Banana Body Shape: Everthing Comprehensively

The human body is mainly characterized into three categories that are ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. These are the higher standards for identifying the complete persona for human beings which corresponds to their psychology also. But these are some complex theories to understand. In this article, we will discuss banana body shape and its relevant outlook to improve your overall personality.

To make the reading simple and observation clear in females, we gave some fun yet basic body designs for women, namely; apple body shape, pear body shape, hourglass body shape and banana-shaped. Let us not waste anymore of our time and move further to the main subject.

What Is Banana Body Shape?

Banana shape body

A person having waist measurements that are less than 9 inches smaller than the hip or bust measurements are subjected to have a banana-shaped posture. Research shows that where somebody types correspond to some disease symptoms, the banana body shape is no threat. Instead, the WHR (waist-hip-ratio) indicates good health. If you want to understand body shapes more comprehensively then click [HERE]

Body Type Calculator

It is used for finding body shape in females mainly targeting outfit ideas. To determine the body shape, we use a body type calculator. For the measurement to be accurate, we should stand straight with arms to the side and then measure the following things with the help of a measuring tape:

Bust Size: It is the measurement of circumference around the chest over the fullest part of breasts while wearing a properly fitting bra.

Waist Size: It is the measurement around the waist, above the belly button.

High Hip Size: It is the measurement of the circumference of the upper swell of the hip over the pelvic region. The size varies from 6cm-7cm.

Hip Size: Measurement of the largest circumference around the hips over the largest part of buttocks.

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Characteristics of Banana Body Type

banana body shape

  1. The size of the shoulders and hips are almost equal, and the waist is not defined.
  2. Waist measurement is less than 9”, less than the shoulders and hips.
  3. Banana shaped women possess short waist and flat bottoms.
  4. The body id of the athletic frame, so both masculine and feminine clothes look good on them
  5. The banana body type is also known as rectangle body shape.
  6. The shoulders are straight and more weight is found around the upper back and neck. Famous celebrities having banana body shape are Anne Hathaway and Taylor Swift.

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What Kind of Clothes to Wear and What to Avoid?

Clothes to Wear:

  1. Button-down shirts and double-breasted jackets will look good on the upper body. For traditional one can try blouson style blouse and camisole
  2. Avoid heavy-duty shoes and stick with ballerinas 
  3. Skirts with pleats (usually block-shaped), shorts with pleats, ruffles or embellishments and mid-length pants with pleats may look good for the bottom.
  4. A person with a banana body type can use middle-sized belts.
  5. Mostly, down waist dresses are recommended.
  6. Dark colors mostly black, looks most elegant on banana body type.
  7. One with banana body shape can also try a statement necklace as it looks elegant because of the more weight on the neck.
  8. Skinny jeans look astounding on the banana-shaped body.

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Clothes to Avoid:

  1. Loose-fitting clothes must be avoided if you are a banana body shape.
  2. Clothes lacking in shape must also be avoided.
  3. Straight cut dresses should be avoided, and waist covers should be preferred.
  4. Dull colors do not look good on a banana body shape.
  5. If you are a banana body shape and you have no waist then avoid belts.


The banana body shape is good at metabolic activities such as maintaining the living state of cells and organelles, breaking down of food glucose to pyruvate, respiration, protein synthesis, and digestion. They usually show high metabolism and do not gain weight easily; that is, they can quickly eat whatever they want without having any stress of gaining weight. But the person should check the number of calories taken and released.

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The biggest disadvantage of having a banana body shape is that they do not gain weight till they are menstruating, but as soon as they hit menopause they start gaining weight rapidly and moreover it invites a lot of other health-related problems. 

A banana body shape should maintain a healthy lifestyle after menopause so as to avoid big health-threatening problems.

Overweight Banana Body Shape

The banana body shape does not have many curves, and it is also long and lean. They do not have any shapes in the chest and hips. The chest waist and hip ratio of overweight banana body shape are usually 3:3:3. As they don’t have many curves, they should wear clothes that create an illusion of curves. Off-shoulders tops, round necklines and collared tops will look good on overweight. A-line dresses that have cut across the sides are recommended by stylists to overweight. Tulip shaped skirts, skinny jeans, and cropped tops will also look good if you belong to the overweight banana body type. A belt can give the waist an appearance of the curve.

Styling Tips

  1. Dress in clothes that emphasize the waist.
  2. Wearing belted coats can create the illusion of curves.
  3. A boat necked and scooped neck tops looks most fabulous on a banana body shape.
  4. Flat pumps and rounded shoes look best.


workout for banana body shape

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The body shaped as banana is considered athletic, and many also call it a tom-boyish body. As this body has no curves, one can get them through exercise. One can broaden shoulders and strengthen their physique. Focussing on compound lower body movements can do good in the long-term. Exercises to increase weight are also beneficial for a person with a banana body type. By doing these basic exercises, a banana body shape can add some attractive shapes and curves to their straight figure.


A banana body shape is a common body shape in females, especially in the tall ones. This body does not have curves so it cannot be called an ideal body shape for women. However, people of this type of shape are not prone to diseases. The females having a banana-shaped body can wear any type of clothes and still manage to look good in it. Being an athletic body frame, it possesses good stamina. It does not gain weight easily, but after hitting menopause, there are a lot of chances that they may gain weight. Ideally, this body type is a simple body type with no mere complexities. One can dress willingly, eat willingly, and it is easy to carry and comfortable in postures. Moreover, if anyone is willing to change her body shape and add some curves, she can always gain it through workouts and exercises.

Which body type do you belong to? Share your reading experience.