Folliboost Reviews | Does It Really Work? (Unbiased)

People try a variety of methods to replenish the hair cells, and fewer of them do work. This report is all about Folliboost reviews. Folliboost is a brand patented in the USA and offers both hair serum and capsules to rejuvenate hair health. Through this article, you will get to know more about Folliboost hair growth serum reviews. We are often embarrassed about baldness or damaged hair when in public. Hair serums act as shields to cure external damage that we unintentionally do to our hair. Serums fix them with goodness similar to oils without leaving any greasiness. Let’s go through the review.

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Folliboost Reviews | Should You Buy It Or Not?

Folliboost is a hair serum formulated in the USA. It is composed of natural ingredients that replenish hair structure and protect them from further damage. Biotin and vitamin b5 constitute a significant part of leading hair brands because of their substantial impact on hair.

According to the package, Folliboost hair growth serum gives you naturally grown hair that is thicker and manageable. It provides your cells with nutrients so that there is least shedding and more replenishment. Folliboost offers you a great way to improve your hair structure at your ease. Hair serums play a significant role in hair health.

They act as resistance against heat damage due to heating tools and other hair activities. According to the customers who are satisfied with the results, you should apply Folliboost serum twice a day. This way, the ingredients build upon each other and work better, clearing bald patches.

Unlike many brands, Folliboost serum comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee it. So there is no scam involved, and you can purchase the serum without worry. Moreover, you will read many more facts about the Folliboost Serum. So let’s move further.

Ingredients of Folliboost Hair Serum

Folliboost serum is formulated from several herbal extracts. While some of them work directly towards protecting hair structure and reversing the damage, the others are preservatives.

Some of the primary essentials of Folliboost includes:


Biotin is a significant component of most of the leading hair products. It is not only helpful for hair but also nails. Biotin helps hair grow naturally and thicker. It helps in regenerating hair follicles. Not only shampoos and serums, but the biotin is taken orally too as a part of a daily routine for healthy skin and hair.

Pea Sprout Extract

Pea sprout extract is full of antioxidants and nutrients. It provides the cells beneath the hair skin with all the nutrients required. It fastens the process of hair growth by implicating nutrients to the hair follicle.

Soybean Oil

Soybean oil acts as a carrier oil for hair full of fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. It is helpful for moisture retention. Soybean oil also helps in better absorption of other nutrients in the cells. The high content of vitamin E in soybean is essential for hair colors and improves the texture of strands.


Arginine is scientifically known to open hair cells, which leads to better absorption of nutrients. Adequate blood supply is essential for cell growth. Amino acids present in arginine makes it a vital part of Folliboost hair growth serum and capsules.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid or vitamin B5 is a water-soluble ingredient that improves the texture of hair. The nutrients in B5 protect the hair from damage caused by the usage of heating tools. Folliboost serum not only enhances hair quality but also protects them from further damage.

How Does Folliboost Serum Works?

Folliboost hair serum offers resistance against damage due to the environment and heating tools. It also protects against future damage to the hair and helps in growth. Serums are a basic necessity for our hair. Also, they provide them with the nourishment required and make hair more manageable.

Folliboost is a mixture of several natural extracts. These include pea sprout extract, soybean oil, arginine, and biotin. Soybean oil acts as a carrier oil, which helps in better absorption of other nutrients and locks in the moisture. Arginine improves blood circulation and provides the opening of hair cells for nutrients to seek in.

Biotin is an essential ingredient of many leading haircare brands. To sum up, the components of Folliboost serum improves hair health, lock in moisture. Also, it supplies nutrients to hair cells and makes them thicker. As I mentioned earlier, the ingredients of serum build upon each other to work adequately. So you have to apply Folliboost hair growth serum twice a day as a part of a healthy hair care system for promising results. Perks Of Folliboost

  • Folliboost hair serum not only acts as damage control but also ensures no further damage.
  • It improves hair structure and provides nourishment to hair cells.
  • It improves scalp health, thus no dandruff.
  • The natural ingredients ensure that there are no side effects and damage to the skin.
  • Folliboost restores hair growth and moisture retention.
  • Folliboost comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • Not available in offline stores.


You can purchase Folliboost hair growth serum either from their website or from Amazon. You can’t buy it from any offline store because it is not available in retail stores yet.

Tricho Labs Folliboost Hair Growth Serum - Natural-Based Formula with Biotin, AnaGain, Baicapil, Peppermint Oil, for Thick, Full Hair - 2 oz. - Helps Fight the Signs of Hair Loss - Made in the USA
  • A Powerful Natural-Based Formula For Hair Growth: Folliboost is a completely unique formula designed to help address the cause of hair loss the safe and simple way. It does this by helping to “reactivate” dormant hair follicles that have slowed down and causing thinning hair over the years.
  • The Easy Way to Support Thick, Full Hair: Folliboost is easy to use, smells great with its peppermint oil extract, and won’t leave your hair feeling overly oily or sticky. Use twice daily for best results.

