Best Consultant Speed Language Therapy (SLT) in Michigan


SPEECH-LANGUAGE THERAPY– Speech-language therapy is basically used to treat those kids and adults who are suffering from speech and language-related issues. If a child or an adult has a serious problem with making sounds and also in understanding the words, then speech-language therapy is the best. So, how do you find the best therapist? You can only trust Medstar Rehab for this because they provide you best assistance. Here, therapists are very well trained and educated.

Language disorders a problem related to communication. If a person has language disorders, then he might suffer from the following problems-

Receptive disorders– People who are suffering from receptive disorders have a problem with understanding language. They can’t understand what a person is trying to tell.

Expressive disorders– This means that you have limited words and can’t socially use language because of your limited vocabulary.

Communicate disorders– Disorders related to communication when you don’t have good communication skills as communication skills involve memory, proper attention, regulation, etc.

Speech disorders

When someone has a problem related to fluency and can’t make sounds properly.

Articulation disorders– Problems with making sounds and saying words incorrectly so that the listener can’t understand properly what is being said.

Voice disorders– This includes problems related to pitch, volume, and quality of sound produced. This also caused some discomfort while speaking.

Fluency disorders– When a person is suffering from fluency disorder, then his speech may be interrupted by word repetitions. He can’t pronounce the words properly.

Advantages of language therapy

why consult a speech therapist

Boost confidence– The first advantage of language therapy is that it boosts our confidence level as people who can’t speak publicly have an anxiety issue. Language therapy reduces our fear as the therapists help in improving our accent and communication so that we can speak in public without any fear.

Reduces stuttering- Language therapy also helps to reduce stuttering. The therapist works on our fluency so that there will be no stuttering. Speech therapists may help his/her patients to improve their stuttering so that it comes to an end.

What Speech-Language therapists suggest-

  1. They suggest the patient that he/she should talk slowly.
  2. Take deep breaths while talking.
  3. They suggest them to find a rhythm.
  4. They also suggest the patient avoid those words that will trigger a person’s stuttering.

Improve swallowing-Those who are suffering from speech disorders are also faced with difficulties related to swallowing. Swallowing can be a result of some brain injury, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s, etc.

What speech language therapists suggest-

  1. Biting exercises.
  2. Modification of food and liquids.
  3. Techniques that will improve and strengthen cheeks, jaw, and tongue muscles.

Improved accent– Speech language therapy is for everyone, not for only those who have a speaking disorder. Those who want to gain or lose an accent speech language therapy may help. Speech therapists focus on several sounds and also determine whether a person can be trained or not. They will first understand your speech rhythm, so that where to emphasize more. Actors are the perfect example of when to improve the accent.

Better articulation- After taking a few sessions with a therapist, people learn to articulate words properly, and hence they can improve their communication. There are many ways in which speech-language therapists suggest people so that they can articulate words properly.

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How to choose your language therapist?

Speech therapists who really have a deep understanding with their patients and who have such qualities which are as follows-

  1. 1. Listening– A speech therapists who closely listen to their clients and also understand their story. Listening allows us to understand the client’s interpretation. If you are able to listen to the needs and wants of your clients and their guardians, then it will leave a good impression.
  2. Flexibility- They are flexible and can easily adjust the timing of therapy according to the client’s needs. They must be highly qualified and well experienced so that they may set a goal for his/her client. Goals may be related to improvement in communication skills, reduces stuttering, etc.

Good communication skills-A speech-language therapist may have good communication skills as communication plays a key role in speech language therapy. With proper and good communication, they can easily connect with their patients and also understand the problems which their patient is suffering from.

Good teacher– As a teacher is like a God. So this quality is a must. A speech language therapist must guide his/her clients step by step, both verbal and physical, so that his client may recover faster.

Be Adaptable– You must adapt yourself according to the situation. The ability to change and adjust are wonderful skills that every speech language therapist must-have.

Friendly– A speech language therapist must have to maintain a friendly environment with his/her client. Treat your clients as a friend, not as a patient. Be sensitive to other needs and desires.