How to Cancel Curology? | A Comprehesive & Useful Guide

Hundreds of request emails were collected; that is when cheaperks decided to shed some light upon the subject— How To Cancel Curology? We will not only precisely discuss the concerned query but also answer other relevant questions regarding Curology. Let’s begin.

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How to Cancel Curology?

If it has been less than ninety days, you are on treatment but thinking about canceling it. Wait, cause it might be a quick judgment. These types of customized treatments can take up to months like two or three to get the desired results. The patient’s skin indeed takes some time to heal and react to the prescribed medication. Let’s take a quick dip on what actually Curology treatment is?

What Is Curology?

Dr. David Lortscher, a dermatologist by profession, founded Curology in 2014. It is a subscription-based procedure where customized treatment for every single individual has been set and worked on. All the procedures are done online, where patients are paired with dermatologists, obviously experts in their field of work. An expert assigned to a patient prescribes a customized treatment on the basis of skin requirements. Desired results to the patients are achieved with the help of experts assigned to them. 

Dermatologist experts go through the medical history of the patient provided by the patient himself/herself. The customized treatment prescribed is carefully done after studying the patient’s case and skin type in order to prevent allergies. Medication necessities are provided and delivered at the doorstep, who subscribes for Curology treatment.

The advantage of unlimited communication access with the assigned experts via a safe and secure messaging platform is offered. However, there is no guarantee about the experience of the dermatologist assigned to a particular patient, but they are all licensed and trustworthy.

Curology Free Trial Offer

Like most of the new brands, Curology has applied the free trial strategy to increase its consumer base.  Curology offers a thirty-day trial package which can be canceled anytime if the consumer is not satisfied. Customized medication shipments are sent out on the basis of the chosen subscription plan when a thirty-day trial period ends. 

Message your provider

To start the process, you need to cancel your Curology account first.

  • Click on ‘I want to cancel.’ You will find this option at the bottom of the payment page.
  • By clicking the option, it will lead you to a page where some questions are being asked before the cancellation. Questions asked are to improve the service in the future.
  • Continue the cancellation procedure and, at last, fully submit your request.

Note: Choosing the pause option during the cancellation process will not unsubscribe your account; instead, it will postpone the shipment to the next scheduled time. A confirmation email about the subscription being canceled will be sent. If you don’t receive the email, you have to send an email to the support team of Curology. Absolutely no phone calls are necessary to unsubscribe, so you don’t need to be nervous. Simply follow the above steps to cancel the subscription.

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Want to Postpone a Shipment?

The purchased shipment is sent to the lab for the formulation of customized treatment. That is why you need to apply one or two days before the next scheduled shipment if you want to cancel or postpone. And then only the changes made can be applied properly. The next date of the shipment will be available via your Shipping Page. Changes applied will be considered on the upcoming shipments only. Canceling the account at the last moment will not cancel or postpone your shipments. It will be unnecessary if they have already been purchased and sent for formulation in the lab. Note: If an email confirming your cancellation request is not received by you, that means your account has not been successfully canceled. Email the support team to confirm your cancellation.

How to Unsubscribe from the Curology Email List?

Curology’s support team will assist you whenever you desire. So, feel free to send queries through emails to the support team. To unsubscribe from the email list, click on the “Unsubscribe” option located at the bottom of the Curology emails.

Cessation- How to Cancel Curology?

I hope that your query (How to cancel Curology?) is well answered and you do not have any other doubts. Apart from the main subject, we also shared other information about Curology, for instance, free trial & postponing shipment. If you have any doubts relevant to the subject then let us know by commenting below. Also, share this useful information with your mates and help them explore the whole procedure of canceling Curology.

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  2. I explained during the beginning that I wanted to try the product before committing to the product. Please do not take a subscription payment again. I wanted time to try the product. So I will be taking this to the bank and if so an attorney. Thank you Deiedre Barksdale

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