Vegamour Reviews | Worth OR Waste? (Vegamour Gro VS Gro+)

Are you looking for authentic Vegamour Hair Serum reviews? If yes then you are on the perfect webpage. We have curated an unbiased report where you will find precise information about the Vegamour Hair Serums. Besides, we have also shared Vegamour Reviews ( before and after) with pictures.

vegamour hair serum reviews

Hair Serums are a revolution in the hair industry. It is the most popular hair care product.  But do you know that hair serums can also protect your hair from hair thinning, hair loss, baldness, etc.? There’s a lot more about hair serums, but Vegamour has something more that you should have a look at. So why waste time? Let’s go!

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Vegamour Reviews • Worth Or Waste? 

Hair serums have worked for every person struggling with hair damage. That’s how Vegamour came up with the idea of Vegamour GRO and GRO+ Advanced Hair Serums. Vegamour claims that GRO and GRO+ have the potential to cure hair damage and make them grow thicker. But are they really not fooling us? 

How can we trust that? We hear a lot of people talking about new hair care products every day. But how to check on all these products? To clear all the questions in your head, let’s know more about the Vegamour Hair Serums.

Benefits Of Vegamour GRO Advanced Hair Serum

Here are some of the Benefits of Vegamour GRO Hair Serum. I hope these reasons will make you choose the right product for yourself. 

  • It’s a risk-free deal as Vegamour gives you a 100% money-back guarantee. 
  • It increases hair density by up to 50%. 
  • Vegamour GRO Hair Serum is 100% vegan.
  • It helps in volumizing hair.
  • It also controls hair loss.
  • You can use Vegamour Hair Serum every day as it can be used to tame frizz. 
  • It is a plant-based product that makes it natural; thus, Vegamour GRO Hair Serum is claimed safe use. 

vegamour gro+ advanced hair serum review

  • You will notice visible results in just 90 days.
  • For best results, use it for 120 days. 
  • It is a ‘guaranteed satisfaction, or we’ll give your back’ deal. 
  • Vegamour Hair Serum is a serum with no known toxins or hormones.
  • Vegamour Hair Serum is a cruelty-free product.
  • Its potent Phyto actives are known to stimulate hair growth. 
  • Vegamour GRO Hair Serum protects and strengthens the roots of the hair.
  • The strong roots cause thicker and fuller hair with no damage.
  • Hair follicles are stimulated with the usage of harsh chemicals, expensive salon treatments, or medication. 
  • Vegamour GRO Hair Serum has no side effects. 
  • It reduces hair loss from any reason by up to 76%.
  • Notice effectiveness in just four months.

Benefits of the Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum

vegamour gro+ advanced hair serum benefits

  • Just like the GRO Hair Serum by Vegamour also has Phyto actives. 
  • It has microencapsulated full-spectrum hemp oil. Hemp oil increases blood circulation.
  • GRO+ has hemp oil, which makes it anti-inflammatory.
  • It has increased the effectiveness of natural activity in it.  
  • The hemp oil present in the GRO+ Advanced from 200 nanometers to 100-150 nanometres helps reach it to hair follicles quickly. 
  • The hemp oil reaches the root level and allows mung beans, and other elements to circulate more to the problematic areas 
  • It increases the length of the hair, strengthens, and thickens your hair.
  • Hemp oil being anti-inflammatory also soothes your scalp and follicles to stimulate maximum hair growth. 
  • It promotes new growth, strengthens hair, and also thickens them. 
  • Moreover, Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum is also cruelty-free. 
  • It is too plant-based and has no side effects.
  • GRO+ contains red clover, curcumin, and Nicotiana benthamiana for better blood circulation.
  • It also has a money-back guarantee.

Vegamour Gro VS Gro+

Vegamour has created two different Hair Serums for almost the same purpose. But the difference between GRO and GRO+ Advanced is that GRO+ Advanced has more natural activities than GRO. 

It’s more effective and has more possibility to work faster and better. Also, GRO+ Advanced contains hemp oil, which is very useful for hair growth. 

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Vegamour Reviews (Customer Reviews)

In this segment, we are sharing some of the ratings by the original customers of Vegamour Gro and Gro+ Hair Serum. Like we all know, everybody has their way of perspectives. Thus, use your intellect while choosing the right product. 

Brittany is 34 years old, and she was struggling with thinning hair. But after she chose GRO+ Advanced, she was amazed by the results. She says that after four months of use, she noticed her hair was visibly fuller. “It feels so much thicker. Thanks, Vegamour, for this nontoxic miracle worker,” she added. 

vegamour hair serum before and after

Stevie is between 25-34. Her main concern is her bald spots, thinning hair, and hair loss from hormonal changes. She used Vegamour GRO Hair Serum and said that she hadn’t noticed any growth from the past few months. But after using it for a while, she noticed visible results, her hair was thicker, and bald spots were gone now. 

vegamour gro hair serum before and after

Michelle A. has been dealing with hair thinning, hair loss from hormonal changes, and bald spots. She’s between 45-54. She stated Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum is the only product that has worked for her. After using it for two months, she noticed new growth in the areas that were bald before. Michelle says she’s thrilled with the results.

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FAQs | Vegamour Hair Serum Reviews

FAQs are the most popular segment of our webpage. Here I answer some questions about the topic which people are concerned about to clear their thoughts. I hope this segment will help you too. 

How to Use Vegamour Hair Serum?

The bottles of Vegamour GRO and GRO+ Advanced Hair Serum have droppers. Fill the dropper and directly apply it to the scalp evenly. Massage it into the scalp with the fingertips. For efficient results, apply to towel-dried or dry hair. 

You can easily apply it in the morning and at night. Also, this is a leave-in serum so you can style your hair like usual. For effective results, use daily. 

Not to mention the fact that you have to use one serum at a time. Both can be applied in the same way. But you have to choose either Vegamour GRO Hair Serum or the Vegamour GRO+ Advanced. They both are different products, so do not apply both of them together at the same time.  

Does Vegamour Hair Serum Works? 

Vegamour Hair Serum can cure hair thinning, hair loss, bald spots, hair loss due to hormonal changes. Many people have used Vegamour Hair Serums and stated that they are quite impressed by the results. So clearly, it signifies that Vegamour Hair Serum worked for them. So it would work for you. 

Cessation | Vegamour Reviews

Vegamour Hair Serum has two different options for your concern. If you have less thinning or lighter hair problems, you can go for Vegamour GRO Hair Serum. But for people battling severe hair damage or hair loss due to hormonal changes, go for GRO+ Advanced. 

These two options are not to be applied at the same time. Vegamour GRO Hair Serum and Vegamour GRO+ Advanced Hair Serumare two different products with different effectiveness. 

So again, if you have any questions about Vegamour Hair Serums, then kindly comment. We respond to every single query. 

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  1. So far nothing its been about 4 months, lts seems they are ALWAYS on back order. Even when you sign up to get it every 30 days. So No its does not work because l am always starting over again. lf l go two weeks without the gummies and then two weeks without the hair serum how is that suppose to work. Saying sorry DOES NOT WORK EITHER!!

  2. I started using vegamour GRO but I feel like I’ve been losing more hair. Are there any side effects? i’m stressing significantly because lumps of hair fall out when I wash/dry my hair.

    I’m half way done with the bottle. Should I switch to GRO+

    1. To be honest, we haven’t received any similar complaints yet but if so then you must stop with it and then wait for a few more days and observe if you still experience losing lumps of your hair. I’ll wait for your response.

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