Focus Factor Reviews | Are The Claims True?

Focus Factor Reviews

There are multiple nootropic supplement companies that offer instantaneous improvement in our memory, concentration, and cognitive function. However, about 90 percent of them are ineffective and have inferior ingredients, which do not contains the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants we require. Furthermore, some drugs even have atrocious side effects like high blood pressure, insomnia, and loss of proper vision. Hence, choosing a reliable nootropic supplement in today’s time is a daunting task.

The year 2020, was challenging for us because nearly 25% of us lost our job due to the pandemic. I was one of the victims and I was jobless for nearly 3 months. As a result, my cognitive and focusing abilities dwindled.

I thought that it will gradually become normal and my mental state will restore. However, in the modern highly competitive corporate culture we hardly get time to restore ourselves. Hence, it became evident that I needed the help of a brain supplement for enhancing my focus, and memory.

There are too many harsh, ineffective, and harmful supplements available in the market. Attributable to this, I did tonnes of research before finalizing the supplement. After a while, I stumbled across Focus Factor, which has really mesmerizing customers reviews and multiple vitalizing ingredients. As a result, I went ahead and got 30 days supply of focus factor for myself.

I am glad to inform you that I got quick results without any side effects. Hence, I am glad to share my Focus Factor reviews in the article.

What Is Focus Factor And Who Manfactures It

Before, heading towards Focus Factor reviews I will like to inform you what focus factor is and who manufactures it. Secondly, I will give you a list of the top-rated products of focus factor. Then, I will provide my personal experience of using the different products of focus factors. Lastly, I will discuss some pros and cons and some of the most popular FAQs regarding Focus Factor.

Focus Factor is manufactured by Factor Nutrition Labs, which is a US-based company founded in 2008. Factor Nutrition Labs manufactures multiple vitamin and nutritional supplements to improve our day-to-day life. Furthermore, they manufacture products for all age groups from adults to children. Moreover, they also manufacture products of different concentrations of the proprietary blend. As a result, a person who has mild symptoms and problems may go for the original pills. On the other hand, if a person is suffering from serious cognitive problems then he can go for the extra strength pills which have a higher concentration of the proprietary blend.

Focus factor has also done double-blind, placebo-controlled studies to prove that the product is really effective and not a bias. In addition to this, nearly all the products of Focus Factors have a rating of 4+ stars on Amazon. Hence, the products are really effective and are people’s favorite.

Diffrent Products Of Focus Factors

1. Focus Factor F29 Nootropic Focus + Energy Shot

Focus Factor Reviews

This product comes in three different concentrations regular, extra strength, and maximum strength. The best part of this product is that they are totally sugar-free and is around 5 calories per bottle. Hence, should not worry about our fitness and physique if we are using this product.

This drink has a luscious taste though it is sugar-free and comes in three mouth-watering flavors. The flavors are Berry, Grape, and RaspBerry. Hence, drinking this energy + focus drink will be a pleasing and vitalizing experience.

I will recommend you to start with the regular strength bottle of berry flavor half bottle at a time. Then gradually increase the dosage to one bottle if you do not get the desired result. However, if you are still not happy then go for the extra strength and maximum strength bottles. I give you the assurity that you will get the desired results after consuming them.

2. Focus Factor Extra Strength

Focus Factor Reviews

Buying this product will sure shot boost your brain’s strength. Furthermore, this product will also replace all kinds of multivitamins tablets because it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and neuro-nutrients. This product enhances our concentration, focus, and verbal learning. Hence, using this product will ensure that you will perform way better in studies and technical work.

The effectiveness of this product is validated by its jaw-dropping reviews and ratings on Amazon. It is because this product has more than 4,000 reviews with an average of a 4.1-star rating. Hence, the rating of this supplement is way better than most of the others available in the market. Therefore, it is my serious recommendation to give this product a try.

3. Focus Factor Brain and Vision Supplement

Focus Factor Reviews

If you are having a problem focusing on something and your vision is also not that well. Then this supplement is a one-stop solution for you. It is because this supplement contains 15 mg of Lutein and 4mg of Zeaxanthin. Lutein prevents blindness and improves vision by mitigating the age-related muscular disease which causes blindness. While Zeaxanthin protects our eyes from light waves like sunlight. As a result, our ability to focus and our vision enhance to a great extend. In addition to better focus and vision, this marvelous supplement also enhances our memory and concentration. Hence, we may call this supplement an all-rounder.

Lastly, this product has one of the highest ratings among all the products of Focus Factor on Amazon. Hence, this product has tonnes of vitalizing benefits and is the customer’s favorite. Therefore, it is my recommendation to give this product a try if you are having issues with proper vision and focus.

4. Focus Factor Elderberry Immunity Gummies

Focus Factor Reviews

This product of Focus Factor is for improving our immunity with the help of its antioxidant supportive ingredients. This is my favorite because of its mesmerizing unique features. Firstly, this supplement has a unique gummy texture with a mouth-watering taste. Secondly, this product is rich in Zinc and Vitamin C which is very important for our immunity. Lastly, this product is GMO and Gluten-free hence it is vegetarian.

In addition to tonnes of benefits, this product is very affordable and highly rated on Amazon. Focus Factor Elderberry Immunity Gummies has a rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon and comes for around 20 dollars for one serving. Hence, one serving of this product costs less than a dollar which is very affordable. Henceforth, Focus Factor Elderberry Immunity Gummies are a must-try from my side.

5. Focus Factor Kids Extra Strength

Focus Factor Reviews

This is the last product on our list and as we can deduce by the name this supplement is for kids. Focus Factor introduced this product because in the modern era the task of a kid has also become back-breaking and gruesome. Attributable to which, our young generation needs an extra shot of energy and freshness.

