Pierce Brosnan Wife Weight Loss | REAL Truth Of Keely Shay Weight Loss

Pierce Brosnan! His God-like looks aren’t the only factor why this handsome hunk is so popular in Hollywood. ‘Pierce Brosnan wife weight loss’ is the hottest topic on the internet today. The netizens are flocking in hordes to unravel the mystery behind the fabled weight loss of Pierce’s wife, Keely Shaye.

Pierce Brosnan Wife Weight Loss

Well, there are several theories online. Some claim that Pierce Brosnan’s wife had undergone liposuction surgery, while others claim that it was the result of some supplement. The truth, however, is far from that.

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Pierce Brosnan Wife Weight Loss | FACTS & MYTHS

It has never been easy- being a part of the Hollywood Industry and remaining under the vigilant scrutinizing eyes of the public globally. However, this has never stopped the admirable Keely Shay from living her life the way she wants.

Married to Pierce Brosnan, Keely is the mother of two sons and a renowned public figure. She has faced a backlash from the international media and public, time and again, for her weight and curvy figure. Before we delve into an array of incidents that possibly might have resulted in the weight loss of Brosnan’s wife, let us know a bit about her. Like Keely, If you tried working out and dieting but that did not work for you then you must try these weight loss supplements.

Who Is Keely Shay?

keely shay wife of Pierce Brosnan

Keely Shay, also known as the wife of legendary actor Pierce Brosnan, is a storehouse of talents. Before she met Brosnan, she had already made a name for herself as a beautiful model and gifted journalist. A budding director, the lady, is also known for her philanthropy and her activities as an environment protection activist.

She is also known the best for being a correspondent in many news shows such as Good Morning America, Entertainment Tonight, and even in ABC’s The Home Show that got her many awards.

This lady has tamed the on-screen casanova, Pierce Brosnan, into a doting husband for 25 years now. The couple had tied the wedding knot in 1994, in Mexico.

Fondly called by Brosnan as his ‘North Star,’ the affection between the couple is evident from the way they display their love for each other. Holding hands in the public, going on vacations, sharing goofy pictures of theirs, this couple of Hollywood has set some primary couple goals.

Why did Pierce Brosnan’s wife gain weight?

Today, when one looks at the pictures of Keely, we can’t help but wonder what had happened to her hourglass modeling figure? How and why did she gain so many pounds?

Well, to answer that question, it seems as if the lady started to gain weight after the birth of her children. This thing is not novel- many women tend to start gaining weight after their pregnancy, either due to unbalanced hormones or an unhealthy lifestyle.

Her weight gain wasn’t something that happened overnight. It had started somewhere around the late 1900s, after the birth of Keely’s first child. Her marriage photographs have a slightly chubby Keely in a stunning white dress in them. What contributed to this weight gain was her thyroid problem and her hard work.

How did Pierce Brosnan respond to his wife’s weight gain?

One thing that the husbands worldwide should learn from Pierce Brosnan is the way he supported Keely when she was suffering from weight gain. Instead of being ashamed of the way her body looked, he embraced her curves with love and affection. This is turn, emboldened Keely, who knew she could live her life the way she wants and her husband would be there to support her.

Repeatedly, Brosnan has claimed how looking at his wife makes him ‘weak at the knees’ and how he likes her’ pants off’. He has always stood for his wife, calling the people commenting on his wife’s weight as ‘nasty’.

The couple can often be seen on beaches strolling or cycling around while holding hands or giving out hugs. The admiring prospect of this is the fact that Keely loves herself and accepts the way she is. That’s the reason why she is often seen sporting a bikini on their vacations together.

Pierce uses endearing terms like ‘my girl’ and ‘my north star’ for Keely and believes that her persona is what brings out the charm in her, while her beauty is just a cherry on top.

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More Behind Pierce Brosnan Wife Weight Loss

Once we know about Pierce Brosnan’s wife, Keely, we wonder what might have motivated her to lose her weight finally!

The incessant chatter that Pierce had threatened to divorce his wife due to her obese looks, and that’s why she decided to take the leap, are nothing but rumors. The truth is that the lady knew what was best for her health, and she decided to opt for a healthier way of living.

Another question is- How did Keely shed all those pounds?

It isn’t that this decision of hers was sudden. No, she has tried several diets like the Atkins and South Beach diets, but to no avail.

Finally, in the year 2015, she shocked the world by losing over 100 pounds. She started exercising and eating healthier. Her diet of carbs and wine was soon replaced with a balanced meal. Not much is available online regarding her change in dietary plans. However, we must remember that instead of going for the fad diets recommended online, the secret lies in a healthy meal with a twist of exercise. BUT if you really wanna burn your body fat fast then you must try proven weight loss pills.

Cessation | Keely Shaye Weight Loss

One thing that I want the readers to remember is that it’s one’s choice regarding the way one wants to live. The international media wasn’t right in calling out to Keely and fat-shaming her. Everyone knows what is right for them and what is wrong. The most primary thing that one must learn is to accept who we are, just like Pierce Brosnan’s wife, Keely did.

If you have curves, instead of being ashamed of them and turning anorexic, embrace them, and if you wish, switch to a healthier diet. Live life for yourself and not for others. Instead of feeling attacked every time you read a story like Pierce Brosnan Wife Weight Loss, try to be inspired to live a healthier and happy life.

Keely came this long away because Pierce never disapproved of her choices- he supported her at every step and hence, their love grew, and today they are one of the most adored couples of Hollywood. Adopt such positivity in your lives, and you’ll go a long way.

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