Perricone MD vs Obagi | Which One Is For You

It would have been really a blessing if everyone knew which product is best for them, right? Sadly, in the present market conditions, three are really a dozen of good brands and hundreds of bad ones. Ignorant customers are not aware of these tactics. They are being duped every day by aggressive selling tactics of unethical companies to buy their products. The double whammy arises when the customers are not even aware that which product will suit them. Hence, it is very important for us to have some basic understanding of the products and brands. This is very beneficial for us as it helps to avoid buying bad products leading to health hazards and monetary losses.

In this article, we will solve the issue of choosing the right skincare brand by comparing the two finest brands in the market. We will compare Perricone MD VS Obagi by considering the elements like effects, feedbacks, etc. Moreover, we will also focus on other things apart from the products like certifications and goodwill of the brand. However, every product has a different impact on different skin issues. Hence, I will only write a dispassionate review of the brands, leaving the decision part on the reader’s disposition.

Which One Is Best? | Perricone MD VS Obagi

Well, the answer is not very simple, as Perricone MD might be good for one and Obagi good for another. Hence, I have done a brief comparison of the Effectiveness, Brand information, availability, best products, and customer feedback in this article below. This will not only help you to deduce the product’s specifications but will also help you in identifying your needs and the right product to quench them.

1. Perricone MD VS Obagi | Brand Overview And Reputation In Market

Perricone MD was created by Dr. Nicholas Perricone in 1997. The prime purpose of Perricone was to the averse aging norm in society during that period by rolling out innovative products. On the other hand, Obagi was found In 1988 by Dr. Zein Obagi a world-renowned dermatologist. To formulate high-power skincare products.

It should be noted that recently Peppricone MD is being sold to THG (The Hut Group). This transaction may attribute to the change in the goodwill of Peppricone MD in long run.

Both the brands have a prestigious background which along with some astounding beauty awards. The most venerated awards won by Perricone MD’s products are the 2016 Allure Best Of Beauty Award won by Perricone M.D. Pre: Empt Series Oil-Free Hydrating and the NewBeauty 2019 Award won by Perricone MD Deep Crease Serum won NewBeauty 2019 Award. On the other hand, Obagi is bestowed with the awards like Best Skincare in the Second Annual NewBeauty Magazine Choice Awards for its Nu-Derm Clear fighting dark spots. These phenomenal awards give a sense of trust among us that these brands are legit and worth giving a try.

Perricone MD VS Obagi

2. Perricone MD VS Obagi | Effectiveness

It is very evident that both the brands are very potent and have ample proofs for that. However, I have personally used some of Obagi’s and Perricone’s MD products myself. I have seen a subtle difference between the time taken by the products to show results. However, by the end of the month the results tend to equalize but for some users quick result is the key.

On average, I will say that Obagi’s products prove to be slightly more effective in the long run. The reason behind this is that Obagi’s Systems have a wide variety of choices. It helps the customers to choose the products which are most comfortable to the skin and gradually enhance the skin. But, Perricone MD’s product generally takes around 2 weeks to show their effectiveness on mine skin.

Whereas while using Obagi Professional C Serum 20% the results were quick. By the end of the first week, my dark spots mitigated to a glaring extend and there was a subtle brightness in my skin. However, one of my friends started using Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester Brightening Amine Face Lift at the same time. And, I will say by the end of the month the results were the same. But, during the first week, Obagi MD was better.

3. Perricone MD VS Obagi | Availability

It is really a blessing when we get the best product for ourselves with ease. For many customers have strict time constraints, and might even spend another dollar to save time. For me procuring Obagi products is quite a hassle, because all the products are not available on Amazon. Moreover, unlike Perricone MD most of Obagi’s skincare products require prescriptions which acts as a double whammy along with unavailability on popular websites.

Surely Perricone MD has an edge on availability terms. However, it is not the end of the story for Obagi. There are many products of Obagi which are available on various websites and don’t require you to undergo the prescription hassles. But, I will seriously recommend going for a prescription if suffering from harsh skin problems before buying.

