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How To Layer Multiple Serums Effectively

Serums are one of the finest skincare products in the world. They are the concentration of active ingredients, which help us fight a particular skincare issue. Furthermore, using a serum also makes a glaring difference in how our skin looks and feels.

The serums are way better than any facial cream as the level of concentration of active ingredients is much higher. As a result, we need a smidgen amount of serum at a time for applying it to our skin.

Sadly, there is one drawback, that unlike other facial and beauty creams a serum, doesn’t offer multiple benefits. It is because the serums target only one or two specific issues, like acne, aging, and dark spots. As a result, a beauty junkie usually has dozens of serum on her/his dressing table.

For instance, my dressing table is full of amazing serums for different purposes and occasions. Their benefits are so astounding that I can not resist applying multiple serums at a time. Hence, I usually apply 2 to 3 serums at a time.

Is It Bad To Use Multiple Serums?

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think about ‘multiple serums’ is that they might harm our skin. The reason behind this is that it might lead to irritation and breakout in the skin. Furthermore, the skin gets weary due to which it is not able to absorb the ingredients of all the serums.

But, what we do not know is that it is more beneficial to our skin when we apply two or three serums. It is because we get the benefits of different serums without irritating them with tonnes of ingredients.

Hence, if we do not overuse the serums, i.e applying them five-six times. Then using multiple facial serums is not only safe for our skin but is also very beneficial for it.

Method For Applying Multiple Serums Effectively

After we have busted the prime myth of using multiple serums we may now go through the methods worry-free. For better understanding, I have divided the method of applying multiple serums into three simple steps.

How To Layer Multiple Serums Effectively

1. Cleanse And Exfoliate Your Skin

The first and foremost step is to cleanse your face to remove all the dirt and oil. Simply, wash your face with water and make sure to remove all the dirt, makeup, and oils while cleansing. Then, simply exfoliate your skin to boost the skin glow and health. This step will make the skin clear and ready for the forthcoming steps.

Note : Make Sure Not To Apply Any Kind Of Moisturizer Or Any Kind Of Cream before applying the serum. As, thick creams debar the serum from seeping into the skin.

2. Apply The Serum

Select the number of serums you want to apply on your face, just make sure they are not more than four. Though, it is recommended to have three but four works perfectly fine as well. For instance, I am applying vitamin C, acne-fighting serum, anti-aging serum, and hydrating face serum every night for 6 months and I am very happy with the outcome.

But, please make sure not to go beyond four because then your face will not be able to absorb all the ingredients. In addition. overusing them might lead to skin irritation and redness. Hence, consider 3-4 serums as the sweet spot.

Simply take one serum at a time and massage it gently on your face in an upward circular motion. Then, wait for at least a minute for your skin to absorb the serum’s ingredients before moving to the next serum.

The above-mentioned process will take around 5-6 minutes. However, you may minimize the time to 2 minutes by making a cocktail of all the serums and applying them at once. But, I will recommend going for the former method for best results.

3. Seal The Serums In Your Skin

After applying the serums successfully, we should also seal them properly to get maximum benefits. I use moisturizers to seal the serums as they protect our skin from external elements and also hydrates it. Therefore, seal the serums by simply massaging any moisturizer on your face, and voila, it is done. Hence, it is very simple to apply multiple serums effectively.

Some Common Mistakes

How To Layer Multiple Serums Effectively

I have seen that most of us do not get the desired results of applying multiple serums because we do some mistakes while applying them. As a result, I am listing them below so that you can avoid these mistakes.

1. Applying Heavy Serums Before Lighter Ones

When we apply heavy serums before the light ones, our skin is not able to absorb the lighter ones. It is because it takes longer for our skin to absorb heavy serums. On the other hand, lighter ones get absorbed quickly. Henceforth, please apply the lighter serum before the heavier ones.

2. Rushing While Applying The Serums

People often, tend to rush while applying the serums. They either quickly rub the serums into their face or do not give a time gap of a minute between two serums. This results in either redness of the skin or hinders the skin from absorbing all the ingredients. Hence, please make sure not to rush and be gentle while applying the serums.

3. Mixing Incompatible Serums

It is my adjuration, please do not use incompatible serums at once or it will do serious damage to your skin. Therefore, before making the cocktail of serums just google the ingredients of all the serums and verify that they all are compatible with each other. For instance, if your applying retinol serum with vitamin C serum will dry out your skin leading to redness and irritation.

4. Applying More Than Four Serums

If you are applying five or six serums at a time, you are just wasting your money and time on the serums. It is because, our skin can soak three to four serums at a time, after that it is no longer able to absorb another serum. This also results in skin irritation because of the ingredients left unabsorbed on the skin.

Therefore, I request you to apply almost four serums at a time. However, if you are having more than four then use them alternatively. For instance, you may replace the day serum with a vitamin C serum during the night time.

5. Lacking Consistency

A good product usually takes around 2 months to show results. Most of us forget to apply all the serums on a particular day and sometimes totally skip the serum routine. As a result, we do not get the desire results. Therefore, we should have consistency with the routine which we are following.

6. Not Cleansing The Face Before Applying The Serums

When we forget to cleanse and exfoliate our face before appling the serums we hinder the serum from soaking into our skin. It is because the pores of our skin remain clogged due to dirt and oil. Hence, we should clean our face as it will remove all the dirt and oils and make our face ready for serum application.

Final Words

Serums help our skin to look brighter and better in a short period of time. They are the best and the most innovative skincare product made by humans. Hence, this marvelous method of applying multiple serums will help you to achieve your desired skin goal in no time.

Though there are a couple of things to keep in mind before, applying multiple serums. It is definitely a must-try method to get to the best potential of your skin in no time. Just make sure to not commit the common mistakes which I have mentioned in the article.

I am also using this technique for more than a couple of years now and the results are better than ever before. It is because I can pool the benefits of a couple of my favorite serums on one cocktail. Hence, this method is a must-try from my side.

If you still have any doubt, queries, or questions regarding the steps or any other article of cheap perks. Please, do let us know through the comments we will be pleased to answer you and solve your queries.


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