A Complete Buying Guide for Butterfly Chair

Butterfly Chair, also known as BKF chair is a variety of chairs that includes a cannular frame and an oversized sling decorated from the frame’s highest points. People are curious to know about these business success stories and so we thought of including a bit of history into this buying guide. In this article, I am going to share a complete guide to smartly buy the butterfly chair for your home decor and also share some other fun but relevant information regarding the subject.

Butterfly Chair- The Beginning

Although the butterfly chair was designed for a project the Group was building in Buenos Aires, the butterfly chair was first introduced at a design exhibition held in 1940, where it won two awards.

With all the charm already known, the beautiful butterfly chair caught the eye of Edgar Kaufmann Jr, who had just become an industrial design curator at MoMA. Kaufmann bought two chairs, one for the MoMA collection and one for Frank Lloyd Wright’s new home, designed by his parents, Fallingwater. According to him, the chair fits in with MoMA’s “Good Design” concept because it was functional, beautiful, light, and relatively inexpensive.

The super functional and lightweight piece is made of a metal frame and later wrapped in a piece of fabric. Currently, when buying a budget Butterfly chair, you can choose between the black or metallic (silver) frame. The metal is in traditional stainless steel, very resistant to corrosion, and, therefore, has great durability. For the cover (lining), there are also options: fur, fabric, or leather. In this case, eco-leather is not recommended.

As the seat is “floating”, has no support underneath, a more resistant material is required. If you choose the fabric, it should not be either. Usually, the canvas is used, but there are other fabrics also resistant, just research a little about it or ask for references to attendants.

A Super Take-Off.

Antonio Bonet’s Armchair Won the MoMA Award in 1941. In 1947, Knoll bought US rights from Poltrona Butterfly but stopped production in 1951. The reason was a court ruling that did not allow Knoll to sue other manufacturers for making unauthorized reproductions of the chair. That is, that same year, the piece fell into the public domain. After that, the design generated by some estimates 5 million copies in the 1950s alone. The butterfly armchair was mass-produced in the US by Alvar Aalto‘s company Artek (“art” and “technology”). It consists of two tubular steel rods bent and welded together, on which a leather strap is hooked. As a result, a suspended seat is different.

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How did the idea of the butterfly chair raised into the mainstream?

This armchair was the first of its kind in tubular steel, however, similar wooden constructions already existed. That at least since the 1850s. In the 1850s, the English engineer Joseph Beverly Fenby created a folding chair for use by the British military. It might be stated as the modern adaptation of the Tripolina Chair created by Joseph.

Precisely for its history and origin, the Butterfly Armchair is modern and at the same time brings an elegant touch of antiquity. In other words, it is a timeless piece as it has already passed several generations and remains a success. Moreover, it is versatile as it fits in different decoration styles. It also adapts to all environments: living room, bedroom, balconies, balconies, and even dining room. A wonderful budget decor for home decor.

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How to Choose the Perfect Butterfly Chair?

It is normal to be unsure when buying furniture. It gives that fear of buying a product of poor quality or even ugly. And then those questions come to mind: “What if I don’t like it?” “What if it’s not pretty like the picture?” Really, you have to be careful and hand-pick the store where you are going to shop. Being an interior designer, quality and budget are the two variables I only care about. I personally recommend Amazon for your furniture and home decor needs.

I will state some tips that I am sure will be very useful, even when buying other designer furniture:

  • Search the Store

See how long it has been, read the customer testimonials and reviews on the site.

  • Ask About the Product

Be sure to ask for all possible descriptions, especially the materials used and measurements of the part. Clarify all your doubts.

  • Size Matters

So if you are going to buy butterfly chair covers then keep in mind that not all those covers will fit your frame. This applies to butterfly chair frames too as not every frame will fit-in your cover. Here is a list of premium chair covers but make sure that it fits your frame. I’m sure these can help you a lot to choose a piece that is true to the original design and quality.

How and where to use your Butterfly Chair?

As already said, the Butterfly Chair is a versatile piece and can be placed in various environments. In addition to residential use, we must not forget that it can also be used in commercial environments such as hotels, more dynamic offices, shops, etc. Being a multi-purpose chair, it suits every room or even in the outdoors.

So this was everything you should know about Butterfly Chair. If you are looking to buy a durable butterfly chair or refer to our Top Picks. Also, surf here for budget butterfly chairs.


The aesthetic of the butterfly chair is certainly astounding and satisfying for the people who love nature and peace. Especially for the people who are subjected to as Abibliophobiac(Strong Book Readers.) Today, I shared a comprehensive overview of the butterfly chair and also some popular models for which you can opt for. I believe that this butterfly chair guide helped you and satisfied all your queries regarding the subject— Butterfly Chair.

Also, if you have any queries relevant to the topic then please comment below and I will respond to it with a positive answer in no big time. Also, share this useful information with your friends and help them get a fine & beautiful butterfly chair. Please let us know how effective was this butterfly chair guide for you and share your experience below.

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