Monat Intense Repair Treatment Review | Worth The Hype?

Hair is an integral part of our body, and they play a significant role in contributing to our personality. They present us to the world boldly as “who we are”. Monat Intense Repair Treatment is a product that alleges to take care of our hair. The product can make the exhausting process of hair care hassle-free. And this is an unbiased Monat Intense Repair Treatment Review to resolve all your queries regarding the spray.

monat intense repair treatment review

The hair decides our look, personality, outfit, and mood for the day. Thus, they demand a lot of care and maintenance to preserve their beauty and texture. Monat Intense Repair Treatment claims to be the best treatment for your hair. Let’s find out together.

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Monat Intense Repair Treatment Review • Worth The Hype?

With our such busy schedules, lack of nutritional diet, stress, and pollution, it seems impossible to have healthy hair. Approximately 35 million men and 21 million women in the US are affected by hair loss. About 25% of males experience Androgenic Alopecia  (pattern baldness) even before the age of 21. 

The case is worse in females; over 50% of females suffer from the problem of hair loss. If you are concerned with these statistics, mind you, the numbers are getting severe by each passing year!

If you’re wondering what could be done to protect your hair; change your lifestyle habits? Oh, but that’s not a practical option! Give up junk and consume proteins and healthy foods? Ugh, that’s a NO! Stop the stress and pollution? We all know that’s not possible in our current life routine. 

So is there any real solution that works for our hair and fits in perfectly with our ‘millennial’ lifestyle? In search of a hair saviour product, we came across Monat Intense Repair Treatment. Let’s find out if the product works or talks like several other already available haircare brands. 

What Monat Intense Repair Treatment Claims?

Do you want to prevent your hair from thinning and breaking-out? Monat Intense Repair Treatment helps in stimulating the natural regeneration of hair follicles, reduces scalp inflammation. The spray treatment counteracts the formation of DHT and prevents hair thinning. Use twice a day, and you will soon notice the hair getting strong and regrowing and turning into luxurious locks.

monat intense repair treatment benefits

Monat Intense Repair Treatment Ingredients

Each self-care product has a list of ingredients, and we understand it gets tough reading the bottle label. Mostly, we don’t even realize those substantial scientific terms. I am here to help you out by giving you a closer look at the ingredients. Let’s understand what Monat Intense Repair Treatment is serving us.

Some of the most highlighted ingredients of Monat Intense Repair Treatment are:

  1. Water (Aqua)
  2. Butylene Glycol
  3. Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3
  4. Trifolium Pratense (Clover) Flower Extract
  5. Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein
  6. Dextran
  7. Xanthan Gum
  8. PVP
  9. Cocamidopropyl-PG-Dimonium Chloride
  10. Benzyl Alcohol
  11. Dehydroacetic Acid
  12. Fragrance. 

Water (Aqua)

Water dissolves many of the ingredients that might impart skin benefits. Thus, using water (aqua) for a hair care product that is aleave-in treatment’ is a wise option. The aqua used in products is free of toxins, pollutants, and microbes.

Butylene Glycol

Butylene glycol keeps the ingredients in spray products spread out and in their particular desired state for use. It has excellent health benefits if you have a dry and flaky scalp. 

Acetyl Tetrapeptide-3

It is a biomimetic peptide made up of amino acids. It helps to stimulate tissue regeneration and stimulate the proteins which have a direct effect on the hair follicles structure. Also, that enables to anchor the hair fibre into the scalp and targets the causes of hair loss.

Trifolium Pratense (Clover) Flower Extract

The Red clover flower is a plant native to Europe, Western Asia, and Africa. The flower head contains isoflavones and flavonoids, which produce many scalp benefits, and it makes hair stronger by treating the scalp, reducing dandruff and irritation. It smooths and softens hair, adding volume. 

Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Hydrolyzed wheat protein is a brilliant source of non-animal protein. It quickly penetrates the hair shaft. It repairs damaged hair follicles, lifts the hair, and reduces porousness (minute holes) in the lengths of hair shafts. wheat protein


Lactic acid bacteria produce dextran. Dextran promotes blood flow activity and improves nitric oxide synthesis. Dextran also helps in stabilizing the scalp balance and provides an ease of application.

Xanthan Gum

Xanthan Gum is something which is used in products as a binder, stabilizer, and a natural preservative, improving product quality and safety. It also has been proven to moisturize scalp skin. Xanthan Gum is FDA approved and is organic and vegan. 

PVP (Poly Vinyl Pyrrolidone)

PVP is an excellent film-former that is substantive to hair and is completely water-soluble. However, it absorbs water readily, which in humid weather makes it sticky and could cause frizz.

Cocamidopropyl-PG-Dimonium Chloride

It is a conditioning agent which is used for its anti-frizz and curl defining properties. Also, it is a natural polymer and is partially derived from coconut and palm oil. It helps in improving hair elasticity and volume.

Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl alcohol is a non-volatile alcohol used as a preservative in products. It makes the applied area water-loving so that it can attract and hold water to the hair. Its usage gives a smooth and soft feeling to the hair shaft. 

Dehydroacetic Acid

Dehydroacetic Acid kills microorganisms and prevents their growth and reproduction. It is a preservative used for its fungicide and bactericide properties, to protect the product from spoilage. 


The fragrance, as defined by the FDA, is a combination of chemicals that gives each perfume or cologne, its distinct scent. Fragrance ingredients are derived from petroleum or natural raw materials.

Monat Intense Repair comes in a cool, quirky blue colored spray bottle which makes it easy to use. Bonus point, the bottle looks attractive.

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Monat Intense Repair Treatment: How to Use?

The product is straightforward to use. It does not require a considerable amount of time as you need not rinse hair after the application of the product. It can be applied even in just 5 minutes! What even better is that one can style hair in any preferred style they want minutes after application.

However, the company advises applying the product just before going to bed for yielding maximum results. It is also recommended by the company to use Monat Intense Repair Treatment in conjunction with other Monat products.

monat irt


  • Spray on scalp 
  • Do not rinse.
  • Style as usual.

FAQs | Monat Intense Repair Treatment Review

Here are some of the most prominent questions that we have solved. 

Does Monat intense repair treatment work?

Kelli says “the product is fantastic for new hair growth. You can see hundreds of new tiny hair growing in.”

monat intense repair treatment before and after
monat intense repair treatment before and after

Are there any side-effects from Monat intense repair treatment?

Sabina says “no matter what your hair type is, this product will work wonders. My partner used the treatment to get his growth back!!”

What does Monat intense repair treatment do?

Jacqueline tells that “it is a product that grows out baby hair and makes hairline look thick and beautiful.”


Cessation | Monat Intense Repair Treatment Review

So, now I am closing the Monat Intense Repair Treatment Review, and we love the ingredients the product has, and we appreciate a vegan and cruelty-free product. The product packaging is smartly done, and the bottle is easily portable – which means hair care anytime and anywhere! 

We can call it a hair care investment. The fact that it is a leave-in treatment and does not require hair rinse afterwards makes it a time saver. It acts as a great companion in our fast-moving lives.