Peptiva Reviews in 2022 | A Perfect Probiotics Brand or NOT?

In today’s world where the whole world is fighting the pandemic, everybody wants to stay fit and healthy. But, sometimes it becomes very difficult to stay healthy because of various ailments. Moreover, when it is coupled with a weak immune system it turns out to be it turns to be a disaster for our life.

After my 30s I also started to suffer from a couple of immune system problems like indigestion and constipation. Indigestion coupled with sleeplessness left me bereft of a healthy lifestyle. It got evident that probiotics could only help me to recover from such issues now. So I went through various sources, friends, and websites until I found Peptiva probiotics the highest rated among all probiotics. And, it really changed my life hence, I am glad to share Peptiva reviews with you in this article.

Peptiva Reviews

Some of the popular Peptiva products are:

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics are very beneficial for our gut and entire body health. They are formulated from good bacterias which naturally reside in our body. Our body comprised of both good and bad bacterias. When we get an infection, there are more bad bacteria knocking our system out of balance. Good bacteria help our immune system to eliminate extra bad bacteria, returning the balance. Probiotic Supplements helps to increase the good bacteria count in our body thereby enhancing our immune system.

Probiotics’ unique formulation works through the night (sleep) without the interference of food, drinks, or stress. And helps us to restore digestive harmony, relieves the discomfort of indigestion, bloating, constipation, and helps you get good sleep.

There are more than tonnes of companies that claim to offer effective probiotics to overcome these problems. Sadly, nearly 90% of these products are not as efficient as claimed, which results in hundreds of customer grievances. However, Peptiva probiotics is not a forged brand like that 90% as Peptiva’s products have nearly 2,800 reviews with an average of 4 stars along with negligible grievances at Amazon. Even I have been using Peptiva for 15 months, and have not encountered any issues or side effects till now.

Peptiva Reviews

Peptiva Probiotics Product Line

There are a total of 3 products of Peptiva – Peptiva Probiotics + Sleep Support, Peptiva Advanced Digestive Relief, Peptiva Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes + Prodigest. Each product is designed for addressing different immune system problems. I have discussed below my personal experience with these products along with their pros and cons and vital ingredients.

1. Peptiva Probiotics + Sleep Support

This is a nighttime probiotics supplement. Peptiva claims to give us the most restful sleep that can help us to stay energized throughout the day. It is the first Product of Peptiva to be ordered by me because it had nearly 2,000 reviews on Amazon with 4 stars. It is now nearly more than a year since I been using this, attributable to its vitalizing benefits.

Other brand’s probiotics usually take nearly 1-2 months for me to show some effects on my sleep quality. Moreover, the results were not that much enticing to make me continue using those brands. However, while using Peptiva Probiotics + Sleep Support, my sleep quality started to enhance within the first 2 weeks. It gradually improved my energy level and sleep quality.

The sleep quality got to its best in the sixth month of usage when I was sleeping for nearly 8 hours a day. Moreover, I got energetic enough to lift weight run a couple of miles to keep myself in shape. The astonishing results also induced me to order the other 2 products of Peptiva which also provided excellent results discussed below.

Peptiva 26 Billion CFU Probiotic and Sleep Support - Clinically Validated Multi-Strain Probiotic - Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, Melatonin - 30 Count
2,093 Reviews
Peptiva 26 Billion CFU Probiotic and Sleep Support - Clinically Validated Multi-Strain Probiotic - Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium, Melatonin - 30 Count
  • Formulated with ultra-potent ingredients, Peptiva + Sleep Support optimizes healthy digestion while providing reliable relief from occasional intestinal discomfort
  • This powerful, daily probiotic supplement for men and women includes a clinically validated multi-strain probiotic matrix that’s been shown to provide maximum support to help renew digestive health

2.Peptiva Peptiva Digestive Enzyme Supplement + ProDigest

Due to my unhealthy diet regime, I suffered from bloating, excessive gas, cramps after meals, diarrhea, and indigestion. My confidence in Peptiva was very high because of my personal experience with Peptiva Probiotics + Sleep Support. Hence, without frisking much into other brands I up straight ordered this product.

The results were as mesmerizing as expected by me. Moreover, the results summoned even quicker than the sleep support supplement. By the end of the 3rd month, I was totally free from indigestion and other stomach problems. Moreover, it helped me to lose weight by enhancing my metabolism.

