers a wide range of bathroom & other home-related goods. As of now, it has absolutely zero customer rating and that makes it a more perplexing situation for us.

Fat Over World Reviews | Trusted OR Another SCAM?

After a critical analysis of the Fat Over World store, we found out that it was launched about 6 months ago which makes it a less reliable store to shop from. To help you save money, we risked our money and ordered some of the products (yesterday) — we haven’t received any mail or receipt yet!

If you are confused then we recommend you wait until we confirm if this is a scam or NOT! For now, please share your true experience with FatOver and help other visitors.

Should You Buy from FatOver World?

If you are in a hurry for some goods then shop from reliable stores like Amazon and wait for other Fat Over World reviews.

11 Replies to “Fat Over World Reviews | Trusted OR Another SCAM?”

  1. My comment is the same as all the others they are fakes no responce kiss your money goodbye BEWARE

  2. Sure wish I had read the reviews before purchasing one of those “too good to be true” items. Ordered 7/17/20, Tracking showed delivered 7/16/20 and of course no response from seller. Trying to get through with PayPal now to get my money back. Def will teach me a lesson.

  3. From my investigation: It took exactly one week for payppal to refund my money after 50 chat entries. I order an office chair that showed at the FOVER site with paypal guest checkout. When I placed order received no receipt from FATOVER. My paypal receipt was to a foreign address to a different person and a receipt for art. I immediately filled a complaint within 10 min. Paypal sent back tracking said it was delivered and closed dispute. This went on for a week. BAC within 24 hours had refunded my money and closed the credit card I had used. BAC did a great job. I will no longer use paypal and judge a website as safe because it tates Paypal. I warned them of the problem of the Scam 10 mins after purchase July25

  4. Fat Over is a Total scam…I was able to get my money back from my credit card company.

  5. PayPal doesn’t seem to be helping me… Bought a fountain… They said it was delivered in a quarter pound package… That’s horrible they do this to us… I can’t believe PayPal is hem hawing around… It should be a open and closed case by now..

  6. FatOver World needs to be reported to the Attorney General in Utah, because they are not a legitimate business. I investigated and found there a phone number is a fake number and they are not registered with the state in the appropriate way. THEY ARE A SCAM!!! CHINA BASED!!! If you have time, please send a notification (complaint) to the state department online and Federal Consumer protection: see below
    ftc. gov/about-ftc/bureaus-offices/bureau-consumer-protection. Please note millions of Americans trust PayPal and they didn’t provide the security for their customers when they that company opened a business account.

  7. I ordered a 26″ Weber Kettle Grill for their advertised price of $99.65, on Monday the 20th of July 2020. I have not received any acknowledgement from them as having received my order. I called the number and got a voice message stating “the person you have called is not available”. I sent them an e-mail requesting order status. As of today July 24th 2020 I still have not received any response. Since I paid for the order through PAYPAL, I have filed a dispute for the charge. I do at this time believe that this is an illegitimate (scam) web site.

  8. Same experience for me when I bought something. I thought they were OK since I could pay with PayPal. WRONG. First they overcharged me on PayPal, then sent a USPS tracking number showing it delivered 6 hours before I bought it. USPS couldn’t explain that. They would not answer Emails, then blocked me.

  9. Fat over is a scam bought a tiller said that it was already delivered fake shipping number already been used

  10. I called the number on the site and got ‘the person you have called is unavailable’. My phone shows the number in Atlanta. The biz is listed as Utah. I googled the address in Vernal Utah and the satellite view shows a house in a tract development. I was calling to assure the item was actually new, as the price was 30% under anyone else’s. I also emailed and have not received a response. Seems legit to me!

  11. I shopped there and I bought something I knew was to good to be true. I ordered it at around 1 and the next morning it said it was delivered the previous day at 10:13 before I ordered it.

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