Popi Hair Growth Serum Review | An Unbiased Report

With the coming rainy season comes a lot of problems for our hair. The damp atmosphere leads to hair fall and damage. With a little bit of external care, we can ensure the proper health of our hair. In this article, you will find honest and unbiased Popi Hair Growth Serum reviews.  Haircare is often a discarded topic, and it shouldn’t be. When the talks come to hair health, serums are an essential aspect. They help in moisture lock and condition the hair- the nutrients in the serum help prevent further damage and ensure hair growth. There are not many websites that provide you with correct popi hair growth serum reviews.

Popi Hair Growth Serum Reviews

Popi hair growth serum is a scientifically proven formula for effective hair care. This serum contains natural ingredients that are well known for their effect on skin and care hair. We often ignore the underlying hair problems like hair fall. But these problems can lead to less hair growth and damage, which takes even longer to get treated.  Hair fall is the first sign of hair damage.

There can be different reasons for hair fall, starting from deficiency of nutrients to medicinal effects. These signs can be taken proper care of when appropriately treated. Popi hair growth serum contains ingredients that increase blood flow in the scalp to prevent hair damage further.  Proper blood flow in the hair cells ensures sufficient nutrient supply to each hair follicle. Ample blood supply will help in the improvement of the scalp. DHT blockers present in popi hair growth serum will prevent DHT production, which affects hair growth. Usage of the serum will leave you with less damaged hair.

Ingredients of Popi Hair Growth Serum

Apart from the mentioned ingredients, popi hair growth serum also contains flower root, glycerin, carbohydrates, propylene glycol, and methacrylic acid. All these ingredients are known scientifically for their effect on hair care.

Ginger Extract

The antioxidants in ginger serve many benefits to both our skin and hairs by treating dandruff, skin burns, and acne. The ginger extract helps in hair growth by stimulating hair follicles. The nutrients present in ginger help in hair loss by strengthening the hair strands. It also locks in the moisture in the hair roots. Other than hair growth, the antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals help prevent dandruff and split ends by treating scalp infection.

Ginseng Extract

Ginseng is part of hair care in some cultures for a long time. Ginsenosides, a compound present in ginseng extract, is a natural DHT blocker that slows down the production rate of DHT. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT is responsible for the damage of hair follicles. Ginseng helps hair growth by creating new cells and strengthening the follicles, thus assisting in hair breakage and damage prevention. Sufficient nutrients make ginseng an essential ingredient in many hair care products.

Grape Seed Oil

Grapeseed oil is an essential component in popi hair growth serum. The crucial aspect of grape oil is that it increases the hair scalp’s blood flow, which is a significant part of healthy hairs. Stable blood flow ensures that the supply of nutrients to hair follicles is balanced. Vitamin E and OPCs present in grape seed oil make it another excellent DHT blocker. This oil also contains Linoleic acid, whose deficiency leads to hair loss and scalp infections.

Rose Oil

Rose oil is an essential ingredient in hair and skincare products. The nutrients present in rose oil are known for treating acne and skin dehydration. The phenyl ethanol in the rose oil helps treat inflammation and acne in the hair scalp. Rose oil ensures hair growth by strengthening the strands. It is a high tendency Microbial component, making it beneficial for hair products.

How Does Popi Hair Growth Serum Work?

Popi hair growth serum is a lab-made, tested product for its efficiency. The all-natural ingredients are scientifically known to help in hair care. They have been a part of the medicinal culture for a long time. The ginseng extract and grape seed oil have components naturally known for their effectiveness as DHT blocker.  DHT or Dihydrotestosterone is responsible for damage to hair cells. A high amount of DHT weakens the natural strength of hair follicles and replenishes them.

Ginsenosides (in ginseng) and vitamin E and OPS (in grape seed oil) slow down the DHT production rate. They help in the growth of hair follicles.  The ingredients and efficiency of popi hair growth serum naturally ensure hair growth. It treats scalp infections that are responsible for dandruff, split ends, scalp acne, and inflammation. This hair serum strengthens the hair strands and prevents them from further damage. Popi hair growth serum conditions the hair and is suitable for all hair types.


  • Popi hair growth serum consists of all-natural ingredients.
  • The natural ingredients are well known for their effect on hair and skincare. They are a part of medicine for decades.
  • The well-curated formula strengthens the hair follicles and prevents further hair damage.
  • The antioxidant, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties of the hair serum treats dandruff and split ends.
  • User-friendly return policy.


  • Some of us may find popi hair growth serum expensive.
  • The shipment usually takes about 60 days to deliver.
  • Popi Hair Growth Serum is available online only.


While popi hair growth serum is active and has no known side effects, few of us can find usage of the serum uncomfortable. Popi Hair Serum is available only on their website for $59.90 for the pack of three bottles of the product. Many of us believe that the product is a bit expensive, but in my view, some products are worth purchasing despite their price. Also, the makers offer a user-friendly service. If you are unhappy with the results, then you can return the product at any time.

Popi Hair Growth Serum (FAQ)

Out of many daily queries about popi hair growth serum, you will find satisfactory answers to a few common ones.

How to Use Popi Hair Growth Serum?

Popi hair growth serum is a scientifically made hair care product that indulges with the goodness of ingredients like ginseng extract, ginger extract, and rose oil. You have to use the product just like any other serum. Apply 2-3 drops of the product on the scalp. Make sure that the serum is entirely absorbed in the follicles. For better efficiency, apply the serum along the length and leave it overnight.

According to the makers, letting the serum absorb in the hair cells on its own is the best way to use it. The heat from the hairdryer will help absorb the product quickly but will lack the serum’s proper benefits.

