Vida Hair Growth Reviews | Side effects, ingredients, complaints & more!

Today, you’ll be reading our unbiased Vida Hair Growth Reviews. Who doesn’t love their hair? And in today’s world, hair is something that we all prioritize. Vida has some intriguing products that one must try. Not just this, but also I’m going to review some products by Vida Hair Growth.

Vida Hair Growth claims some grave matters and states to be the best in town. How much right is it? Is it possible? Let’s find out. And also, see what their direct customers have to say about Vida Hair Growth and how to use Vida Hair Growth Products.

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Vida Hair Growth Reviews 2021 | Nonpartisan Review

Hair is our jewelry, and we love to do experiments with it. I love to carry my hair open, but mostly I go for a messy bun, or it depends upon the outfit and occasion. Similarly, if you are fond of having your hair loose, then you must be aware of the damage it brings. You see, there are numbers of products and brands where they claim to be the best, but Vida Hair Growth is moving ahead of the time.

They say that Vida can treat crucially damaged hair and even help people suffering from Alopecia, balding, telogen eluvium, etc. We don’t know how true is it, but we can give you a glimpse of the products by Vida Hair Growth and how effective it is. Also, you’ll get to know what their customers have experienced.

Vida Hair Growth Product Reviews

Starting with the first, I will familiarize you with the Vida Hair Growth product line and its ingredients. So, let’s get started. Vida Hair Growth has a series of products and listing them all will be a challenging task. So, I will be reviewing their most popular 4 item hair growth set. I will list all the products from Vida Hair Growth 4 item hair growth set briefly for your convenience.

Vida Growth Shampoo Review

Claims to treat hair loss from chemotherapy, growth shampoo is specially has been designed to nourish hair deeply. It provides hair with nutrients and vitamins and gives hair a fresh look making it strong.

It treats dandruff, hair breakage, split ends and shedding. Growth Shampoo asserts even to treat telogen eluvium. The bottle is 16 oz in size. Ingredients

  • Shikakai
  • Yucca
  • Thyme
  • Yarrow
  • Watercress
  • Molasses

Vida Growth Conditioner Review

Conditioners are my favorite because of the aftereffect they have on our hair. And Vida Hair Growth Conditioner has a soft and creamy texture that helps hair to feel silky and nourished. It also moisturizes the hair and makes it smooth.

Growth Conditioner strengthens the hair follicle and avoids hair loss. It also helps in preventing hair thinning and shedding. The standard size of the bottle is 16 oz. You can see significant results by using cold water to rinse out the conditioner. It will give you a more soft and shiny finish.


  • Coconut
  • Fenugreek
  • Oat Straw
  • Calendula
  • Molasses

Vida Leave-In Tonic Review

Vida Hair Growth Leave-In Tonic is their bestseller and one of the most effective products. It helps the hair follicles to strengthen and nourishes the scalp. The Leave-In Tonic is a blend of natural nutrients which hydrates the hair and cure hair breakage and loss.

It contains many natural plants extract and thus, helps in curing hair shedding. Similarly, the tonic stimulates voluminous hair. You can even use this as a heat protectant or a leave-in conditioner, which is a special deal. You have to apply the tonic and massage throughout and do not rinse it. Style your hair as usual, and there you go. It’s best for curly hair.


  • Bhringraj Roots
  • Oat Straw
  • Rangoon Roots
  • Ginkgo Roots

Vida Hair Growth Mask Review

Hair Growth Mask asserts to treat balding, shedding, and much more. It helps highly damaged hair from heat to nourish. Vida Hair Growth Mask revitalizes hair, making it more robust, removes dandruff, treats dry scalp, and telogen effluvium.

It treats the hair from tip to bottom and makes hair silky and smooth. You have to apply the mask a bit differently for the best results. Likewise, it would help if you used the mask before shampooing. Apply it on dry hair by massaging from head to tip a few hours before head wash and see the results.


  • Bamboo
  • Oat Straw
  • Hops
  • Fenugreek
  • Horsetail Roots
  • Gotu Kola

Vida Hair Growth Customer Reviews

Vida Hair Growth products have customers like the one and only Cardi B. Also, Viva Glam Kay, Miss Angie Mar, and Poaladeza Studio have been happy clients of Vida Hair Growth. Now, what more should I say? Vida Hair Growth has answers to all your queries. But some people are still not satisfied with the results as they wanted more.

Likewise, not every product is for you, and not every product can help you the way you want. So, choose wisely. Choose the product according to your hair type and expectations. Don’t go for those fancy advertisements. I will suggest you look for what suits you more.

For instance, Claire says that she loves the Growth Shampoo because it treated her bald spots, and she observed results after two weeks of usage. On the other hand, Samantha states that the Growth Shampoo has weakened her hair’s roots.

But Suzaine and Martha both loved the Leave-in Tonic as it helped both of them to tame their frizzy hair. Also, it helped Martha in maintaining her curls.

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FAQs | Vida Hair Growth Reviews

Now, let’s start with our most popular segment, where we answer some of the most critical questions about the product. Here are the answers to all your questions.

What Is the Shelf Life Of Vida Hair Growth Products?

Vida Hair Growth Products have a shelf life of 4 months as they are made of natural ingredients and contain plant extracts. From the day of the opening of the product, you can use it for four months only.

Can You Use The Products On Chemically Treated Hair?

You can use Vida Hair Growth Products after a week of getting your keratin or any other treatment done. It is safe and can be used easily on treated hair.

Cessation | Vida Hair Growth Reviews

I believe there is nothing much to cover about the Vida Hair Growth reviews as we have comprehensively discussed everything relevant. Hair is a crucial part of our body, and taking care of it is our duty. Nothing looks good when your hair isn’t perfect. And for ideal hair a good range of products is essential.

Thus, I hope Vida will help you achieve your desired hair, but I must say that choosing the right product is your choice. I hope this Vida Hair Growth review helped you in knowing what you should choose. Also, I’m hoping that this report will resolve all your queries.

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  1. Wow
    There’s nothing I haven’t tried for my stubborn hairless hair line.
    Then I bought Vida hair repair I saw a change in less than 7 days.I even recommend it to strangers… I see damaged hairline I recommend VIDA.AMA
    Thank you so much guys.

  2. I bought this product because my niece uses it and recommended it to me because of my hair being so thin. Since using this hair product, I have lost so much hair, I don’t know what is happening. I don’t understand why this is happening but I have to stop using and I guess I wasted my money on the trio set. Very expensive to lose hair. I had thin hair to begin with, now it is ridiculous embarrassing.

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