Botox Vs Jeuveau | The Best Neurotoxins Between These Two – 2022

Botox Vs Jeuveau

Neurotoxin treatments are the most potent treatments in the world right now. It is because neurotoxin smooths dynamic wrinkles and prevent aging of the skin by refraining muscle contractions.

However, not all neurotoxin treatments benefit our skin and some even tarnish it or even result in health hazards. It is because neurotoxins result in serious side effects if we use a forged brand. Hence, we should be very careful while choosing the neurotoxin treatment for us as there are tons of forged brands.

I am undergoing neurotoxin treatment for 4 years now and have tried more than a dozen brands now. After trying different treatments I deduced that there are some good treatments as well like Botox and Jeuveau.

Hence, in this article, I will be comparing the two best neurotoxin treatments Botox vs Jeuveau. It will help you deduce which neurotoxin is best for you.

Botox vs Jeuveau – Which Treatment to Go For?

Well, the answer to this question is not very simple. It is because different people have different preferences and their bodies tend to react differently to different products. Hence, pinpointing one product as the best and another as inferior will be totally wrong.

Botox Vs Jeuveau

It will be much better for me to leave the decision for you to determine which treatment is good for you. Attributable to this I have compared them on basis of certain vital factors based on which the majority of customers make decisions regarding the product. These factors are goodwill of the company, Effectiveness, Customer feedback, and Availability and Pricing. I am briefly discussing these vital factors below followed by FAQs so that you can better understand the treatments.

Botox Vs Jeuveau

1. Botox Vs Jeuveau | Brand Overview And Reputation In Market

Botox has dominated the market since its release in 1989 by the company name Allergan. It was among the first neurotoxin treatments to get FDA approval. Botox enjoys humongous goodwill attributable to its long presence in the market and its potency. But, we should note that recently in 2019 Botox has been sold for $63 billion so the goodwill might be affected by this.

On the other hand, Jeuveau is a relatively younger treatment being launched in 2014 by Evolus. The primary reason behind the release of Jeuveau is the humongous surge in the demand for Botulinum toxin type A (A part of neurotoxins) injections in the previous 19 years by around 900%. Jeuveau is relatively popular in Korea and is also called “Newtox” as it’s formulated from Botox ingredients only.

Henceforth both the treatments enjoy a decent amount of goodwill. But, I will say that Botox has an edge over here because it’s been in the market for a longer duration.

2.Botox Vs Jeuveau | Effectiveness, And Longevity

Well, effectiveness and longevity is a thing which varies from person to person. Therefore it will be totally absurd if I frame a particular time period for its effectiveness. But, I have personally asked a handful of experts and according to them, Jeuveau has an edge here. It is probably because Jeuveau contains more toxins and active products.

Personally, I have tried both of them and as per my experience Jeuveau kicks in much quicker. For me, botox takes nearly two weeks to show its effectiveness whereas for Jeuveau it was only 3 days. For the “longevity” I didn’t saw much difference but, yes Jeuveau lasted a couple of days longer than Botox.

3. Botox Vs Jeuveau | Customer Feedback

Frankly, Jeuveau is not even a decade old on the other hand Botox is here for decades. Hence, it is quite a daunting task to find customers review for Jeuveau even after the help of various sources. On the other hand, we are having tonnes of reviews and feedback for Botox.

Nevertheless, the few reviews which were available for Jeuveau were positive same goes for the tonnes of reviews for Botox. But, still numbers of reviews matter as it gives a sense of trust and security hence, Botox is better in terms of customer feedback.

4. Botox Vs Jeuveau | Availability, And Pricing

Both Botox and Jeuveau are readily available on the market. But, Botox is a little bit expensive than Jeuveau attributable to the goodwill it enjoys in the market.

In a nutshell, both the products are equally potent with nearly the same ingredients. But, If budget is your orientation I will seriously recommend going with Jeuveau. Because it provides nearly the same ingredients at an affordable price. On the other hand, if you wanna be cocksure regarding safety Botox sounds a much better deal then.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the effect of a neurotoxin treatment last?

The effect of the neurotoxin treatment lasts depending upon the potency of the “neurotoxin treatment”. However, on average it lasts for around three to six months after that you need to repeat the treatment. I also repeat my neurotoxin treatment every 4 to 5 months to maintain the youthfulness of my skin.

2. Is there any side effect of using Botox and Jeuveau?

Although Botox and Jeuveau are amazing and safe ingredients. But, they comprise neurotoxins resulting in the following side effects.

1. Headaches and pain.
2. Loss of proper vision.
3. Loss of memory and cognitive function.
4. Uncontrollable behavior of obsessions.
5. Sexual dysfunction.
6. Redness of the skin.
Henceforth, I will l recommend taking proper recommendations before going for the treatment.

3. Are Botox and Jeuveau FDA approved?

Yes, both the Neurotoxins treatment are FDA approved. Botox was first approved in 1989 for the treatment of an eye muscle disorder. Evolus received FDA approval for Jeuveau on the 1st of February 2019.

4. Do Neurotoxins affects our nervous system?

Neurotoxins are very perilous for our nervous system health because they alter their function by damaging our brain. However, we should not compare it with neurotoxin treatments. Neurotoxin treatments are FDA approved and have neurotoxins in a minuscule quantity and are well regulated.

5. In How many areas is Botox injection injected?

Basically, Botox injections are inoculated at that part of your face in which wrinkles are likely to show up. Anyways there are three major parts of the face where it is usually injected. The major parts are forehead lines, crow’s feet lines around the eyes, and the vertical ’11’ frown lines between the eyebrows.

6. Do Botox or Jeuveau (Neurotoxin treatments) helps to lift our lower face?

Yes, Botox treatments are very effective in fighting age. Due to age, our muscle elasticity plummets and our lower face sags down. But, with the help of neurotoxin treatments, we can overcome this issue.

An Amazing Treatment Vitalizing The Youthfulness Of Your Skin

I am going through neurotoxins treatments for 6 years now with the first treatment at the age of 35. I am glad to apprise you that there is negligible aging in my skin as compared to my friends who didn’t try Botox or Jeuveau. Usually, I get the treatment by the end of five months. But, 1 and a half years back I shifted to Jeuveau attributable to its price and longevity after that the interval increased from five months to six before going for the treatment.

To date, I have not faced any issues like redness, irritation, or any other side effect. But, we should not ignore the fact that neurotoxins are very perilous for our health. Secondly, there are not many studies to prove these treatments totally safe for usage. Hence, we should take proper precision and care before going for this treatment. Nevertheless, it’s an amazing product and should be tried to maintain the youthfulness of the skin after taking proper consultation.


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