After How Long Will the Effect Be Visible?

Hair Care products need adequate time for the results to be visible. Depending upon the length of your hairs, the serum will start showing effects anytime between 3-7 months. To get effective results, you will have to apply the serum as directed daily and leave it to dry naturally.

Does Popi Hair Growth Serum Work?

Popi hair growth serum will show effects after some months of regular use. The results of hair care products often need time. The ingredients are natural, so there is no risk of side effects. The components of the serum are scientifically known for their effective results.

Ginger and ginseng extract help in hair growth by creating hair follicles and preventing the damage.  The ginsenosides and vitamins help in blocking DHT, the primary reason for hair fall. Popi hair growth serum helps in hair growth by strengthening hair cells.

The essential oils improve blood circulation, which ensures the proper supply of nutrients to the cells. Adequate blood supply is necessary for healthy hair and also treats scalp infection and split ends. Thus all the qualities make this product a genuine one despite its price.  Not to exclude that Popi Hair Serum is no magic it will provide whatever your hair roots require and might not work. If you want to seriously rejuvenate your hair then click the button below and I guarantee you the best results.


While the above popi hair growth serum review is apt in my view, the effectiveness and statement can vary from person to person. The all-natural ingredient-based serum shows zero side effects. The DHT blocker helps grow hair naturally. As a result, hair is strengthened and less prone to damage. The well-curated formula makes hair care more manageable than before.

For some of you, the product can be expensive, to which I agree. But popi hair growth serum is worth purchasing. Buying a valuable commodity that is sufficient is way better than buying something cheap, which can cause side effects. Haircare is not a thing that should be fulfilled with carelessness. Hairs are an essential part of our body that should be free of split ends and damage.

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  1. I received 4 bottles of popihair the other day had not tried it, will begin tomorrow.

  2. I got popi hair to grow my hair back didn’t work I’m losing my hair like crazy now it’s sad I’ve never seen my hair fall out this bad I Tried to write them and no reposed back it very disappointing cause I was so happy to get it to try and grow my hair long

  3. I got mine the other day after waiting almost a whole month. The packaging looks cheap tbh. It has a strong smell, it is greasy looking in my hair. but according to my research, it was once called “lavdik” but then they changed the name to “popi” and I’m pissed because the “lavdik” bottles sold for like $6 on amazon and I paid damn near $60 for 4 bottles. I just started using it so I can’t say if it works but, I do regret purchasing it as it seems like a scam.

  4. Mine also cane damaged and not the amount I ordered. It leaves your hair really greasy so people with thin hair like myself cannot use it in the morning. I am not sure if it works, I am hopeful but it was not called Popi like most people have stated here and it smells like Pinesol.

  5. I ordered it got it in 3 weeks. My package was damaged and 2 bottles damaged. So that sucks. Use a really good shampoo/conditioner with it. I’m not really impressed so far I have only been using about a week. Don’t have much because it was damaged and leaking. SUCKS. Hope they send 2 new bottles.

  6. I ordered and received exactly what I ordered. Not sure what the fuss is about but I’m of a mixed background and my hair is growing…exactly how it says. No regrets

    1. i am on day 3 of mine and im just confused on how to exactly use it. i have thick hair and it says only 2-3 drops.. like actual drops or 2-3 vials??? also how long did it take for your hair to start growing?

  7. It’s FAKE FAKE FAKE they advertise Popi hair instead they send something completely different and it DOES NOT WORK!!! I am really annoyed as I feel like I wasted my money they keep advertising on snap chat plz don’t waste your time or money

  8. Please do not buy it’s a scam they advertise Popi hair serum but instead you get something completely different and it doesn’t work I am absolutely fuming as I trusted the company as it kept appearing on snap chat adds wth it’s actually so rubbish I feel like Iv wasted my money

  9. I ordered “Popihair” and received “Lavdik” Ginger and Ginseng extract oil. So what “Popihair” says about the special rice formula is a bunch of bull. Don’t waste ur time and money like I did. I’m trying to get a full refund because it’s false advertising.

  10. I want to know if this really really ACTUALLY WORKS because I really love my hair it’s curly It’s 100% natural and I don’t want to damage it at all also does this affect my curls cz I have very very bouncy tight long beautiful curls so I’m concerned that my hair will change get damaged with this if I buy it

    1. Hey Gema!

      The brand has not offered that it will affect the type of your hair and it is a serious concern for people like you. If you really love your hair and want a solution to grow hair safely then CLICK HERE

    2. I have super curly hair and was looking into trying a new serum, because of the dramatic ads. Popi seems like a scam, but I have been using Hollywood Hair Bar growth serum for the past 3 months and have definitely noticed a difference in growth. I just bought the regular strength, not the extra; but I think it’s something worth looking into if you want a hair growth product.

  11. Not sure about Popi but that hair rejuvenator program you suggested seems pretty challenging.
    Just ordered that and started with it.

    Will share my review of it by next week!!

      1. Don’t waist your money it doesn’t work at all and it’s not Popi hair the package it’s false advertising they send the package from another company. I have used this product for 3 months and I have not seen no difference at allllllll

        1. I hope my review gets posted because I’m tired of scams and false advertising. I received not “Popihair “ but Lavdik Ginger and ginseng extract serum. What happened to the special amino acids from the rice that they claimed? Thank you for telling it like it truly is. False advertising!

          1. Did the other serum u received at least work? Cuz I ordered it today and then saw ur comment and am very bummed out rn. I’m wondering wether the other product at least works

    1. I ordered mine April 4 and still haven’t received it, as soon as I do I will post how long it took and start the progress ?

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