Peptiva Vegetarian Digestive Enzymes + Prodigest has 17 digestive enzymes. They help in optimizing the breaking down of proteins, fats, fiber, carbohydrates, and milk sugars in our bodies. Moreover, it also provides relief from gas and bloating which sometimes are very irritating and troublesome.

Along with 17 digestive enzymes, it also comprises a patented combination of artichoke leaves and ginger root, which enhances gastric emptying and healthy digestion.

Peptiva Digestive Enzyme Supplement + ProDigest - Helps with Bloating, Gas, Constipation - 30 Count
383 Reviews
Peptiva Digestive Enzyme Supplement + ProDigest - Helps with Bloating, Gas, Constipation - 30 Count
  • This advanced digestive support formula for men and women fuels your body with a complete spectrum of 17 digestive enzymes that help promote optimal gut health and alleviate occasional discomfort
  • Made with a patented blend of artichoke leaves and ginger root called Prodigest, which has been shown to promote gastric emptying as well as aid the body in processing difficult-to-digest foods

3.Peptiva Advanced Digestive Relief

This is the last product of Peptiva ordered by me. I have used it for nearly 2 months before discontinuing it because the former two were enough for me. However, I am not saying that this product is less potent than the other two, rather than I will say it is equally potent. Moreover, it provides augmented benefits like stress relief due to its calming matrix besides improving digestion.

Peptiva Advanced 50 Billion CFU Probiotic - Digestive Relief - Clinically Validated, Premium Probiotic
364 Reviews
Peptiva Advanced 50 Billion CFU Probiotic - Digestive Relief - Clinically Validated, Premium Probiotic
  • Dr. David Katz, health and wellness leader, and director/co-founder of the Yale Prevention Research Center, created this ground-breaking probiotic to increase good bacteria in your digestive system
  • Peptiva Advanced Digestive Relief includes a doctor-formulated, clinically validated, multi-strain probiotic blend shown to support gastrointestinal health, and promote relaxation and stress relief

Peptiva Probiotics Ingredients

To gain a better understanding of the products it is necessary for us to go through the key Ingredients. Although, Peptiva comprises 3 different variants of Probiotics they have nearly similar key ingredients and bacteria strains. I am discussing the key ingredients of Peptiva below.

1. Bifidobacterium Bifidum

It is a bacterial species of Bifidobacterium. B. Bifidum. It is one of the most common probiotic bacteria found in our body hence has a vital role in our health. The benefits of Bifidobacterium Bifidum are.

  • Helps in preventing and fighting cancer.
  • Have some anti-aging properties.
  • Treat breast pain, stomach, and cholesterol problems.
  • May reduce stress.
Peptiva Reviews

2. Bifidobacterium Animalis

It is a bacterium of the Bifidobacterium genus found in our large intestine. The mesmerizing benefits of Bifidobacterium Animalis are.

  • Improves our gut health.
  • Helps to fight and prevent diseases like celiac disease, obesity, diabetes, allergic asthma, and dermatitis.
  • It improves the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), i.e including bloating, cramps, and abdominal pain.

3. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid

Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) is a natural amino acid whose job is to act as a neurotransmitter in our brain. It is very vital for our brain health, nervous system, and cognitive functions. Intaking GABA is very beneficial for our health and offers the following advantages to our bodies.

  • Reduce anxiety and increase the feeling of relaxation.
  • Preventing high blood pressure.
  • Reduce stress and tiredness.
  • Very effective against insomnia.
  • Improving the quality of sleep.

4. Lactobacillus Acidophilus

It is a gram-positive bacteria species of genus Lactobacillus. They are very salutary for our health and offer the following benefits.

  • Reduce bad cholesterol levels in our body.
  • Help to treat and avoid vaginal infection.
  • Very effective in losing weight.
  • Mitigate the chances of catching the flu or cold.
  • Very helpful for improving our gut health.
Peptiva Reviews

5. Lactobacillus Rhamnosus

It is a bacterium of a separate species in the L. Casei Clade, which also includes L. Paracasei and L. Zeae. The vitalizing benefits of Lactobacillus Rhamnosus are.

  • It helps to avoid and cure Diarrhea.
  • Enhances the gut health of our body.
  • Provide us protection against cavities.
  • Increase insulin sensitivity
  • Help to terminate stubborn stored fat in our body.

6. Lactobacillus Paracasei

It is a gram-positive species of lactic acid bacteria commonly utilized in dairy products. They give a Sureshot respite from abdominal pain along with the following benefits.

  • Improve immune function in our body thereby improving the overall life quality.
  • Reduce oxidative stress and thereby by mitigating the risk of Parkinson’s disease
  • Help to decrease body fat.
  • Help to fight bloating and abdominal pain.

