Why Does Perricone MD Smell Bad? | What Is The Reason?

Have you ever loved a brand, witnessed fantastic results, and still not be able to use it? One such example is the Perricone MD. Most of its products, although quite expensive, give tremendous outcomes. This question is in buzz amongst makeup enthusiasts for some time now. But a lot of users have been facing this issue: Why Does Perricone MD smell bad?

Why Does Perricone MD Smell Bad

If you’re one of those people and are tired of hunting for answers, you’re at the right web page.

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Why Does Perricone MD Smell Bad?

What do you do when your brand new lotion stinks? Many people who have been a user of Perricone MD claim that they find it extremely difficult to bear its odour despite the smooth and soft skin. There is only a specific limit that one can cross for beauty and appearance.

The customers often find themselves stuck between either putting up with the smell or enhancing their looks. However, even if one tries to endure the smell, users report that it is so unpleasant that people at social events and official meetings tend to point it out, which makes it highly embarrassing and degrading.

Now the only question is why? This usually happens when the products contain such a component that has a bad smell. In the case of Perricone MD, that active ingredient is the DMAE. To dig deep into this topic, stick till the end of this article to clear your doubts.

Perricone MD Ingredients | DMAE

Also known as Dimethyl MEA, DMAE is a derivative of vitamin B. It is a white crystalline powder that is essentially used to instigate anti-ageing properties and is widely used in many creams, lotions, and serums.

DMAE is safe and harmless to use even for someone with the most susceptible skin. It reduces flabbiness, wrinkles as well as under-eye dark circles and has shown remarkable effects when applied to the face. Other than that, DMAE is also used to treat ADHD and Alzheimer’s disease. 


However, its one and the only drawback is its smell, against which countless users have issued a complaint. The reason why DMAE is so efficient and effective is that it has high pH levels of at least 10, which makes it highly alkaline. Therefore, these high levels of pH lead to an extremely foul smell. This smell is not detected in all the Perricone MD products but in most of the good ones.

Still Use Perricone MD?

My personal experience with one of the Perricone MD products says that, even if I tell myself to ignore the smell and stay focussed on the results, it gets impossible sometimes. There has to be some way to get rid of that weird smell so that you can enjoy the benefits that it brings without smelling like a rotten fish. To mask the smell, you can try the following steps-

  • You can shield the smell of the active ingredient with perfume OR
  • You can add additional fragrances.

The chances are that you’ll get rid of it in a while, but if these remedies tend to cause any adverse skin reactions, then your only option is to stop using the product. 


I hope you find this article informative enough to answer your question. However, I consider that a foul smell will gradually pass, but once you get healthy, youthful and soft skin, that will stay for a long time. Perricone MD, despite its foul smell, covers all your skin concerns from wrinkles to sagging. It is an all in one brand. 

However, if the smell bothers you too much, then I’ve also mentioned some remedies for the same. If you still have any queries, you can shoot them in the comments section.

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