Folliboost Hair Growth Serum Side Effects

Folliboost serum is safe and legit for use. The main active ingredients in Folliboost are herbal. Natural elements take some time to show results but have no side effects in the long run. Considering the ingredients and the manufacturing process there are 0 Folliboost Hair Growth Serum Side Effects. Also, Folliboost has many users who have no doubts about its efficiency and are satisfied with the results.

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FAQ | Folliboost Hair Serum Reviews

There must be some queries in your mind after reading the above Folliboost hair growth serum reviews. So here I’m addressing the most common ones.

Does Folliboost Serum Work?

Folliboost has many satisfied customers that have posted their reviews online. According to a few of them, Folliboost covers bald patches and ensures hair density. Scalp health is improved, and other issues such as dandruff, hair shedding, and dryness are no longer an issue. Since Folliboost serum offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee, you can try this serum without any risk.

Why Is Usage of Hair Serum Necessary?

Hair serum not only repairs hair health but also protects them from damage. These damages involve environmental impacts and the ones due to heating tools. In short, any hair serum acts as a shield and provides nourishment.

Cessation | Folliboost Reviews

To sum up this report on Folliboost reviews, I suggest you give this product a shot, and there is no harm in buying something worth the value of your money. It acts as a system that offers your hair the nutrients and nourishment required and promotes natural growth. Money-back backs up the Folliboost hair serum and makes it a legit scheme. For more information or any concerns, kindly comment below.

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  2. I RARELY leave posts about products, businesses, etc. but felt I had to for this product. Didn’t know if it would work but I used to have very, very thick hair. Sometimes the grass does seem greener on the other side, as the old saying goes, so I let a hairstylist thin it years ago. I don’t think it was ever the same again – not sure why, exactly. Anyhoo, at the young age of 64 I’d had enough. That green grass I envied? “Astroturf.” I wanted my luscious locks back and figured I’d give this a try. Well…this product is the real thing! It’s hereditary in my family to either go grey early or to have a grey streak. I have no streak. So thinning hair on top of being grey – silver – means the scalp really showed through. Nearing the end of my 1st bottle and my scalp no longer stands out. Even when my hair is wet and brushed straight back! Amazing! And if that isn’t spectacular enough, the new growth is actually darker!!! Even my husband (who isn’t the most observant of beings) even noticed the differences! I’ve already received my next shipment and can’t wait to see what more the next bottle brings!!! Seriously…if you have thin or thinning hair don’t put it off. Get this product. It is truly an answer from Heaven as far as I’m concerned!!!

  3. My hair became much thinner after covid & a friend recommended Folliboost. I used it twice a day with the amount that was naturally in the dropper (roughly half full) and definitely saw improvement within 6 -8 weeks.
    Even my stylist saw new baby hairs growing in.
    My bottle lasted about 2 months & I am now on my 2nd bottle

  4. It looks like they are no longer selling on Amazon. And they are offering a 70% off sale on their website. Do you know it the company is going out of business?

    1. 70% discount is an alert for sure. Always try to buy from Amazon because it means business is doing good. Let me search and find an alternative and update the post.

  5. I am cancer patient & and taking Letrozole 2.5 MG tablet. Do you know if folliboost work with my hair. I have used so many product and not seeing any results. I am getting discouraged. Please advise.

  6. I have a wheat, Celleac, allergy . I see that the ingrediants list wheat substances 3 times. This is a problem?

    1. Hey Susan,

      Yes, the mentioned ingredients are present in the product and therefore, we suggest you consult your doctor once before testing out the product.

  7. I started using Folliboost on 8/19/20 – 6 full months ago (I initially bought a 6 month supply and was fully committed to using it twice a day – which I have). I am VERY dissappointed with this product. It had ZERO effect on my hair! I am STILL having to “comb over” my middle part area to do a side part. I have used it faithfully too. Such a total waste of time and money!

    1. I’m disappointed with this serum. I used this faithfully and cause hair breakage. A waste of time and money.

  8. I need clarification on the amount please. The instructions say to apply 1ML with the dropper but there are no markings on the dropper to designate the amount and it is very hard to fill the dropper because of the consistency of the product.
    Is the dropper amount 1ML if I can get it filled up or is there another way to measure the product?

  9. Do you have to wash your hair everyday between treatments or can you leave treatments on and shampoo the next morning.

  10. I have not tested the product, however, I would like to know whether it works when Taxotere (a quimiotherapy drug) was administered seven (7) years ago. Baldness is one of its side effects. As I understood it, the hair roots/follicles DIE never to come back.

    As a result, my hair grew back ( I was one of the lucky ones) but it was/is very thin with no life and totally unmanageable. That being said, how could Folliboost Hair Serum help to restore dead follicles?

    Thank you in advance for your advice.

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