7. Valerian Root Extract

Valerian is a herb that is found in Asia and Europe. Their prime function is to combat sleep disorders and is especially prescribed to patients with insomnia.

Peptiva Reviews

8. Melatonin

It is a hormone that resides naturally in our bodies. It is naturally produced in our brain during darkness to prepare our body to sleep by controlling our cardiac rhythm. However, it can also be formulated in a lab. Therefore, taking them through the medium of Peptiva Probiotics will help us fall asleep quicker.

In a nutshell, I can conclude that the ingredients are extremely safe to consume with negligible side effects. Moreover, they are very salutary for health offering tonnes of benefits hence, we should not worry about any repercussions after consuming Peptiva’s Probiotics.

(For detailed information regarding the ingredients visit Peptiva’s official site or official lab results provided below @resources)

Pros and Cons of Peptiva Probiotics

Although Peptiva is one of the best probiotics brand out there in the market, I have found certain points which one should consider before buying it. These “points” refer to the advantages and disadvantages of choosing Peptiva and using it. They will surely help you to avoid certain long-run issues by apprising about them priorly. Moreover, it will also help in cementing the decision regarding the purchase of the Peptiva Probiotics.

PROS (What we liked)
  • There is no hard and fast rule regarding the time to intake the probiotics which makes it comfortbalr to consume. Because, if one forgets to consume it in a predetermined designated time doesn’t mean that he broke the cycle of consumption. However, it is recommend to take sleep probiotics before going to bed.
  • Scinetifically backed ingridents ensuring us about the quality and results.
  • Free from many allergies, it is vegetarian and safe to consume for nearly everyone.
CONS (What we didn’t like)
  • Somewhat pricier compared to other probiotics. However, the quality and results justify the pricing layout of Peptiva’s products.
  • Requires several months of usage to experience all benefits from the probiotics, hence not to expect quick results.
  • No third-party testing label.

Anyways I will say that the pros outnumber the cons by a huge difference. Moreover, the cons are not that much convincing to refrain us from trying the product.

FAQs – Peptiva Probiotics Products

1. Does Peptiva helps in weight loss?

Yes, the ingredients like Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Paracasei are popular weight loss bacterias. They are present in sufficient amounts in all Peptiva Advanced Digestive Relief and Sleep Support hence help to lose weight.

2. At what age is it recommend to start consuming Probiotics?

Peptiva Probiotics are very safe to consume and are supported by scientific research. We can even give it to infants however, it’s recommended to give it to them after crossing the age of 1 year.

3. At what time should we consume Peptiva Probiotics?

It is recommended to consume Peptiva Probiotics when the stomach is empty. Therefore we may consume it just after waking up or before going to sleep. However, we should not consume the Peptiva Probiotics + Sleep Support Probiotics during the day and should only consume that before going to bed as it’s a nighttime probiotic.

Peptiva Reviews

4. Is there any alternative/economical Probiotics brand?

Peptiva Probiotics is one of the best probiotics brand available on the market, offering amazing products at affordable prices. However, it may not give the same effect to everyone and might sounds a little out of budget to some consumers. Attributable to these the reason I am listing below two Probiotics of other brands we can buy if not Peptiva. I have also done immense research on these brands as well and am quite confident that they will work effectively.

Peptiva Review – A Life-Changing Probiotics Brand For Me

Before, using Peptiva Probiotics I thought the term “probiotics” is another term by MNCs to earn profit for themself. It was because I had tried nearly 5 probiotics brands before Peptiva. Sadly none of them showed a result good enough to make me spend my hard-earned money on Probiotics. But, one of my friends seriously nudged me to buy it for once and it turned out to be a miracle for me.

All of my problems like sleeplessness, bloating, anxiety, fatigue nearly dissipated just after consuming Peptiva for a few weeks. I thanked my friend for such an honest recommendation and I even recommend it to many of my acquaintances as well.

Nearly, 90% of the people to whom I recommended gave me positive feedback. The remaining 10% were not satisfied because of the reasons like pricing and time for effect. However, the reasons for not being satisfied do not summon due to the inefficiency of Peptiva Probiotics. Moreover, the reasons were regarding the budget and time constraints of people.

Henceforth, I have not found any solid reason to say that Peptiva’s products are ineffective. I will seriously recommend everyone to try this product. And keep one thing in mind, good things take time hence, we should also give time to Peptiva to show its effectiveness and should not rush for results.


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