8 Best Dice Games for Kids in 2022

Dice games for kids are not only simple but a lot of fun and entertaining. One of the best ways to connect to the family is playing dice games together. These may not seem very exciting to the young age group due to the pace at which technology is evolving, but once introduced to the excitement and competition a dice game can bring, you can’t stop yourself from playing it. Dice games for kids have many benefits like these games will help in exposing kids to the wonders of probability, introduce kids to strategic thinking and planning, math calculation skills to use, social skills such as losing and winning. They are cheap and versatile as they can be played with any number of players anywhere at any time. Here we have a list of dice games for kids, which will surely improve the educational skills of your kids in a guaranteed fun way.

8 Dice Games for Kids

Dice games are full of entertainment and are great for a day when you are stuck inside your house because of adverse weather conditions. Now let us focus on and move towards our list of the eight best dice games for kids, which will make kids learn new things in a fun and relaxing way.

Yahtzee (One of the Best Dice Games for Kids)

Yahtzee is one of the oldest dice games for kids. The objective of this game is to score points by rolling the dice, which are five in number, to make certain combinations. This game consists of thirteen rounds. How to play: After each round, the player has to choose which scoring category he/she is selecting. Once a category is used, it cannot be used again. The highest of any category is 50 points. The winner is the player who scores the most points. The best thing about this game is that it can be played by all the generations, i.e. why it is placed at the first position in our list of best dice games for kids. All you need to do is to buy some score sheets and collect five dice to play this.

#2 Knock Out

Knock Out is a simple dice game for kids, which uses just two dice. It helps to teach children to add two numbers together. Two and even more than two children can play this game. Each player has to choose either 6, 7, 8, or 9 as their “knock out” number. Two dice and erase board are needed to play this game. How to play: You have to throw both the dice, add up both the numbers and if you throw the number you choose earlier as your knock out then you are simply knocked out of the game until the next round begins. The last player left when all are knocked out is the winner of this game.

#3 Tenzi

Tenzi is a speedy and dice rolling game for two to four players. This game has to be played in a speedy manner, which results in attaining immediate fun. Tenzi is perfect for tabletop beginners.

How to play: In this game, you have to be the first player who rolls all ten of the dice to the same number. Because speed is essential in this game, it’s too much fun to play this. Tenzi includes 10 colored dice in four sets for 2 to 4 players. It has been referred to as the fastest dice game in the world.

#4 Qwixx

Qwixx is a very simple game to play, but each decision-making is crucial in this game. Your score points depend upon the numbers you cross off. This game can be addictive cause once you experience this thrilling and energetic game, you will be caught up in Qwixx-fever. It includes one score pad, six dice. Qwixx is one of the best dice games that reinforces the probability, math, and strategic thinking of a kid. How to play: The game begins with the active player rolling all six dice. Players need to mark as many numbers as possible to score points, but you can mark off a number only if it’s to the right of all marked-off numbers in that same row. The number of marks in a row will determine the score of that row. Then all the players have to tally their points for each and every color, sum all those values, then subtract five points for each marked penalty box. Whoever has the highest score automatically wins in this dice game for kids.

#5 Farkle

Farkle is played by two or more players, with each player in succession having a turn at throwing the dice. Each throws results in a score. To throw the dice Farkle dice cup is used. How to play: To start, the game player has to throw all the dice at once. After every throw, one or more than one scoring dice has to be set aside. The player can end their turn and collect the score points or continue to throw the remaining dice. If the player has scored all six dice, they may continue their turn with a new throw of all the six dice, adding to the score they have already scored. Once total winning points have been achieved by a player, each other player has one last turn to score enough points to surpass that highest score.

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#6 Run For It

Naturally, a game of runs, which in addition has added the bonus of helping kids learn the five times table, and they didn’t even realize it. It helps to recognize numbers and sequences quickly and requires early strategizing techniques. Six dice, pencil, paper, and a scoreboard is needed to play this game. How to play: Player has to roll the dice and look for runs starting with 1 each dice, which is part of run scores five points. More than one run in each roll is possible. The first player to reach 100 points is the winner of this dice game for kids.

#7 Flash

Flash is the lightning-fast dice game. As the name implies, this is again a game of speed. Each player tries to complete eight challenges as they try to collect up the highest points. It’s best not to blink as any player could score more than you in a flash. How to play: This game in total have 8 rounds. Each and every player has to roll the dice again and again as they want and try to still with other players until and unless they have a combination. Roll a lightning bolt, and you can make it any number you wish. Once you’ve finished, you have to shout ‘Flash!’ and collect the highest point available. The other players will continue until everyone has received a chip, and after eight rounds, whoever has the highest points wins the game.

#8 Uno Dice ( one of the most perfect dice games for kids)

Uno dice game is one of the most popular dice games for kids. This game includes 11 dice. Each dice is different from each others and has some combination of faces in the four colors (yellow, green, blue, and red). How to play: The player who is starting the game has to match the color or the value of the recently placed dice in the dice line. Then that dice are placed in the dice line, and the next player will have to match it by his. Games continue as one dice is added to the dice line by each player on each turn until they only have one die left in their hand. The player must say UNO at that moment, or he/she would be penalized. The penalty for not remembering to say “UNO!” is similar to draw one and draw two dice faces. The first player who has no dice left with him/her wins.


Dice games provide fun for everyone, be it an adult or a kid. I myself have played these games in my childhood and now seeing my kids playing this. These games are never too old to play. By playing these games, not only fun or relaxation is acquired, but also an excellent educational way of teaching is hidden in these games. Today, I have shared the best dice games for kids in 2021 that will cherish your mood. I believe that this playful information satisfied all your queries & doubts regarding the subject. But if you have any queries relevant to the topic then please comment below and I will respond to it. Also, share this article with your friends and let them enjoy these astounding dice games.