Visage Hair Straightening Brush Review | Worth OR Waste?

Are you looking for Visage Hair Straightening Brush Review? So in this article, I have for you Visage Hair Straightening Brush review, which could be the new addition to your everyday hair routine.

Hair is one of the most observed parts of our personality. Our chaotic everyday life gives us less time for their grooming. Well-styled hair gives you an immediate boost of confidence. Good hair requires effort, but salons are not the answer to your everyday problem. You can style your hair at home, just in case you have the correct tools.

Visage Hair Straightening Brush Review

People have been using straighteners, curlers, dryers, etc. For sticking up to the fashion. The majority prefers straight hair that remains on the top. Let us not wander around and move further to the main subject.

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Visage Hair Straightening Brush Review

Aldi-a successful supermarket chain while rolling out its back-to-school accessories like backpacks, desk lamps, power toothbrushes included the Visage Hair Straightening Brush. Straightening brushes are more effective on the hair rather than pockets. So here is my opinion on this product, let’s dig in.


  • It has a super 6-foot cord with a swivel attachment to the main brush.
  • Easy usage like regular brushes.
  • It comes with a flexible temperature range of control from 176F to 446F.
  • It has an LCD for temperature monitoring.
  • Good lengthed ceramic wrapped bristles.
  • It has an air vent which keeps the bush cool.
  • It comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Amazingly cost-effective.

Apart from these perks, let us have a broader overview on why should you buy Visage.

Effect of Visage Hair Straightening Brush on Hair

Hairbrushes used for straightening prove to be less damage causing. Similarly, in the Visage Hair Straightening Brush, the heat is conveyed through the bristles, which spreads uniformly and makes it less intense. The lesser contact with heat, the safer and less damaged our hair will be.

It with a variable temperature option making it easy to adjust the heat in your hair’s opinion. Higher temperatures can be used for thick and coarse hair, while lesser temperatures would be apt for lighter and much sensitive hair. The LCD checks that the heat remains constant. To date, no harmful effects have been observed by the usage of this product.


As the name says, the Visage Hair Straightening Brush is mainly used for straightening. But the curved edges of the brush assist in curling too. Correct handling and temperature adjustment can provide you beautiful soft curls and waves.

It can also be used to dry your hair. Using it at low temperatures would surely consume a little more time, but would add fabulous shine and volume to your hair.

Action on Frizziness

The pollution, weather, and dereliction of hair result in moisture to flee, causing every girl’s nightmare- frizziness. It just makes your hair impracticable to style. For many women, the Visage Hair Straightening Brush is the ultimate beauty weapon to banish frizziness. Considering hefty or shaggy hair, it shall be strenuous.

You will find it useful in removing knots, just by gently gliding the brush through the hair.

It would provide you with smooth locks in seconds.


It was launched as a back to school accessory, so; it is kept budget-friendly. On the official Aldi webpage, it is available for just $16.99 for a single unit. Whereas its retail price remains the same, but on special buys, you can get it for $14.99.


  • Less damaging to the hair as compared to flat irons.
  • It is somewhat a bargain at this cost for such a product.
  • A 3-year assurance.
  • Easy usage and fruitful on sleeking knots, tangles and frizz.
  • Temperature monitoring and control.
  • Avoids tugs and snags that are frequent with flatirons.


  • If you want hair straight as an arrow, it’s not the product for you.
  • It is not successful on excessively thick and coarse hair.

To be honest, this is not the best hair straightner to go for and hence, we have shared our top recommendations below.

FAQs | Visage Hair Straightening Brush Review

So it did my research and sought some frequently asked questions regarding the Visage Hair Straightening Brush. So down below, you would find answers to those queries.

Is Visage Hair Straightening Brush better than flatirons?

The answer is a yes, cause in flat iron. you are crushing your hair between two heated plates. Whereas straightening brushes flow through your hair, causing less harm. Furthermore, you can even use straightening brushes on wet hair, on condition that you are using the correct one. A task is impracticable with flatirons.

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Is it suitable for thick locks?

If you are concerned about thick locks, it will provide you with straight and smooth hair. However, it is a suggestion to use it on higher temperatures and take middle-sized strands at a time.

Cessation | Visage Hair Straightening Brush Review

Not everyone is born with the perfect smooth and glossy hair, which gets styled in a few minutes. For achieving the hair we want, we invest so much time, money, and effort. So we deserve some excellent results. For me, this product is undoubtedly a thumbs up, looking at its performance, price, and functions. It will surely help you out in executing the hairdo you want.

Through this Visage Hair Straightening Brush review, all your confusion are sorted, and you find the correct straightening tool for yourself. Besides, if you have any other queries regarding the stated information then shoot your thoughts in the comments sections.