4. Perricone MD VS Obagi | Which Customer Gets Best Outcome?

We may consider the outcome as an extension of the effectiveness section. However, here we will prudently discuss the term “which customer” by that I mean to refer to the age of the customer along with the skin problems suffered by him.

Frankly, Obagi has an advantage in this point by a glaring difference. It is because Obagi comes with a wide variety of systems for a particular variety of customers and problems. System Like Obagi 360 system works perfectly for young people. And, they can switch to CLENZIderm M.D. Acne Therapeutic System after attaining the age of 40 or developing mature skin for best result.

Nevertheless, Peppricone is also a world-class brand and covers almost all the variety of skincare products. However Peppricone MD is popular for its anti-aging product. This does not end the story for Peppricone MD and neither it means that it’s not good for young people. It only means to say that Peppricone MD’s best product line is for mature skin.

Perricone MD VS Obagi | Overall Review

In a nutshell the above comparison made it evident that both the brands are flabbergastingly well suited for everyone. However, some minuscule reasons like time availability, speed of the results is a pivotal factor for some customers. As a matter of health, we should have an overlook in the ingredients of the products as well. (Provided on our website for Obagi and Perricone MD. For detailed ingredient analysis you may visit their official websites given below in sources.)

There are also many points where both these brands have nearly similar traits. These traits are

  1. Pricing- Both these brands have nearly the same price range for their products with a little variation.
  2. Customer Reviews- On average most of the products launched by these brands have 4 star plus reviews. However not many reviews of Obagi are available on amazon attributable to its recent launch in online markets.
  3. Scientifically Backed Products– Both the brand’s products are scientifically backed.

Personally, I did not find any certain reason to persuade me to switch to a particular brand. For me, both Obagi and Perricone MD are amazing brands with many similarities. However, certain factors might sound much appealing to particular customers. But, remember they are almost the same and we should give them a try to check their action on our skin and then make a judgment regarding which brand to stick with.

FAQ Of Obagi SkinCare And Perricone MD

There are certain questions, grievances, complaints, and queries that are being asked for both brands. I have gone through tons of them and have picked and answered some of the most common and relevant ones below.

1. Is Obagi/Perricone MD Natural?

Neither Obagi nor Perricone MD is an all-natural company. However, Obagi’s SUZANOBAGIMD line has naturally sourced ingredients.

SUZANOBAGIMD Balancing Toner, 6.7 fl oz Pack of 2
  • Restores skin’s natural pH, minimizes the look of pores and oily skin, and leaves skin feeling refreshed and clean.
  • Completely removes oil buildup, makeup and impurities. Lightly scented with a fresh naturally derived scent of white grapefruit.

2. Is Perricone MD/Obagi Cruelty-Free?

Unfortunately, Obagi is not cruelty-free. However, they do not test on animals until and unless mandated by FDA. On the other hand, Perricone MD does not test its products on animals.

3.Does Obagi/Perricone MD Products Do Really Work?

Absolutely, both the companies are amazing and their products are very effective. I am myself using Obagi”s Nu-Derm system and it really changed my skin texture to a better one.

Perricone MD VS Obagi

Popular Products

For the comfortability of new customers of Perricone MD and Obagi Skin Care, I have listed below some of the highly rated and popular products of each brand to start your skincare journey with. I have also tried these products as well hence, I can assure you that these will be effective.

Obagi Skin Care Products

Perricone MD Products

Conclusion | One Of The Finest Brands In The Market

I will personally say that we should not see things in black and white. Both the brands are some of the best out there in the market and I am using the products of both of the brands as well. However, if you are in your 30s I will say and sufficient time for getting a prescription Obagi might be a better choice. However, if you have mature skin or not having a serious skin issue you may go for Perricone MD.

I will say again that both the brands are equivalent in performance just certain personal elements will help you to determine which brand you are buying. At last, we should also note that different products have different impacts on different individuals. Hence, the prudent manner of finalizing the decision will be to try the brands at least once.


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