This supplement ensures the health function of the brains of the kids with the help of some essential vitamins and nutrients. Furthermore, this supplement is totally safe for kids as it contains no artificial colors or sweeteners. In addition to this, all the ingredients are totally natural. Hence, we should not worry about any side effects or repercussions.

The best part about this supplement is that this supplement has a great berry taste. As a result, kids will love to consume this supplement.

Lastly, I will like to inform you that this product has the highest number of reviews on Amazon i.e 5000+ rating with 4.2 stars. This review and rating stats makes it evident that this product is super effective and popular. Therefore, you should give this product a try.

My Review On Using Focus Factor

I am using the Focus Factor products for more than a year now. The first product which I ordered was Focus Factor Extra Strength because I was unable to recall things. It was because I was suffering from depression because I lost a high-paying job during the pandemic.

Initially, I noticed no difference in my recalling ability and concentration. As a result, I thought that this product is also a scam. But, while I was reading about the reviews of Focus Factor I came across an article that recommended I try this for at least four weeks. So, I did not give up my hope and kept consuming the pills.

I will say that the positive effects started to show up subtle by the end of the second week. I was able to concentrate on my work better and was able to complete my routine work in a shorter time span. These positive effects kept on increasing every day and got to their pinnacle by the end of the 8th week.

By the 8th week, I was able to complete my work at nearly two-thirds of my regular time before consuming the focus factor. As a result, I was having a lot of time in my day to explore myself and developed my skills.

Hence, Focus Factor proved to be a blessing for me and now I am earning more than what I was earning before my pandemic.

I even ordered these supplements for my family and I have incorporated two products of focus factor in my life. The first one is definitely Focus Factor Extra Strength and the second one is Focus Factor F29 Nootropic Focus + Energy Shot.

I use Focus Factor F29 Nootropic Focus + Energy Shot before I go to the gym as it provides me the energy required for an intense workout. Furthermore, I have also tried Focus Factor Elderberry Immunity Gummies, and trust me they are my favorite because of their taste. But, I do not eat it on a regular basis because my immunity is good.

However, my mother consumes Elderberry daily because it enhanced her immunity. In addition, she is also consuming Focus Factor Brain and Vision Supplement as she wants to avoid age-related vision problems.

Lastly, I will like to inform you that no one in my family or in my acquaintance has tried Focus Factor Kids. Hence, I can not give you the personal assurity of its effectiveness. But, I have personally used all the other products and they all are worth giving a shot because they are highly effective.

Pros And Cons Of Focus Factor

It is evident that the number of cons of focus factors will outshine the cons. But, it is necessary to discuss all the aspects of a product before buying it. Furthermore, I have noticed some pros and cons which are worth sharing and might even affect your decision. Hence, I am listing below the pros and cons of the focus factor.

PROS (What we liked)
  • The brand is reliable as it being around for nearly 2 decades.
  • The products have gone through double-blind, placebo-controlled studies. Hence, we have the assurity that the products are effective.
  • If you buy a bundle of Focus Factor products then the products turn out to be very affordable as we get up to 20% off on bundeling.
  • Focus Factor offers products for all age groups.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • There are some side effects of using Focus Factors products like cardiovascular and neurological effects. Furthermore, there are some minor side effects as well like headache and sleep disturbance.
  • Focus Factor Extra Strength contains an ingredient called DMAE and consuming it may cause adverse effects like irritation.
  • the daily dosage is 4 to 8 pills which sounds too much to some customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

While I was researching Focus Factor’s product I came across a bunch of FAQs on Focus Factor. I have chosen some of the most relevant questions among them and answering them below. As a result, the readers of the blog will develop a better understanding of the products of Focus Factor.

1. Can A Women Of Child Bearing Age Use Focus Factor?

I did multiple research to find an appropriate answer for this FAQ. However, I was unable to find an appropriate answer to this question. Attributable to this reason, I will recommend you to stay on the safe side and do not consume this supplement if you are at childbearing age.

2. Is Focus Factor FDA Approved?

Yes, it is approved and is manufactured in an FDA-approved facility.

3. Can A 14 Years Old Consumer Focus Factor?

Yes, A 14-year-old can consume Focus Factor Kids as it is specifically made for kids only.

4. How Many Tablets Of Focus Factor Should I Consume In A Day?

It is recommended to consume around 4 tablets of Focus Factor a day. However, you may consume 2 to 8 tablets a day.

5. What Is The Return Policy Of Focus Factor?

I personally do not like the return policy of Focus Factor. It is because they only take returns in case of a faulty product.

6. Are There Any Alternative Products To Focus Factors

Yes, there are a couple of nootropic supplements available in the market. However, not all of them are as effective as Focus Factor. As a result, I did a lot of research and came up with two alternatives of Focus Factor which I am listing below.

Final Words

These marvelous products from Focus Factor proved to be a life-changer for me. It is because Focus Factor offers an array of products which enhances the overall efficiency of our life. For instance, I was able to work better with the help of Focus Factor Extra Strength. Furthermore, I Focus Factor F29 Nootropic Focus+Energy gave me the extra shot of energy for the gym.

In addition to being a life changer for me, Focus Factor also enhanced the quality of my family member’s life. It is because my parents also consume Focus Factor immunity-boosting gummies and Brain and Vision supplements. My parents also gave positive feedback for these products claiming that these products really enhanced their immunity and also maintained a healthy focus and vision.

Hence, I will say that Focus Factor’s claims are 100% authentic and true. I will personally rate this product 8.5 out of 10. The reason why I didn’t give 1.5 points is that Focus Factor does not have a reliable return policy. Furthermore, the product has some minor side effects.

Nevertheless, Focus Factor is one of the best and the highest-rated nootropic supplement brand. Hence, it is a must-buy from my side.


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